Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 238


Chapter 238 – This Trip Wasn’t Bad

Li Dadao was silent, his eyes were wide opened. It was indeed an enlightening experience. 

He didn’t think there was such a treasure in the world. To be able to Skyrocketing ten thousand years of qi, that was really a flight of fancy. It seemed that the rumor of forging immortality wasn’t unjustified. 

There was an allusion to this matter. It was passed down in the world of immortality, but it was all treated as if it were a myth.

A man went up the mountain to get elixir and found a plant he’d never seen before and thought it was a particular plant, so he brought it home. He was ready to taste it for himself to see what it was. But after swallowing it, a white light immediately descended from the sky, covering the man before eventually ascending.

After this story was spread, It was taken as a myth.

How could such a thing happen? People had been cultivating for thousands of years, yet you ate a plant and ascended. Had you considered the other’s feelings? So this unrealistic story was taken as a derogatory term, derived, daydreaming.


“I’ve got it, it’s mine. Fellow cultivators, I shall see you again if I have the chance.” A powerful man snatched the elixir. He was so delighted that he didn’t dare to stop. Exerting his qi, he turned into a golden light and instantly disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Damn it. It’s the Teleport Golden Light Mystic Art.”

This mystic art was the most proficient at escaping. Since a True Immortal cultivator cast it, the power was definitely unmatched, and it simply disappeared without a trace.

The powerful people who didn’t get the elixir looked at each other fiercely. At this point, the elixir had already been taken. So, they had no desire to fight.

“Gentlemen, I’m afraid we’ve come to a forbidden area. There are many treasures here, and that elixir just now is definitely not an ordinary thing. Still, it’s a pity that that rotten old man obtained it.”

“Does anyone know what this place is? Are there any records in the ancient books of the various sects that a group of True Stage cultivators could not suppress that ape-like creature? it would be too terrifying if it does.”

The crowd shook their heads.

This place was very strange to them. Even the ancient books on sects didn’t record it.

“Fellow cultivators, I think we should continue to move forward. There are great treasures here, and I felt that the elixir just now was very extraordinary and contained terrifying energy.”

“If we keep going, we’ll find more treasures.”

First, it was the golden gourd, and now the elixir that had made these powerful people went a little crazy. This pace had attracted them.

Lin Fan pondered. “I don’t know whether it was good or bad for this group of powerful people to come to the forbidden area. Still, I am afraid that it will be the end for them if they encounter the Pig Master. He is even more terrifying than the three-headed, six-armed ape-like creature they had just met.”

Heavenly Treasures Pavilion would definitely vomit blood if they knew that a group of powerful people had discovered the forbidden area.

Suddenly, at this moment, a huge movement was transmitted from the distance, and a terrifying power was overwhelmingly crushing it.

As Lin Fan listened carefully, the voice from a distance seemed somewhat familiar.

It was like a pig squawking.

It was followed by a golden light that broke through the air, aiming for where the group of powerful people stood.

The powerful people looked pale. They felt tremendous pressure at the appearance of this golden light, but they still made their move even so. Their mystic arts and qi all blasted towards the golden light.


The golden light shattered.

The place shook, and the vault was trembling, cracking open as if something was slowly flowing out of the cracks.

“Those who step into the forbidden area will die.”

In the distance, a huge figure appeared, and it was Master Pig.

He left that volcano to come here and kill the outsider. It must be the monkey who just went to get help and called the Master Pig over. Meanwhile, Lin Fan noticed that Master Pig had a gourd hanging from his waist. Wait, wasn’t it the golden gourd that had broken through the air earlier?

It turned out the gourd was his treasure.

Lin Fan pulled the crazy old man towards the back and retreated. He knew that this Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s strength was too terrifying to describe. It was safest to stay far away.

If you got too close, you were likely to be affected by the surge.

“The forbidden area is not a place you can come to, and the elixir is even less something you can obtain. Damn you, people who were greedy for the elixir.” The Flaming Red Suckling Pig found that the elixir had disappeared, and its scent had left the place. It was obvious that they had gotten it.

Two elixirs were taken in a short time, making the Flaming Suckling Pig furious.

They saw the Flaming Red Suckling Pig pick up the gourd and fiercely pour a mouthful liquid into it. Then with a poof, the golden liquid swung over. Each drop of liquid seemingly weighing tens of thousands of pounds, pressing the vault as if it was about to burst.

The powerful people felt the pressure, and all rose against it. Their various powers were rushing towards the golden liquid.


The ground shook.

The group of powerful people united together, and it could be said to be extremely terrifying. There was basically no one else in the world like them.

A powerful demon transformed into a Heavenly Roc and swooped in. Its claws twining with light, the qi intertwined, trying to rip a large chunk of flesh from the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig picked up the golden gourd and smashed it towards the Heavenly Roc with its bottom. The thumping sound continued, the void exploded, and the demon that transformed into the Heavenly Roc turned pale with shock. He felt the irresistible power sweeping over him and wanted to retreat, but it was too late. 


The Heavenly Roc only felt his body explode. His bones were all broken apart, and a large amount of blood erupted from his body.

It was a single blow, and he couldn’t resist it.

Who the hell was this opponent?

Why was it so terrifyingly powerful.

Lin Fan stared at the direction where the Heavenly Roc had fallen. He could sneak forward with the current situation, and there wasn’t much danger, but if he was unlucky, there would still be some trouble.

Li Dadao saw the direction in which the Heavenly Roc was falling. He was stunned as he felt things to be a little dangerous that he didn’t quite dare to move.

“Are we going or not?” Lin Fan contemplated for a moment and prepared to move, but then, the Hanging Sky Sect master asked, “Young man, what are you doing?”

Lin Fan said, “Senior, I just saw someone seriously injured and landed in the distance. I want to go see if I can save him.”

“Young man, this is too risky. The current situation is too dangerous, and you are likely to plunge yourself deep into danger. I advise you not to be impulsive.” This sect master was shocked by Lin Fan’s actions. There was no telling what kind of person would be able to teach such a disciple.

“Because it’s dangerous, that’s why I have to.” Lin Fan said, then he carefully headed towards the distance.


Li Dadao saw Lin Fan was trying so hard that he had nothing to say. He knew that Brother Lin was going to be rich, but he had to look around at least because if he weren’t careful, it would be too late to regret it. 

This situation they were in was very dangerous.

If you wanted to know how dangerous it was, look at the scene.

A group of powerful people was fighting with that pig.

The glow sputtered.

The boundless terrifying power swept the world.

This was no longer something that ordinary True Stage cultivators could get involved in. These powerful people present weren’t existence transcending the world. However, when they fought with that Flaming Red Suckling Pig, they hadn’t been able to distinguish themselves.

Lin Fan was obscene, his gaze continually observing the situation on the side. Perhaps if there was an attack, the Sacred Beast Robe could withstand it for a while. And if he encountered fatal danger, he wouldn’t hesitate to unleash the demon he had captured earlier, use the Highest Spirit Rune to suppress everything, and then take the opportunity to escape.

These powers were just too tempting.

If he could kill one and explode the qi, it would be enough to shine in the world.

Even if you couldn’t explode the qi out, you would still need to get some mystic art, wouldn’t you?


The Heavenly Roc Demon in the distance had returned to his human body. To maintain his original body, he consumed too much qi. He was now heavily injured to the point where he was unable to support it.

“Damn it, who the hell is this creature? How can they be so terrifying that the incarnate Heavenly Roc, who has the power to lift the world, can’t even resist the opponent’s attack? It’s too terrifying.”

How could this demon endure it?


He noticed a figure coming swiftly towards him and soon reached him, which made him wary. Could it be that he had come to mend his ways?

But it was impossible when he thought about it.

“Senior, don’t panic. I’m here to get you out. The location you’re in is too dangerous. The aftermath of the fight will rush here. There are already two seniors over there recovering.” Lin Fan played his old tricks again.

It was just that he somewhat underestimated this demon.

“Don’t come over. I can find a place to hide by myself.” The Heavenly Roc Demon said coldly. He was wary of this immortal.

Lin Fan didn’t bother to say anything more. He had been kind enough by saying nice things and was just hoping it wouldn’t cause so much trouble, but now that this demon was like this, there was nothing left to say.

“Come in here.”

The Highest Spirit Rune inside the Tripod of Heaven erupted with terrifying traction. It directly pulled this demon into the Tripod of Heaven.

The Heavenly Roc Demon was shocked. Just as he thought, this immortal was going to take him down. He wanted to resist but was horrified to discover that the power of this immortal was too terrifying. At the same time, the powerful pulling ability made it impossible for him to resist.

Lin Fan had a smile on his face.

Settled everything, withdrew quickly, and returned to the same spot.

“I didn’t find it. That demon might have fled and didn’t see him. However, as long as it’s safe, it would be a pity to die here.” Lin Fan said.

The two old men said, “Young man, you risked your life to save him. If he knew, he would be grateful to you, but it’s too dangerous now. I think it’s better to leave quickly. This place is no longer something we can deal with.”

“I wonder if this young man would like to leave with us?”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “Thank you, seniors, for your kindness, but I still want to stay here for a moment.”

“That’s fine. Just don’t force yourself too much. Be careful, young man.” The two old men left the place directly. They were injured, so even if a heavy treasure was released, they wouldn’t be able to snatch it. Instead, they would lose their lives in vain.

Li Dadao wouldn’t believe a word that Lin Fan said.

Whoever believed it would be damned.

He could guarantee that Lin Fan was definitely suppressing the demon.

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