Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 256


The vice sect master of the Void Jade Palace didn’t even want to say anything more. He always felt that something was wrong with the people now.

Once, he had told the various sects about the situation of the Jade Mountain, hoping that they would help out by sending some powerful people to guard it. But the sects remained oppressive.

‘The location of the Jade Mountain was within the boundaries of your Void Jade Palace.’

‘It was terrible for us to meddle in the Void Jade Palace’s affairs, but it was easier to gossip about it.’

Fine then.

However, after the rumors spread that the Jade Mountain was likely to have the demon clan’s peerless treasure, one by one, they all came uninvited.

Even judging by the impulse, they might not be able to be driven away.

The vice sect master was talking to a group of powerful people. He was telling them about the situation here.

The demon attack was more important. No matter what caused them to come, as long as the demons could be suppressed, then everything was not a problem.


Far away.

A handsome looking man arrived in front of Cheng Lingsu and the others, “Brother Hao, Junior Sister Cheng, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you doing?”

The man greeted the crowd, but his eyes kept looking at Cheng Lingsu. Basically, with this small gaze, you didn’t have to guess to know the intention behind it.

“It turns out to be Brother Zhou.” Hao Tianhua recognized who the man was. He was the core disciple of the Hanging Sky Sect,  Zhou Fei.

He was quite strong and was rumored to be already at the Establish Stage.

However, he also saw that Zhou Fei’s gaze seemed to have been resting on his sister.


What did that mean?

Could it be that you want to do something terrible to my junior sister?

“I heard that demons are running rampant in Jade Mountain. I’m bound to go in to get rid of them later, so why don’t you all join me, so we can take care of them.” Zhou Fei was full of smiles. The temperament of a core disciple of a great sect was still there.

Ordinary women didn’t have much resistance when facing Zhou Fei. However, Cheng Lingsu’s attitude towards Zhou Fei was exactly the same as her attitude towards others. She was so plain and cold, without any fluctuations.

Right at this moment, Lin Fan smiled and walked over, “Lingsu, how about you going in with me later.”

Zhou Fei frowned, ‘Who was he to address Junior Sister Cheng so plainly?’

When he looked at Lin Fan, he was stunned. Lin Fan was somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was for a moment, yet it was as if he had seen him somewhere.

“Brother Lin, let me introduce you, this is the core disciple of the Hanging Sky Sect, Zhou Fei.” Hao Tianhua said hurriedly. He noticed that something seemed to be wrong. A secret fight was about to happen.

In the past, Zhou Fei had often come to the Void Jade Palace. When he first came, Hao Tianhua didn’t see anything wrong, but he gradually realized that Zhou Fei had feelings for his junior sister.

Then there was a year when he basically didn’t see Zhou Fei at all. So, he thought that Zhou Fei had finally subsided.

However, he didn’t expect that Zhou Fei wouldn’t stop at all.

“Brother Zhou, this is Greatest Martial Sect disciple Lin Fan.” Hao Tianhua introduced. He must be friendly.

He always felt that something wasn’t right.

Zhou Fei pondered for a moment. Suddenly, as if he had thought of something, “Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan. You’re the one who seized the Nine Colored Grass Remnant Leaves at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and got a hunting order from the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon and the Red Dust Demon Ancestor. I didn’t expect you would dare to appear so boldly. Aren’t you afraid of causing trouble?”

Hao Tianhua was a bit confused; he didn’t know that Lin Fan had these situations.

“What’s there to be afraid of? This place can be full of powerful immortal; what else can I encounter?” Lin Fan said. He wasn’t afraid of these things at all now.

What was there to be afraid of?

Even if he encountered them himself, he would be fine.

Zhou Fei said, “That’s not necessarily the case. There are great treasures of the demon clan appearing in the Jade Mountain. The powerful immortals, demons, and demon cultivators are coming, so it may not be safe if you appear here. In my opinion, Brother Lin should find a place to hide.”

“There’s no need for Brother Zhou to bother with that.” Lin Fan said with a smile. He then stretched out his hand and placed it on Cheng Lingsu’s shoulder, “I didn’t expect my Lingsu to be so popular.” His action was so intimate that it looked like Zhou Fei was about to explode.

“Let go of your hand.” Zhou Fei couldn’t help but growl. His heart was aching. What was the relationship between Lin Fan and Lingsu? Why was he acting so close?

“Brother Zhou, what are you doing? You scared the hell out of me.” Lin Fan patted his chest, soothing his frightened heart. It was so frightening.

Zhou Fei’s face was ugly. Even if other people ate flies, they weren’t as ugly as him.


He didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Then, he didn’t say anything more but left with his fists cupped. The incident affected him a bit, and he didn’t like Lin Fan as a person.


Lin Fan looked at Zhou Fei’s departing back and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Cheng Lingsu slapped Lin Fan’s palm away and walked towards the distance. With her back facing Lin Fan and the others, her cheeks were red.


Not far away.

The Hanging Sky Sect’s group of disciples saw Senior Brother Zhou Fei return and gathered around to inquire about the situation.

They all knew that the senior brother had thoughts about Cheng Lingsu. With his appearance, status, and cultivation, how could there be any problem?

Absolutely nothing at all.

There should be no problems whatsoever.

It was just that they soon noticed the senior brother’s face was somewhat not too good. It was like he had lost the battle, which was obviously somewhat unlikely in their opinion.

They looked into the distance and didn’t find anything unusual, not even an existence that could compete with senior brother.

A female disciple was dissatisfied and said, “I don’t know what senior brother sees in her. This move is clearly just a desire to catch and hold on to our senior brother.”

There were quite a few female disciples who wanted to become their senior brother’s lover. The one who was most worthy of him was naturally her.

She was one of the most powerful core female disciples at the Hanging Sky Sect. At the same time, she was also the one who was the most merciful to her senior brother. Unfortunately, her senior brother didn’t find her good enough.


“Brother Lin, the one just now is a core disciple of the Hanging Sky Sect. It’s a bit of a pity to disagree with him. As far as I know, that person is good.” Hao Tianhua said.

Lin Fan said, “There’s no discord, I didn’t have a conflict with him either. Brother Hao is thinking a bit too much. I’m a friendly person, never wanting to have a conflict with others. As far as the recent situation is concerned, you’re Lingsu’s senior brother, can’t you even see that Lingsu is suffering from brother Zhou’s harassment?”

“I’m helping her. So you, as a senior brother, should also feel your sister’s pain.”

“Moreover, there’s no resentment without offense. Their sect master will be very polite to me when he sees me.”

He was thinking of telling others that he had saved the sect master of the Hanging Sky Sect well. But, he wasn’t a person who liked to show off. So, he definitely wouldn’t tell anyone.

Hao Tianhua was speechless. He always felt a gap between him and Lin Fan, commonly known as a generation gap.


At this time, the group of powerful people that had come to the Jade Mountain had received what they wanted to know from the vice sect master. The half-arm and the abyss, this information revealed a signal.

That was indeed a big problem.

“Everyone, the Jade Mountain, is now occupied by demons. We, as a great immortal sect, must stop this action. We must not allow the demon clan to turn over a new leaf, or else the thousands of mortal behind us will become food.”

“That’s right. Once upon a time, the Jade Mountain was the Void Jade Palace territory. We were inconvenienced to get rid of demons. Now that such a major event has occurred, I hope the Void Jade Palace will understand that we are only here to get rid of demons.” A powerful person said righteously.

The vice sect master blinked. If he didn’t know the specifics, he would really believe them.

“Fellow cultivator, when I returned, I found that both powerful demon cultivators and the demon had come here. I’m afraid that they all came for the demon clan’s great treasure inside the Jade Mountain, not to eradicate demons at all. So I hope that you will be careful.” A powerful man said without blushing and a jump in his heart.

The vice sect master looked at this powerful person and wanted to ask a question.

Are you sure you didn’t come for the demon great treasure?

“Hmph, these demons and demon cultivators have no business regularly. They do these disgusting things day in and day out. They come wherever there is great treasure.”

“Defending against demons is the code of my generation of cultivators. How can we sit idly by?”

The powerful immortals all nodded silently.

They agreed with these words.

The immortals had worked hard; they couldn’t allow demons or demon cultivators to do whatever they wanted.

No demons were as rampant as the demons here.

It was hard for them to stay safe and maintain the justice of the immortal.

It was too hard.


At this time, Lin Fan was checking the situation alone.

Earlier, he had slain quite a few demons within the Jade Mountain. Although those demons’ cultivation wasn’t too high, they still dropped quite a few things.

His qi had increased by six hundred.

The demon dropped an Iron Grade Talent: Underwater Breathing.

As in the literal meaning, it was the ability to breathe underwater.

A rather cocky talent.


The next day!

The Jade Mountain that should have had beautiful scenery, was shrouded in demonic fog.

“Son, let’s go in later. We have to keep it low-key, so don’t do anything big.” Lin Fan instructed. He went in just to find those demons. As for the so-called demon great treasure, it was better not to even think about it. If it meant to be, he would get it, but not getting it was also fine.

So much for being able to go in and loot.

He knew what he was doing.

He definitely couldn’t snatch it.

If he forced to snatch it, it would cause trouble. So, he was going to deal with those demons and forget about anything else.

“Father, I’m scared.” The crazy old man was afraid.

Lin Fan said, “What are you afraid of? Follow me; I’ll make sure you’re fine.”

The powerful immortals were on the move. The changes in the Jade Mountain made them curious as to what existed to form such a scene.

Such a dense demonic fog would be impossible even for a powerful demon to form.

The demons and demon cultivators were the same. They were in another corner of the Jade Mountain and hadn’t met up with the immortals.

Lin Fan, who said that he wanted to bring Lingsu along, left her behind. What a scum bag.

For him, It was quite troublesome to bring along one person with him.

He wasn’t greedy for the great treasure; instead, he looked at those demons and wished to have a good talk with them.

He wanted to touch their bodies and minds with his power-filled palms and ruthlessly blow them away.

It was that simple.

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