Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 326


Far away.

The snake’s thick and long body stirred the world. The poisonous fire covered the sky, entangling with a group of great powers, who were trembling and horrified. They didn’t want to provoke the Flaming Red Suckling Pig because they believed they were somewhat unequal.

However, they didn’t expect the fierceness of this snake was surprising.

“It looks like a snake, but I didn’t expect it to be so fierce.”

“No problem, it won’t last long. Just now, I’ve seen what he guards. It’s the Mystic Art Fruits, which was auctioned at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion a year ago and can cultivate mystic art.”

A group of powerful people did not hesitate to make a move. They were greedy for the Mystic Art Fruits that the snake was guarding.

Nowadays, the snake was under a lot of pressure in the face of so many people surrounding it. Fortunately, Lin Fan’s Ancient Vicious Beast Destroyer Qi bloodline a year ago had changed the snake’s physique.

If not for that, he might have fallen.

“Greedy human, you shouldn’t have come here. There are horrors here that you can’t imagine. Once they are unleashed, you will all have to die.” The snake roared. Its body had wounds, and when the blood dripped onto the ground, it made a nuisance sound. The blood was very corrosive.

“Danger? What’s the danger? As long as we get the Elixir, everything doesn’t matter.”

“That’s right.”

“Hand over your Elixir, and we will spare your life.”

The group of powerful people were ruthless. They cast various Dao Artifacts, and it blossomed in the air, then fell fiercely, bombarding the snake’s body. Although the snake was indeed very powerful, it gradually fell to a disadvantage under so many powerful people’s attacks.

He wanted to recollect his power, but he couldn’t do so.

The snake knew that he could no longer make peace with these human cultivators, so he could only force them back in a battle.

A mouthful of poisonous fire burned the world, and one powerful person screamed miserably as his whole body emerged in green. The poisonous fire was hard to extinguish, burning his mystic art and soul, making the powerful person wail and roll on the ground.

These powerful people were really fighting for their lives to get the Elixir.

The terrible creatures were terrifying to them, and more importantly, after getting the Elixir, they also needed to pay attention to the sneak attack of people around them.

The demon cultivators and the demons weren’t ones to be messed with.

If you chose to trust their words, you were asking for your own death.


The snake gradually became a little unsupported. These powerful people techniques were bizarre, and they would do anything to get the Elixir.

Just at that moment, a voice came from afar.


Ao Wudi cast the mystic art of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. His voice was vast, carrying a terrifying might to transmit. Those powerful people’ faces changed in shock, sensing that this power was extraordinary, and they all showed a shocked look.

“Brother Snake, is everything okay?” Ao Wudi asked.

The snake was overjoyed, “Brother Ao, you came just in time. If you late, I’m afraid something would have happened.”

Lin Fan said, “Fellow Cultivator Snake, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, it has been a long time since I have seen you, too.”

The snake didn’t expect Ao Wudi and Lin Fan to come here. Upon looking at the formation, they seemed to be here to save him, which made him breathe a fierce sigh of relief.

At this moment, the powerful people on the scene looked at the two people who came out to kill them and were a bit baffled. What did they mean by coming here?

“Everyone, give me, Ao Wudi, respect and leave this place.” Ao Wudi said.

If it were past, these powerful people probably would respect Ao Wudi, but what was the situation now? It was time to grab the Elixir; how could he said they should let go?

It was awkward.

No one on the scene answered his words.

Lin Fan tapped Ao Wudi’s shoulder and told him to step back. How could someone who hadn’t been out for years get respect from others? In this kind of moment, it was still necessary for him to come.

Ao Wudi gave way,‘Come on, junior brother, say it. Let me see how you get it.’

“Everyone, my name is Lin Fan. I’m sure many people know who I am. Many people are my enemies, but what I want to tell you is that Brother Snake is a friend of both of us, and whoever wants to kill him is our enemy.”

“I don’t want to threaten you, but I want to tell you that there will be a battle today. Only those who won’t let go will be killed today. So, you can choose.”

Lin Fan arrogantly said and didn’t put the crowd in his eyes in the slightest. He wanted the demon cultivators and demons to give up, which was obviously impossible.

“Good boy. I didn’t go looking for you, but you jumped out on your own. Now you are still so rampant.” At this moment, the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon who had a grudge with Lin Fan said angrily.

His eyes that looked at Lin Fan were filled with anger.

He could never forget Lin Fan.

“Hand over a piece of the Elixir to me.”

He had already gathered the Elixir, and there was only one piece left in Lin Fan’s hand. It had been a year, and he had asked around, but he just hadn’t heard about him. Now, he had come to his door; he wouldn’t let Lin Fan go easily.

Lin Fan laughed, “So it’s the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. The remnant leaf is still there; how about you persuade them to leave, and I’ll give it to you?”

“Bullshit. After I kill you, and it will be mine.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon said angrily.

Lin Fan scratched an itch, quite helpless. The trust between people would never exist, even if he were willing to pay a little. Only if the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was really willing to help, he would give him that one remnant leaf.

Just as he was about to continue to say something, another angry voice came.

“Lin Fan, you’re really bold. You offended that many people and still dare to appear here. Aren’t you afraid of being killed?” The Demon Ancestor’s voice was cold. He was also full of anger at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan clasped his fist, “Demon Ancestor, you and I have not seen each other for a year, and the fire is still so big. Isn’t it good to be calm and peaceful? Otherwise, it won’t be good to be beaten away by me again.”

Humph, you’re ridiculous.”

The Demon Ancestor hated Lin Fan so much that he could not wait to break Lin Fan into pieces. Lin Fan had made him lose face, and he could barely hold up his head in front of another demon.

Ao Wudi frowned, crouching in his heart. Something didn’t feel right.

He seemed to have called the wrong person.

Without even said anything yet, he had already identified himself with two enemies. If there were more, it would be too shocking.

“Are you Lin Fan?”

Just then, the other old man spoke coldly.

Lin Fan looked at the other person. His eyebrows were snow white and long, not like someone from the demon cultivator. Lin Fan smiled and said, “Exactly, I wonder who are you?”

The White Eyebrow Ancestor said angrily, “Kid, you had killed my disciple. I investigated for a long time and finally found out that it was you. I haven’t gone to look for you, but you came to my door. Good, good.”

“Old man, there is a misunderstanding; who is your disciple? You can’t push everything on me.” Lin Fan was puzzled and couldn’t think of anything at all.

There were, indeed, quite a few people he had killed.

However, those who could make him remember their names were fewer. After all, they were all panhandlers, and he didn’t take them into account in the slightest.

The old man with white eyebrows did not say much but looked at Lin Fan clearly. The general meaning was, you would die.

Lin Fan did not bother to pay attention to the opponent.



If you wanted to get me, say it. Why did you need to find these excuses?

With a sweep of the eyes, there was a new target.

An old grandmother who looked very kind.

Lin Fan opened his mouth and said, “If I’m not wrong, this should be Senior Old Dragon Goddess, right?”

The Old Dragon Goddess bowed her body, holding a walking stick. Her wrinkled face showed a smile, “Haven’t we met before? How come you don’t recognize me?”

Lin Fan said, “Senior Old Dragon Goddess misunderstood. I haven’t seen you for a year. At first glance, I didn’t recognize you because you look too young. It turns out that you’re really Senior Old Dragon Goddess. Forgive me. Oh, by the way, is that granddaughter satisfied with her husband?”

“Sweet mouth, if little friend Lin is willing to be my granddaughter’s husband, I will be very satisfied.” The Old Dragon Goddess laughed.

Those powerful people around them looked at Lin Fan with strange expressions.


The Demon Ancestor’s face was ugly. The conversation between these two people was vague, as if they were hitting him in the face. Yes, the hit was still painful because they were talking about his son.

Fucking shameless.

This couldn’t be so excessive.

Lin Fan regretted, “Hey, it’s fate, and there is no chance. This time, there is one thing I want to ask the Old Dragon Goddess to give me a face. This is my friend. Can you not participate in this battle?”

He took the initiative to say so much to the Old Dragon Goddess, not because he wanted to divide them, but because the Old Dragon Goddess’s strength was among the strongest in this group of powerful people. Once the fight started, it would be something.

It was best to have one less.

As for other powerful people, he couldn’t help. They were either enemies or strangers, and they wouldn’t give him face.

The Old Dragon Goddess laughed, “Good, look at your little mouth; it’s so sweet. This old woman will not be involved in this matter. Of course, if you are willing to serve my granddaughter, the old woman can help you pull in a lot of good helpers.”

For the Old Dragon Goddess, she looked at it very openly. There was not much interest in the competition aspect; she just wanted to raise her granddaughter well and be happy. She saw that Lin Fan was very exciting, good-looking and had a good personality for her taste, much better than that Demon Ancestor’s son.

Lin Fan shuddered and shivered. It was so scary. From now on, he couldn’t talk nonsense.

“Senior Old Dragon Goddess, the kid has a destiny. To have an intention, you can only renew the love affair with a thousand gold in the next life.”

Ao Wudi silently gave Lin Fan a thumbs up.


As expected of the Greatest Martial Sect Love Sage, his techniques were awesome. The old woman was taken care of; this power, not others could have.

The Old Dragon Goddess silently withdrew and stood at a distance, still maintaining her original appearance, without any changes. She was like an old pine with full determination, watching everything that happened in front of her.

Lin Fan pressure inexplicably large.

He had an odd feeling.

If, after the battle, he was exhausted or defeated, the Old Dragon Goddess was likely to tie him and take him away. This feeling was strange and nebulous as if it would happen.

Perhaps his heart was troubled. So, he looked at the Old Dragon Goddess. The other side’s eyes rippled, just looking at it, people would panic.

Subsequently, he whispered to Ao Wudi, “In case I’m unconscious, please swallow me up.”


Ao Wudi was dumbfounded. ‘What did you say? I couldn’t understand it at all.’


Just at that moment, the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon shouted, “Everyone, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it, kill the three of them, and all the Elixirs here will be ours.”

“I’ve been waiting impatiently for a long time.” The Demon Ancestor said angrily.

A battle was triggered.

The three faced the powerful people of the demons and demon cultivators. Even if they fell, they would surely shock the world.

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