Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 346



In a quiet place, Lin Fan slapped a demon on the ground.

The demon’s entire body was fractured and roared with all its strength, “We are the advance team, you human cultivator will be completely devoured by us.”

Perhaps it took too much effort to roar out those words, and it directly burped and became a complete corpse.

“What a happy life. If the demons hadn’t taken the initiative to come over, I wouldn’t know where to look for them.”

With a slight sniff, he could smell the extremely thick demonic qi.

The demon sect was indeed miserable enough. It was surprising that they were fucked by demons in this manner.

“Hey, although the demon sect isn’t entirely good, but who made me Lin Fan an immortal figure. It’s still necessary to do justice.” Lin Fan sighed and continued his search for the demon.

With the current situation, his qi reached as much as 160,000. He was considered one of the top powerhouses in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

When the average True Stage powerhouse saw him, he would have to cry out, ‘My life is over.’


Several days passed.

Lin Fan did not care much about why the immortal sect didn’t help the demons. These things didn’t matter to him. He didn’t care if there was a war with the demons.

He entirely focused only on the demons.

The people of the demon sect should indeed thank the demon properly. If the demons hadn’t attracted his attention, he would have set his eyes on the demon sect. At that time, it would still be a very tragic thing.

Just as Lin Fan was looking for the demon, the demons were also deliberating on this matter.


The demon sect territory, the demon stronghold.

The Four Demon Emperors gathered with many great powers of the demons. Their presence gave the demons enough power to get out of the Northern Wilderness.

At this time, every powerful demon shrunk their body. They appeared in various forms as if the animals in the zoo were having a meeting.

“Recently there is a human cultivator who has been killing our demon sons and daughters, this person absolutely cannot live.” A powerful demon said.

He had a deep hatred for Lin Fan. He didn’t know how many of his fellow demons had died at the hands of the opponent. If he continued to let him run rampant, the demons’ face would be ruthlessly trampled under the opponent’s feet.

“Who is he?”

“I have recently heard of this news, but the opponent is extremely ruthless and does not leave anyone alive, no one knows who he is.”

At this point, the Four Demon Emperors looked at each other, and all already knew who it was.

The Snowfield Lion King said, “This person is a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan. He’s a disciple of the immortal sect, who once came to meet us in the Northern Wasteland, and this king is familiar with his breath.”

“What?! A disciple of the immortal sect?”

“What is the situation with the immortal sect, didn’t we all agree earlier? Could it be that they want to go back on their word, the human race really can’t be trusted.”

For them, the demon sect was absolutely unable to stop them.

The Four Demon Emperors had a thought to kill Lin Fan. If they let him go on, it would have a great impact on their demon conquest.

Therefore, it was time to make a move on him.


At this moment.

Lin Fan passed by a village. He traveled south, and along the way, he saw that the surroundings were quite hopeless. All infected with demon aura, and the plants had lost their original colour.

Those were plants that had lost their souls.


When he killed the demon, his mind was overjoyed. That kind of joy ordinary people couldn’t feel. Whenever he saw a drop, it was as if he had eaten honey.

However, when he passed by this village, his mood was a little less good.

The surrounding houses were billowing with smoke after burning, a wreck, as if burning and looting had occurred. He walked within the village, creaking. There was a subtle sound passing through, and any small sound would hardly escape his probing.

Lin Fan came to a collapsed house and gently waved his hand, blowing away the collapsed wood. There was a wooden plank as if it was a secret passage, and the sound was transmitted from there.

Knock, knock!

The sound of urgent tapping came through as if someone was trapped inside and wanted to come out but couldn’t.

He lifted the board, and a dark passage appeared. However, immediately afterward, a figure quickly lunged towards him.

The speed was fast.

He wanted to slap him to death, but when he saw what it was, it was only a kid.

There was just something wrong with this child. There was demonic qi entering his body, completely infecting him, not even a bit of humanity. –Everywhere a demon passed, a demonic qi was formed, and for ordinary people, such a qi was the most terrifying. Without qi to resist, they could only be infected.

The child’s skin appeared black, and his eyes were red, hissing with rage, constantly grabbing Lin Fan’s clothes.

However, even if the demonic qi infected him, he was still just an ordinary person. Only that his facial expression was twisted and hideous, and it must have been excruciating when he was infected in life.

“Poor child.”

Lin Fan gently stroked the other side’s head. This child should have had a flowery year but ushered in the disaster. Mortals could only watch without any ability to resist. They were fish on a chopping board, at the mercy of the other side.

Lin Fan pointed out, and the violent child fell to the ground as if he had lost some support.

Lin Fan cast his talent.


Gradually, many illusory figures appeared around him.

This talent was the talent he obtained by killing the Mountain Demon and attracting the surrounding lonely souls and wild spirits to take control.


Lin Fan waved his hand, and a cold and gloomy wind set off around him. The sky gradually darkened, and a vision of Hell appeared.

“Go and reincarnate.”

“There is no one to draw for you, you have nowhere to go. If you want to be reincarnated then go, you don’t know when you will have to wait.”

At this moment, he saw the child who had been infected by the demonic qi looking for his parents. He stepped into the reincarnation and waved his hand towards him as if in gratitude.

It was heavenly merit.

Lin Fan raised his hand and grabbed it. He flicked his finger and flicked the virtues into the Hell Rebirth, which was a kind of bribe.

He had cultivated the Yellow Spring Hell.

He would sense the existence of Hell, which belonged to an unknown power with a system. There were also terrifying great powers that existed, but it was hard to see, so perhaps only when he became an immortal could he enter the real Hell.

He would be bribing the existence inside by sending those merits and virtues along with those lonely souls.

“Give them a good body.”

He just said it casually.

Unexpectedly, at the moment the reincarnation closed, a cloud of mist condensed into a single word.


Lin Fan was surprised, then revealed a smile. He didn’t expect a real reaction; it was magical.

Immediately after, his gaze looked into the distance, and a fantastic aura erupted out.

“It’s all fun and games.”

“It’s all about immortal cultivation.”

“Playing around, killing and slashing. There is still the ability to resist, but to strike at mortals, that is excessively meaningless.”

There was a bang.

The ground cracked, covering ten thousand miles.

Lin Fan disappeared into a stream of light between heaven and earth.

This matter of demons was excessive. They were uncomfortable staying in the Northern Wasteland and saw the opportunity to live a good life. That was the right thing to do. The opportunity was ultimately left to those prepared, but there had to be a bottom line.

If there were no bottom line, then it would be a disaster.


Demon sect territory, the demon stronghold.

The meeting of the demon powers ended. They stepped into the territory of the Immortal Cultivator Realm, and their hearts swelled with ambition. It was their territory, yet it caused them to live in that bad place in the Northern Wasteland for such a long time.

However, they had to thank these guys more than anything else.

Because of the harsh environment, it allowed them to have a stronger innate physique of demons. Their strength also became stronger, which was incomparable to the human race in the Immortal Cultivator Realm.

At this moment, on the dome of the sky outside the demon stronghold, Lin Fan blandly floated in the air, and countless God Spears coalesced behind him. He then raised his hand, and the dense God Spears merged together with a swoosh and hurled fiercely at the main camp below.

The terrifying power tore the void.

The demon powers inside the main hall felt this terrifying qi, and their faces changed in shock.

The Nine-Headed Demon Ape roared in anger and disappeared inside the main hall. When it appeared outside the main hall, the God Spear falling in the air, it roared, its body became stronger and blasted at the spear with one fist.

A terrifying force passed through.

When the Nine-Headed Demon Ape felt this power, he was also shocked. It was a terrifying power, making his feet felt enormous pressure, leaving huge footprints on the ground with each step.

Eventually, the God Spear shattered, and the Nine-Headed Demon Ape was looking up at the other side in anger.

“You still dare to come here?”

Although they had not seen each other for a year, the battle back then was still fresh in their minds. The Four Demon Emperors joined forces and did not even take each other down, which had to be a shame for them.

Then the three demon emperors appeared.

When they saw Lin Fan arrived, they all revealed a surprised look, not expecting the opponent to dare to come here single-handedly.

“So many demons.”

Lin Fan felt that the qi of demons here was really too strong. Every demon found his arrival and roared in anger, and the pressure formed was great.

For anyone sane enough, coming to someone’s main base camp single-handedly was really looking for death. Perhaps only Lin Fan had the guts to do so.

After all, his skill was high, and his courage was great.

At this moment, he thought that if he killed all these demons, then this harvest could definitely scare people to death.

“As a disciple of the immortal sect, why do you want to come here? We only take back the place that belongs to us, it’s only right and proper, we don’t want to have a conflict with you, leave.”

Dragon Emperor was afraid of Lin Fan’s strength. Their purpose was to occupy the demon sect territory, and they did not want to provoke too many people.

Lin Fan said, “What you do that has nothing to do with me… I’ll not kill you, for occupying the territory. But I am the kindest person. As a cultivator, I should fight with cultivators, but you guys are doing it to mortals…”

“…As a disciple of the immortal sect with a heart of justice I will not tolerate such behavior from you. So, this time I came over to see what you demons are capable of.”

When the demons heard these words, they looked at each other.

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