Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 271


“Where are they going?”

Although Lin Fan didn’t care about Ye Dong, he borrowed a million from him, making him curious.

The disciple who was with Ye Dong was also a core disciple, and two of them sneakily left the sect.

Something felt wrong.

“Should I go after them or not?” Lin Fan wondered if he should go or not.

He had nothing else to do anyway. So, it would be good to check it out.

If this brat dared to mess with his one million spirit stones, he’d have to blow him up.

Suddenly, his brow furrowed, and his body temperature rose as if a fire had burned out.

He moved his qi to suppress this feeling, “I’m going to breakthrough. The qi is too strong, causing the Disaster Stage to occur early.”

He knew what this was about. He stayed in the Establish Stage for a bit too long and had accumulated enough qi to break through the Disaster Stage.

And the burning sensation just now, he didn’t expect it to be the Three Major Disasters.

There were levels in this stage: The Three Minor Disasters dan The Major Three Disasters.

For an ordinary cultivator whose qi wasn’t strong enough, or the cultivation of their mystic arts wasn’t profound enough, or whose talent wasn’t that strong, would usually experience the Three Minor Disasters.

The Three Minor Disasters were: Sword Disaster, Plague Disaster, and Hunger Disaster.

The three Minor Disasters weren’t widespread. As long as the luck wasn’t bad enough, one could survive them all without any problems.

However, the Major Three Disasters were different. It contained fire, water, and wind, all destructive disasters with the power to destroy the world. It was difficult to cross without a strong foundation.

Lin Fan didn’t want to cross the Three Disasters at the sect. So, he would follow Ye Dong first to see what was going on.


The next day!

“This brat truly can run. Where exactly is he doing by going this far?”

Originally, he thought that Ye Dong was going to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but as soon as he took a look at the route, he knew it wasn’t right.

Soon, he saw the two men entered a mountain.

This mountain didn’t have much of a reputation. It was just an ordinary mountain range in the surrounding area.

However, he could find many people moving around there.

Lin Fan landed inside the mountain and followed Ye Dong. He crossed a steep path towards the mountain and saw many extraordinary disciples passing by.

None of them were weak in strength.

Upon looking at the clothes, they all had a sect, even the demon sect disciples.

“This is a strange place. How come I’ve never heard of it before?” Lin Fan was very confused. If so many people came here, this place couldn’t be anonymous.

Could it be that his network wasn’t vast enough?

Maybe he didn’t have a big enough circle.

Was that why he never heard of it?


Far away, A great hall stood on top of the mountain.

At the entrance, there were two men guarding it. When they saw Ye Dong, they did not smile.

“Brother Ye, the last time you fought for a few days in a row, you lost everything you had. Why are you here again?”

Ye Dong slanted his eyes. He was dissatisfied, “What are you talking about? When did I, Ye Dong, lose everything? It’s just that I’ve been fighting for a few days in a row, and my energy is not good. That’s why I’m just going back to recover for a while.”

“There’s no point in telling you this. Let see how I’m killing it today.”

When he arrived here, he had felt a fire burning inside him. It was the flame of winning.

The two men guarding the entrance had smiles on their faces. The smiles that meant something else.

They watched Ye Dong enter the palace before they disdained it.

“Let’s see how bad he’ll lose later.”


Lin Fan’s ears were sharp. He didn’t expect this to be a gambling house. Were all immortal cultivators good gamblers?

It didn’t seem quite right.

However, think about it. People who cultivate immortality doesn’t mean they have no desire. It’s just they’re more powerful than mortals.

“Stop, brother, you look unfamiliar; it seems like you haven’t been here before.” Just as Lin Fan was about to walk over in front of the two, one of them stopped him and asked in confusion.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “That’s right. It’s the first time I’ve come here to try my luck.”

The two men looked at Lin Fan carefully to make sure that he wasn’t here to cause trouble, “Go in. However, you’re new here. There are rules that you still need to know. When you’re inside, you can’t use your spiritual sense, and it’s also forbidden to use qi. If you’re found out, you’ll be kicked out.”

“We’ll tell you these in advance, in case you don’t know the rules.”

Lin Fan smiled and cupped his fists, “Thank you for telling me. I wonder if I’ll be able to return home fully loaded today.”

Then, as the two men whispered, Lin Fan walked into the main hall.

Did he say he wanted to return with a full load?

It was already good if he didn’t lose his pants.


When Lin Fan entered the palace, he noticed that there was a sea of people inside.

They were immortals and demons. There were quite a few people around a table, making it difficult even to squeeze in.

At the same time, he found that this palace was a bit weird.

It was as if there was a mysterious force suppressing the people’s spiritual sense, preventing them from exiting their spiritual sense.

This was a method to prevent cheating.

Lin Fan walked around and looked at the surroundings.

Some gamblers were laughing, while others had all become red-eyed. Even if they were highly cultivated, they were all too excited and nervous, making their faces red and their sweat flowing profusely.

He had even seen someone pawn a dao artifact.

The price was at least twice as much.

“Oh, I didn’t expect there would be so many ways to play.”

He found that there were many ways to play here, in addition to the usual cards, dominoes, mahjong, and various gambling modes.

Just then, someone tapped Lin Fan’s back.

“Brother, is this your first time here?”

Lin Fan looked back. A man with a thief’s eyebrow and a rat’s eye greeted him with a nasty smile.

“Well, it’s my first time here.” Lin Fan said.

The man said, “Brother, the first time here is always good. I’ve been here for a long time; my name is Shi Laoshu.

What I like the most is to deal with people who come here for the first time, because first-timers often have special luck.

I’ve seen many people come for the first time and then win everything… Why don’t I show you around?”

Lin Fan smiled and asked, “That’s not necessary. Although it’s my first time here, I’m familiar with this place. I want to ask you, do you know that person?”

He pointed to the distance, sitting there roaring at Ye Dong.

“He…” Shi Laoshu was about to say what he knew, but his eyes averted. He touched his chin, showing his difficulty, “This…”

Lin Fan took out ten spirit stones, “Don’t be too scared. I was just asking about the situation.”

When Shi Laoshu saw the ten spirit stones, he brightened up and hurriedly put the spirit stones into his pocket, “I know. I’ve been coming here a lot in the last month. Usually, I stay for four or five days. I heard that he is a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. His bet is big; that amount of spirit stones can smash me to death.” 

“It’s useless to envy. He is a core disciple of a major sect, so he must be rich. But he’s a bit unlucky. To put it simply, he’s fallen for the trap. He’s already lost nearly ten million spirit stones and even mortgaged out his essential dao artifact…”

“…This time, he brought another million spirit stones. I wonder which idiot lent it to him. It’s not like a meat bun fighting a dog; there’s no going back.” Shi Laoshu didn’t know that the fool he was talking about was the one in front of him.

“Ten million spirit stones…” Lin Fan squinted his eyes. He didn’t expect that Ye Dong had such wealth.

However, when he thought about it, it did make a sense. Ye Dong was mortgaging his essential dao artifact and all the valuable ones on his body; it was indeed worth that amount. 

Also, it was hard to say whether he had borrowed any spirit stones from outside.

“Oh, it seems like a big gamble. Who opened this casino in this mountain range? The visitors are all disciples of the immortal and demon sects. It looks like they didn’t fear any problems.” Lin Fan asked.

Shi Laoshu shook his head, “I don’t know exactly who opened it, but I heard that the visitors are big backgrounds. No one would dare to cause trouble here.” 

Forget it. Lin Fan didn’t really care who opened it.

He was going to see now what kind of explanation Ye Dong was prepared to give him.

“I have no more business with you. So, go.” Lin Fan waved his hand and drove the Shi Laoshu away. 

Shi Laoshu’s head was muddled, and he felt that the ten spirit stones were too easy to earn.

Also, what was the other person’s deal?

He was somewhat clueless.


Lin Fan arrived at the table where Ye Dong had fought. Now there were spirit stones in front of Ye Dong, glowing brightly. There were quite a lot of them, causing the crowd to gawk at them.

What they liked to see most was this kind of heroic gamblingꟷa handful of spirit stones was an amount they didn’t even dare to think about.

This was nine out of ten gambles.

Lin Fan didn’t even want to say anything, nor did he want to find out anything. He just knew that if Ye Dong continued to play like this, it was basically giving food to others.

At the same time, Ye Dong was playing the simplest guessing of single or double.

A small stone was placed on the table, in contrast to the precious spirit stones that could be won.

“Single, I said single.”

Ye Dong had forgotten about himself and pushed out the spirit stone in front of him. He then got up and slapped the table, “I, Ye Dong, don’t believe that in five consecutive rounds, he got a double.”

“This round, I’m going to win back all that I’ve lost.”

The surrounding people all cocked their heads and stared at the table.

The amount that Ye Dong played in this hand was over fifty spirit stones. It really was a terrifying and extreme bet.


“Sorry, it’s a double again, six in a row.”

When Ye Dong saw such a result, not only were his eyes red, even his neck was red. His veins were even more coiled up, like tree roots.

“How is this possible?”

He gripped the table-top with both hands deadly. His eyes were staring round, not daring to look at the scene before him.

The spirit stones that were initially piled up in front of him had already been taken away by the other side.

The millions of spirit stones he was going to smash in a short period had been won out. He really couldn’t swallow that. 

“I’m a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. I want to borrow a spirit stone; who will lend me?”

Lin Fan, who was standing behind him, stretched out his hand and pressed it towards Ye Dong’s back. He then fiercely pressed it downward.

Ye Dong’s face slammed into the table.



The table-top crumbled, and the spirit stones placed on it spilled all over the floor. The people around them retreated backward as if they were frightened.

“I lent you a million spirit stones. Is this what you’re using it for?” Lin Fan felt the need to teach Ye Dong a good lesson.

Although this guy was an untrustworthy person.

But… at least he was a fellow disciple.

Also, Lin Fan considered himself to be a senior brother.

There was a need to teach the disobedient core disciple a good lesson.

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