Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 345


The Blood Sea Demon Sect, one of the great demon sects.

Many True Stage powerful people of the Blood Sea Demon Sect were ascended in the forbidden area, including Elder Mo Ji as the Vice Sect Master.

Now, there were only three True Stage people left in the sect.

This was a terrifying thing for the great demon sect.

Suddenly, the ground and the mountains shook, and vicious ki enveloped the sky. In the extreme distance, the demons stepped on the land of the Immortal Cultivator Realm, as if they had returned to their homes, all appearing to be very mad, roaring to the sky.


Inside the main hall.

The surviving powerful people of the Blood Sea Demon Sect gathered together and looked grave.

“Sect Master, endless numbers of demons are coming from far away. The number is extremely large and dark. If there is a head-on clash, with our current strength we will not be able to stop them.”

Even if there were three True Stage powerful people left, that was still a force that could not be underestimated.

Compared with the demons, the gap was huge.

At this moment, the Sect Master looked into the distance with a gloomy expression. He already felt the strong violent qi in the distance. The demons were approaching fast, extremely fast, while everywhere they passed, not a single inch of grass grew, and everything was devoured.

The great tribulation of the Immortal Cultivator Realm had occurred.

For heaven’s sake, this was just a kind of racial dispute. The demons were forced to retreat to the Northern Wilderness for tens of thousands of years, living miserable lives. Now that the opportunity had come, they naturally would not let go.

“Sect Master, what should we do now?”

“Yes, if we delay, the consequences are unimaginable. The hearts of the disciples of the sect are frightened.”

Not to mention the disciples’ hearts were terrified, even they had a bad feeling in their hearts. The number of demons was simply too large. If the demons were compared to locusts, then in the blink of an eye, they would be able to swallow up the sect, leaving no bones.

“Wait for me for a moment.”

The Sect Master said in a cold voice and disappeared into a stream of light inside the main hall.

They didn’t know what the Sect Master would do, but they knew things were already bad. The thought of those demons made their hearts boil with anger.

‘Bastard demons.’

‘How dare they take advantage of the weakest time to come to the Immortal Cultivator Realm!’

If the sect’s great powers had not ascended, combined with other sects, they could definitely hold the demons back and even make them pay a terrible price.

Not long after, The Sect Master returned, and his face was even gloomier than before. He gritted his teeth and said, “Relocate and avoid them.”

To him, this was a disgrace. The Blood Sea Demon Sect had existed for a long time and belonged to a great demon sect. This had never happened before, yet the number of demons was simply too many.

Just the number of demons coming towards them had reached ten million.

It was dense.

He couldn’t even count them.

All kinds of demons mixed. Seeing them was likely enough to be scared out of their wits.

This was a demon feast.

Just at that moment, several great qi came from above, which were the qi of powerful demons, who had come to the Blood Sea Demon Sect in advance, just to stop the Blood Sea Demon Sect crowd from leaving.


The Sect Master clenched his fists.


The demon passage.

The strong demonic qi floating around was about to condense into substance, and this qi was not good for the cultivator. Absorbing it would form a conflict with the body’s qi.

So, it was reasonable to drive the demons to the Northern Wilderness.

Naturally, it was impossible to look at something you were not happy with and deliberately target it. However, the demon’s qi did not do anyone any good except for the demons.

At this moment, in the demon passage, demon corpses were lying there quietly. Some retain the whole body; some were in pieces with the bones were incomplete. The scene was once very miserable and horrible.

It’s the end.

A figure stood there.

Lin Fan had pierced the passage alone, and there were wounds on his body. However, soon, the wounds were repaired, and everything returned to its original state.

At this moment, in front of him was a demon half-kneeling.

The demon was a Monkey Demon, not very big, but his body muscles were very blown up. The black stick was blown into pieces and spilled all over the ground, and it was still stained with blood, proving that a highly horrible battle had just happened.

“Human cultivator, even if you break this passage, you can’t stop what is about to happen. Countless fellow demons have already stepped into the Immortal Cultivator Realm from other passages, and you are dreaming just by trying to stop it…”

The Monkey Demon’s waist was partially blown apart, and blood was gurgling.

His expression was painful, and his appearance was wretched. The demon clan’s strongest was suppressed so miserably by the human cultivator, and his heart was not convinced.


Lin Fan lifted his leg and drew it across. With a bang, the back of his foot ruthlessly blasted the Monkey Demon’s face.

The impact had deformed the Monkey Demon’s face. The sharp teeth in his mouth could not withstand such an impact, and with a click, they directly shattered, spilling onto the ground.


The Monkey Demon looked at Lin Fan angrily. Although his eyes were already covered with blood, his anger did not diminish in the slightest.

Lin Fan said, “Let me ask you one thing, who started this incident? Was it the Four Demon Emperors?”

He had fought with the Four Demon Emperors. All of them were powerful existences. However, they weren’t so strong that they felt impossible to fight against.

Based on the speculation of various circumstances, he guessed that there should be someone else behind this and that the Demon Four Emperors were more like the initiators on the surface. At the same time, there was definitely a truly terrifying existence hidden behind them.

“Hehehe….” The Monkey Demon sneered. His golden eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan and did not say much. However, this laughter conveyed a feeling of, did I got you?

Lin Fan raised his hand, condensed the God Spear, pierced directly through the Monkey Demon’s head, and broke his soul.

All the way to the chopping block.

There were many masters that he encountered, and they were just relatively powerful. 

The Void Stage was also considered powerful. However, the drop was rare and, the talent was even rarer.

Everything depended on luck.

Most of the demons did not drop, as if he had exhausted his luck earlier in the day.

The qi drop was okay, increasing by 10,000.

He was getting stronger.


A few days later, The demon sect was in a mess.

The Blood Sea Demon Sect was completely destroyed. Everyone except the Sect Master died in the demons’ hands. The demons stampeded out the Blood Sea Demon Sect, not talking about any high-end combat power at all but winning by numbers, and the demons killed the Sect Master.

Although the clan’s protective formation seemed very strong, the formation was broken under the demons’ nearly insane attack. Countless demons poured into it, killing the human race when they saw them, eating them on the spot. The scene was like purgatory.

This was only the Blood Sea Demon Sect; other sects were the same. The small sects did not have any possibility of survival, and they all left the sect and ran towards places that were not occupied by demons.

For the demon, what happened to the demon sect also made them terrified.

They, who had some extremely close relationship with the demons, knew very well what kind of existence the demons were and would definitely not let them go.


The territory of the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

Today, the most powerful species of the demon race was the Heavenly Dragon clan, with all the great powers of the various factions of the demon race gathered together.

“Dragon Emperor, nowadays the demons are opening up the killings there in the demon sect. I’ve been there to see the endless demons just like locusts, it’s scary to see.”

“If we let the development continue, the consequences are unimaginable.”

The old man who spoke was the Emperor of the Heavenly Wolf Clan, the Wolf Emperor.

The bloodline of the Heavenly Wolf Clan had an extremely deep background and quite a history. However, what was happening now was no longer a question of whether the background was deep or not, but whether anyone could stop it.

It was hell.

The fool in the forbidden area did such a big thing. They let so much power soar, instantly consuming half of their power, and now the demon seized the opportunity to attack.

They didn’t even know how to resist.

How many demons were there?

No one had calculated.

Probably it was ten billion or something.

If the demons weren’t powerful, another number of demons would be a random pinch of existence.

The Dragon Emperor looked grave. The demons that came from the Northern Wilderness caught them off guard. Now, the demons were ready to occupy the demon sect. His concern was not how the demon sect was killed or injured but when the demons really got a firm foothold in the Immortal Cultivator Realm… The next step was bound to make a move on the demon race.

Just at this moment, fluctuations were trembling in the void. All the powerful demons gazed at it, and they all revealed a wary look.

“Everyone, it’s okay.”

A shadow gradually emerged. The Ancient Dragon Emperor of the Demon Dragon Burial did not come in his body but arrived only as a shadow.

When the Dragon Emperor saw the other side, he felt an innate sense of hostility. The Dragon Emperor looked at the Heavenly Dragon Emperor with a stern look in his eyes but quickly hid this look.

“All of you gathered here should be thinking about the matter of our demons occupying the demon sect. However, I can assure you here that we just need to have a place to stay.”

“And definitely won’t make a move against all of you. No matter what, once we were all one species.”

The Wolf Emperor snorted coldly, “You little dragon also dare to come here, you don’t know your own identity.”

For the Dragon Emperor, what he hated most was being called a dragon. He had been cultivating for so long and already turned from a dragon to a man. Even when the Heavenly Dragon Clan clansmen saw him, they had to retreat and flee in panic.

The Dragon Emperor said, “The Northern Wilderness is where you demons live. Now, that you have left the Northern Wilderness to step into the Immortal Cultivator Realm, then be prepared to meet our wrath. If you know what the outcome will be, I advise you to lead the demons to roll back to the Northern Wilderness, or you will have to pay a painful price.”

“Hahaha….” The Dragon Emperor laughed out loud, “This is ridiculous. With your current abilities, can you stand up to the demons who are already full of anger?”

“The great Immortal Sects have all said that they will not care about these things. While just by virtue of you traitors who have given up your nature you also want to fight against us, the demons, it is really a dream.”

“This emperor will see what you are capable of.”

The Dragon Emperor came to the Heavenly Dragon Clan just to take a look; he never thought he could make peace with them.

After that, his figure gradually dissipated.

The Wolf Emperor couldn’t bear it anymore and slapped his palm, but it only slapped in the air.

“Dragon Emperor, is what he said true?”

“The Immortal Sect is sitting back and doing nothing?”

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