Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 240


Chapter 240 – Let Me Explode It

One of the two demons was the Heavenly Roc Ancestor, whose body was the Heavenly Roc. He could swallow the sea and cover the sky, possessed peerless ferocious power, and one of the more powerful demon race existences.

The other demon was also extraordinary. He was a Two-Winged Dragon with infinite strength and quite profound in his cultivation. Unfortunately, even if his cultivation was deep, he could do nothing about it, as he was still lying here.

They were all gifted with a great and unique cultivation technique.

“The Ancestral Dragon’s Body, the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s peerless cultivation technique, you…” the Two-Winged Dragon was incredulous. He was utterly unable to understand what Lin Fan meant. It was clear that he had suppressed them here but gave them peerless cultivation techniques to cultivate; this immortal wasn’t sick, was he?

There was a gap between their Dragon clan and the Heavenly Dragon clan, but they weren’t the same species. In terms of bloodline, the Two-Winged Dragon’s true top bloodline wasn’t inferior to the Heavenly Dragon clan. However, it was only the top bloodline, and even if he was a True Stage cultivator, he couldn’t condense this bloodline.

Moreover, this Ancestral Dragon’s Body was indeed a supreme body refining cultivation technique. It had a boosting effect on the bloodline after it was cultivated.

It was a rare and supreme cultivation technique.

The Two-Winged Dragon pondered. He was now suppressed by a mysterious rune and couldn’t move. If he cultivated this cultivation technique, he might have a chance to break the rune and escape.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell Lin Fan when the cultivation was succeeded.

Lin Fan’s purpose was most likely to use them as an experiment to verify this supreme cultivation technique. Although only three days were given, they might still manage to hold off as long as they were given hope.

“Brother Heavenly Roc, keep in mind that even if the cultivation is successful, you can’t say it’s a success. You have to keep holding it off slowly. After three days, even if it’s a success, you have to say it’s still a little bit short, and ask for a little more time.”

“He’s using us as experiments to verify this supreme cultivation technique.”

“I’ve just checked out this supreme cultivation technique. and as long as I cultivate to the second level and burn my bloodline, I might have a hope of breaking the rune and regaining my freedom.”

The Two-Winged Dragon passed a message to the Heavenly Roc Ancestor. He was afraid that the Heavenly Roc Ancestor wasn’t as smart as he was. However, he knew that this was all just more thinking.

How could the Heavenly Roc Ancestor possibly be stupid to such an extent?

“I know.” The Heavenly Roc ancestor responded.

Lin Fan saw that the two hadn’t spoken, and they were both somewhat silent. So, he figured, these two powerful demons must be whispering something. However, it didn’t matter; the requirements weren’t high, just start cultivating.

He then left the place with the crazy old man and quietly traveled far away. He wanted to return to the Greatest Martial Sect to hide for a while.

Anyway, he snooped around to find out what was going on.

The forbidden area was no longer a secret. Even if a group of powerful people was to encounter danger in the forbidden area, there was no stopping them, not even death.

The Two-Winged Dragon and Heavenly Roc Ancestor were inexplicably excited about the Ancestral Dragon’s Body and were extremely diligent in their cultivation.

All of them wished to cultivate this cultivation technique successfully.

This cultivation technique could be said to be the top body refining in the world.

As long as they succeeded in cultivation, they would also be absolute pinnacle existences among the True Stage cultivators. It wouldn’t be any difficulty to travel the world and take control of the universe.


On the way.

Lin Fan had been paying attention to the two demons who were trying their best to cultivate. Although they were both amazingly talented, cultivating the Ancestral Dragon’s Body was still somewhat difficult.

Talent, comprehension, and perseverance were all indispensable.

What he wanted most was to explode the Ancestral Dragon’s Body. It was too troublesome to cultivate it himself. It would take a thousand years of cultivation to reach the highest level of this supreme cultivation technique.

The Two-Winged Dragon and the Heavenly Roc Ancestor had been completely immersed in the secrets of the supreme cultivation technique.

It was too subtle.

It was worthy of being the supreme cultivation technique of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. The feeling of cultivating it was great. Their pores were all open. They were breathing slowly while their blood was boiling as if a slight change had occurred due to the Ancestral Dragon’s Body, the supreme cultivation technique.

“Cultivate well; I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

Lin Fan didn’t know whether he could explode these two guys. However, as long as there was hope, he had to work hard, and if these two ended up didn’t drop it, he would go find a bunch of demons to cultivate it.

Demons with low cultivation and no talent might not be able to cultivate it successfully. However, if there was more time, there would always be demons with lower comprehension who could cultivate successfully.


The next day!

Lin Fan observed the progress of the two powerful demons, “Hey! You two, how’s the progress? What level of cultivation are you at? Have you started yet?”

The Heavenly Roc Ancestor said, “This cultivation technique is the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s supreme cultivation technique. It is so mysterious that it is difficult to comprehend in a short time. So, it will take time, but we have already touched the threshold, and after some more time, it should not be a problem.”

“Okay, I understand. You guys continue to cultivate; there’s still one more day anyway. I’ll ask you guys tomorrow.” Lin Fan smiled. He wasn’t in a hurry at all.

The two powerful demons looked at each other.

They didn’t know what Lin Fan meant by telling them to try to cultivate the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s cultivation technique, yet they were eager to get started. What secrets were hidden in this?

It was slightly confusing.

But they had already said yes.

No matter what the situation was.

Let’s just say that they failed. Even when they had been so close, it wouldn’t loosen up their cultivation at all. It was mysterious, even more bizarre than the cultivation technique within their clan, anyway.

They honestly didn’t know where this guy had gotten this cultivation technique from.

If the Heavenly Dragon Clan knew about it, they would have to crush him to dust.


At this time.

Because of the forbidden area had been leaked out, it had attracted many True Stage cultivators. They were outside the forbidden area, observing the outer environment. The valley inside the frontline emitted a terrifying atmosphere, shocking many powerful people, and made them realize that this place was perilous.

However, the unknown treasures inside the forbidden area had deeply attracted their attention. They couldn’t endure their curiosity. They believed themselves to be the chosen ones, who could turn a disaster into a blessing and gain a treasure by entering a danger. As a result, they flocked inside one by one.

But it didn’t take long for them to return.

They even suffered heavy losses.

Some powerful people were seriously injured, and some of them had remained inside forever. Even if they came out alive, their minds had crumbled, as if they had encountered something terrifying.

In the meantime, the forbidden area subsided quite a bit.

Many powerful people didn’t dare to go in. Instead, they waited, investigated, and analyzed the forbidden area, while something else spread.

The last time a powerful person got an elixir from a forbidden area, he brought the elixir to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and asked them to appraise it. But unfortunately, The Heavenly Treasures hadn’t identified it yet. It seemed they were waiting for someone who could identify the elixir.

That powerful person was going to auction the elixir at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. As the news spread, countless powerful people all swarmed to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Even some unknown powerful people were drawn out.

Lin Fan didn’t know about these things yet. He was still heading towards the Greatest Martial Sect.


The following day.

“Senior brothers, it’s already the third day. How’s this cultivation going?” Lin Fan asked. The Highest Spirit Rune suppressed them, so naturally, they wouldn’t need to think about coming out of the Tripod of Heaven.

The Two-Winged Dragon said, “It’s still a little short, give it some time, and we’ll be able to get started. This supreme cultivation technique is too mysterious. It makes a person become like a floating chamber. It has nine levels, although the first is the simplest, it’s also the most difficult.”

The Heavenly Roc Ancestor responded in agreement.

That was exactly right.

There wasn’t any problem other than that it was incredibly difficult.

Lin Fan looked at the two demons, and a smile appeared on his face. They weren’t honest at all. They had obviously gotten started and still said they hadn’t.

“Alright, thank you for helping me cultivate. It’s time to send you on your way.” Lin Fan said with a smile. He really didn’t know whether he could explode the Ancestral Dragon’s Body from them. Because if he did, then his flesh would be so strong that perhaps even a dao artifact wasn’t comparable to him.

A true supreme cultivation technique was enough for any cultivator to cultivate for a lifetime.

But as long as it exploded, it would be at the pinnacle level.

“What do you mean?”

The Two-Winged Dragon asked in horror. To be honest, he had never understood what Lin Fan meant. He had always thought that he was just using them as experimental bodies for cultivating his cultivation technique.

And now he was going to kill them.

Lin Fan smiled and didn’t say anything more. He didn’t want to talk a lot of nonsense.

The Heavenly Roc Ancestor roared, “What else do you have to say? He wants to kill us, so let’s fight him.”

Suddenly, Lin Fan saw the Heavenly Roc Ancestor, roared. He burned his bloodline and tried to explode with peerless terrifying power. However, under the suppression of the Highest Spirit Rune, his roar was just was nothing.

There was no use for it at all.

“God forbid, just give me the perfect Ancestral Dragon’s Body, and I’m willing to use ten years of my lifespan as a reward.” Lin Fan muttered in his heart.

The two demons roared wildly.

“Stop, let’s talk.”

“We are demon ancestors, and you are an immortal cultivator. You can’t do this to us, or else you are causing conflict between the two races.”

Their screams were too feeble, as the Highest Spirit Rune erupted with radiant light and blossomed into golden light.



The screams resounded within the Tripod of Heaven as the TaHighest Spirit Rune extinguished their flesh and souls and wiped out everything they had.

As for Lin Fan, now it’s the most important moment.

Whether something good would drop or not, it depended on this moment.

Oh, my God!

Oh, mother earth!

I, Lin Fan, didn’t require much. I only needed to have my Ancestral Dragon’s Body dropped. So, there weren’t many people in the world whose physical body could be stronger than mine.

And he would become…

An immortal cultivator of the non-Heavenly Dragon Clan who had cultivated the Ancestral Dragon’s Body to its highest level.

The crazy old man looked at his father’s solemn expression and was confused.

What’s wrong with father?

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