Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 336


The Holy Empress did not expect Sheng Wushuang to be so confident. But after all, he did have the ability. In just one year, his cultivation had broken through to the True Stage, which was indeed appalling.

Sheng Wushuang said, “This junior has one more thing that I think the Holy Empress will be interested in.”

Then he took out a furnace, which was very ancient as if it had existed for a long time. However, it was missing half, and the missing part condensed into a curtain of light, feigning to be a whole.

“This is….”

The Holy Empress’ face changed slightly, fascinated by the item in front of her. Even she was a little afraid to believe it.

“This is the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace.” Sheng Wushuang was confident. He knew that the Holy Empress could not refuse it and then said, “As long as this junior and the Holy Empress’ beloved disciple are married, this is will be the wedding gift from this junior.”

Although this was only the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace, the power it emitted was amazing. It was stronger than the power of a Top-Grade Dao Artifact, and if it was complete, she was afraid that it would be an immortal treasure.

The Holy Empress did not answer but pondered in her heart for a long time.

The other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace was not in the Holy Land, and Sheng Wushuang surprisingly had it. So, there was only one possibility: the inheritance he received might be the Eternal Inheritance.

Immortal Emperor was an ancient Immortal Realm great power. It was rumored that there had been a very fierce battle. The Eternal Divine Furnace, being an immortal treasure, suffered unimaginable horror and broke directly and fell into the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

The beginning of the Holy Palace’s inheritance and the Holy Land was dependent on the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace.

In the Ancient Records.

The two cultivators were in ruin and happened to get the broken Eternal Divine Furnace. Eventually, there was a big battle. The Holy Palace’s ancestor got the Eternal Divine Furnace, while the ancestor of the Holy Land grabbed the Eternal Law and eventually created two major powers.

Sheng Wushuang said, “Will the Holy Empress consider it? As long as one possesses this other half of the divine furnace, the Holy Palace’s sect’s treasure will be complete and immediately become the world’s number one sect. The requirements of this junior are also simple.”

“Although indeed, you’re once excellent, you aren’t so excellent that you can make such an excessive request with the Holy Empress.”

“But senior… no one in the world is better than me. At the same time, I have admired the Holy Empress’ beloved disciple for many years, so I hope that the Holy Empress will make it happen.”

Sheng Wushuang knew that the Holy Empress absolutely could not refuse it because the wedding gift he gave was exactly what the Holy Empress wanted the most.

It absolutely is fail-proof.

The Holy Empress was silent. Not that she didn’t want it, but the other side made a request, some of which made her uncertain. She even wanted to reject the idea at first. Her beloved disciple wasn’t a cargo, definitely not for trading.

“How about a different condition?” The Holy Empress asked.

Sheng Wushuang shook his head and said, “This is the only idea that this junior has. As the young master of the Holy Land, this junior thinks that he lacks nothing but the beloved one.”

He took the Holy Empress’ hand to his heart. Once the other half of the Eternal Divine Furnace came out, he didn’t believe that the Holy Empress wouldn’t be moved. In any case, he just had to push her harder.

“This matter, I can’t make the decision.” The Holy Empress returned, no longer thinking about the Eternal God Furnace, “Send the guest….”

Hearing these words, Sheng Wushuang was not in any hurry at all.

“Holy Empress, why do you have to reject so quickly? A strong alliance is an inevitable thing. Besides, this is the best time for the Holy Land and the Holy Palace to dominate the Immortal Cultivator Realm. The demon cultivators and the demons are in decline. So, why would the Holy Empress let go of such a great opportunity?”

“Once you miss it, you won’t have it again.”


“Fellow Cultivator Lin, this is the Holy Palace.”

Lin Fan looked at the magnificent and atmospheric palace in the clouds and nodded. It was really a nice place. Although it was a demon sect, it was done decently, with an immortal atmosphere.

If he didn’t know it was in the demon sect territory, he would’ve thought it was in the immortal sect.

He thought it probably was because there were too many immortal sects, so the Holy Palace’s old ancestor moved here.

‘Huh! Something is not right.’

‘How come there is a familiar aura here?’

The man on the side noticed a change in Lin Fan’s face. He was puzzled and thought that something had happened. “Fellow Cultivator Lin, what’s wrong?”


Lin Fan ignored the man on the side and laughed out loud. His voice passed away, “I was wondering who it is? So it’s Sheng Wushuang. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“Hurry up and come out, my wealth delivery boy.”

The qi was a bit familiar, and he said that he had once fought with this qi owner. They had a big battle, and he also snatched the opponent’s Flame Immortal Spear.


At this moment, Sheng Wushuang, who was slowly communicating with the Holy Empress, was shaken when he heard this voice. He knew well whose voice was that.

“Bastard, I am not looking for you, but you dare to come to me.”

In an instant, Sheng Wushuang disappeared from the main hall and went outside. The Holy Empress frowned.

‘Who was it that had come?’

She didn’t know who could make Sheng Wushuang so angry.



“Please retreat a little farther; there is going to be a big battle later. If you are too close, I’m afraid that you will be implicated.”

The crowd was puzzled.

‘A big war?’

This was the Holy Palace; how could there be a big war? However, they still quickly moved away and stayed far away.

Just at that moment, there was a terrifying qi coming from afar…

Sheng Wushuang’s figure appeared not far from Lin Fan, “Lin Fan, you still dare to come to me.”

The only big loss he had ever suffered was at the hands of this guy… Every time he thought about that incident, he couldn’t sleep or eat and only wanted to kill Lin Fan.

Lin Fan laughed, “Fellow Cultivator Wushuang, why are you so furious? It’s just that a year ago, you were beaten like a dog by me, and even more so, I took away a Top-grade Dao Artifact. Why do you put it to heart?”


“Amazing. I wonder why Fellow Cultivator Wushuang is so hardened? It turns out that he has become a True Stage cultivator. In just one year, your cultivation is really fast. It seems that the Immortal Destiny you got has made you soar.”

Lin Fan didn’t expect Sheng Wushuang to have such an opportunity. It was unexpected.

It was true that people with great fortune had a full of Immortal Destiny and could be called a protagonist class.

Lin Fan took a closer look.

[Sheng Wushuang: Longevity Ninth True Stage.] [Chance drops: Ninth Grade Gold Spirit Root, Ninth Grade Thunder Spirit Root, qi 130,000, Top-Grade Dao Artifact Dragon Tortoise Eight Trigram Armor, Law of the Other World, Sacred Immortal Submerged Dragon Law, Eternal Divine Furnace, Eternal Wonderful Law, Eternal Holy Lord Fist, Eternal Secret Hidden Key….] [Body: Giant Roc Immortal Body.] [Remark: Is there such an existence like me in the world? Who could compete with me?]


Most of the things that Sheng Wushuang could drop were the ones with the word eternal in them. It seemed to be something very extraordinary.

Lin Fan applauded, “Not bad. Birds of a feather trade for cannons; people with Immortal Destiny are just extraordinary. I’m envious to see it. The temperament has changed better than ever. If you are sold to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, I think your value is going to be unbeatable.”


Sheng Wushuang was angry. His face was blue. What he hated most was the opponent saying that he would be sold to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. To him, it was a humiliation.

Lin Fan was full of smiles. What he liked the most was to meet Sheng Wushuang was that it always felt like an instant acquaintance. Every time they met, there were always a lot of things they wanted to say.

Now that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was holding Xiao Chen, the Divine Sky Sect’s Sect Master’s son. If Sheng Wushuang was captured, he could sell one and get one free for the most peak auction.

“Your Flame Immortal Spear is still with me. The last time I passed by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, I sold ten Mystic Art 
Fruits, but unfortunately, I forgot to sell your dao artifact together. If you want it, I can return it to you, but you have to beg me.” Lin Fan said.

Sheng Wushuang suppressed the anger in his heart. With his current strength and status, getting angry would be humiliating himself.

Sheng Wushuang said in a cold voice, “You’re like a mole, wanting to anger me. You are not qualified enough; the Flaming Immortal Spear is nothing more than that. This Young Lord has not yet put it on his heart.”

“This Young Lord will twist off your head and kick it as a ball.”

The words just fell, Sheng Wushuang’s fist came with a blast, and it was extraordinary, containing some amazing mysterious power. Perhaps it belonged to eternal power, just like the one introduced in his drop.


In a flash, a group of him swung out, and a king’s shadow emerged. Even if it was a shadow, the power transmitted was still terrifying. The immortal dao laws interwoven with the fist intent penetrated the world, breaking all the illusions and ruthlessly crushed.

In the distance, Holy Empress felt a familiar qi from the technique performed by Sheng Wushuang. It was a technique that did not belong to the Immortal Cultivator Realm but the True Immortal technique.

“The better you become, the more you learn, the more you are worth.”

Lin Fan flirted with his mouth, but his expression was still quite serious as he executed his mystic art. His qi condensed on his fist and blasted directly towards the far side.

Two different forces collided together.

The impact formed was terrifying.

The Holy Palace contains the Innate Formation, which automatically activates when it is impacted, absorbing all the shock waves of the shock.

At this moment, Sheng Wushuang’s eyes gazed empty, as if he had entered some realm.

The Eternal Mythical Law was an absolute supreme mystic art. Even if he hadn’t cultivated it to a high level, it possessed an earth-shattering power once he cast it out.

Instantly, Lin Fan smelled an aura of danger.

It was quite powerful.

‘My fortune delivery boy.’

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