Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 368


The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion did not expect the boy in front of him to be able to wake up so quickly.

This place was laid out by him in a formation.

The formation wasn’t harmful in any way. It was just easy for people to fall asleep, and it worked even better for immortals. With the special scent emitted from the furniture material in the house, it could create a smell that was harmful to immortals.

“Kid, don’t blame others… you have ascended from the lower realm, the Greatest Martial Sect has long ceased to exist. You have nowhere to go, stay here and help the Old Ancestor.”

The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion had been injured, and his life span was depleted, so he needed to suck the life force of young immortals.

Some immortal had backgrounds to fall back on. The small Li Mansion naturally did not dare to offend them, so it had been targeting those immortal who had just ascended.


Lin Fan laughed. Abruptly, his expression turned serious as he kicked towards the Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion.



Li Xiu and the others were waiting.

“Xiu, you are truly the most outstanding son of the Li Mansion. On the Old Ancestor’s birthday, you brought back the Old Ancestor’s favorite thing, and when it’s over, the Old Ancestor will definitely reward you heavily.” The Li Mansion leader said with a smile.

Li Xiu was in no hurry and said, “Renewing the life of the Old Ancestor is something the clan should do.”

But she was also joyful in her heart.

The Li Mansion leader said, “In a few days, there will be a great person coming to the Li Mansion. At that time, one person in the clan will be elected as that great person’s disciple, and if the Old Ancestor is optimistic about you, I think this position will definitely be yours.”

Li Xiu did not know these things. When she heard this news, her heart was beating very indisputably.

But just at that moment, a loud sound came….

The house not far away directly exploded.

They were shocked to see this, not knowing what had happened.

“Quick, something happened at the Old Ancestor’s place.”

When the crowd reached the scene, they were stunned by the scene in front of them, and some even rubbed their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

The Old Ancestor fell to the ground spitting blood furiously, and the Heavenly Immortal Laws wrapped around him crumbled inch by inch.

“You guys really have an agenda…. I just ascended up here to feel the enthusiasm of the people in the Immortal Realm, but I didn’t expect you guys are playing a trap with me.”

“If I hadn’t been careful enough, I would have fallen into your trap.”

Lin Fan was disappointed. The trust and enthusiasm between people were lost by these guys. He never imagined that the moment he opened his eyes, an old man shaped like a wither was only a few meters away from him. The old man also showed a chilling expression that scared his scalp.

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, what is your intention? We brought you back with good intentions, why do you want to hurt my family’s Old Master?” Li Xiu angrily rebuked.

At the same time, panic arose in her heart.

‘The other side had only just ascended up, how could they have such strength?’

The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion also had the same in his heart. He had cultivated up to now. Although he did not dare to fight against those strong people, how strong could a mere one who had just ascended up to be? Just now, he abruptly discovered that the other side’s qi was very strong.

The power of his one foot was so terrifying… Almost kicked him to death.

Lin Fan said, “I said, young lady, don’t pretend with me… I am sincere to you, but you are playing a game with me. Do you think I am new here and have no money? When I destroy you, I will collect your supplies and continue to go to break in.”

The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion took a deep breath. He took out a few Elixirs and swallowed them. His injuries improved, but he didn’t dare to underestimate Lin Fan again.

This person had just ascended up and had such strength.

He was definitely not an ordinary person…..

“Fellow cultivator, everything is a misunderstanding. I hope you don’t take it to heart.” The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion clasped his fist and said. He didn’t want to fight with the other side now but wanted to wait for the help of that great person to arrive and kill the other side.

“Xiu, you told me that this fellow cultivator is from unknown origin and has an evil aura. Old Ancestor only wanted to kill and get rid of the evil, but now I see this fellow cultivator, all righteous and without any evil aura, it’s all because you did it.”

The Old Ancestor looked at Li Xiu angrily rebuked a meal.


She brought back someone from outside and did not clarify the situation. If she had known that the other side had the strength of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, she would never have been so reckless.

“It’s my fault.” Li Xiu didn’t even have the idea to retort. She directly knelt down and admitted his fault.

Ai, I didn’t expect it to be a misunderstanding…. Old Ancestor, I am really sorry.” Lin Fan pretended to believe the other side’s words and walked towards the Old Ancestor. He then lightly patted the Old Ancestor’s shoulder, “Since the misunderstanding is cleared up, then it’s fine.”

The Old Ancestor had a smile on his face, but immediately afterward, the Old Ancestor’s face changed drastically. The hand that was on his shoulder steeply and violently slapped towards his head.


There was a loud sound.

The Old Ancestor’s head viciously suffered a blow from Lin Fan, and it was difficult to withstand such an impact. Just like a watermelon falling from a high place, it directly exploded.

“Do you guys think I’m stupid?”

“Crazy, what I hate most is people like you.”

Lin Fan’s face grew cold as he saw the Old Ancestor’s divine soul come out of his body. He had cast his mystic art and grabbed it in his palm with his five fingers.

Damn it. Who the hell are you? You already said it was a misunderstanding, why do you still want to strike and hurt people.”

“If you dare to hurt me, you won’t have a good day either.”

The Li Mansion Ancestor roared in anger. His divine soul was caught in Lin Fan’s hand, unable to move. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t break free.


Lin Fan exerted a slight force and directly crushed the Old Ancestor’s divine soul. Then his gaze looked at the rest of the Li Mansion.

There was an uproar!

As they met Lin Fan’s stern gaze, their hearts jumped wildly with fear.


Someone shouted.

The opponent had killed the Old Ancestor. His strength was terrifying to the extreme. Even if they joined forces, it was not something they could deal with.

The Li Mansion was able to exist because it had an Old Ancestor of the Heavenly Immortal realm.

Lin Fan looked at their fleeing figures, not in the slightest hurry. He cast his mystic art and grabbed a palm towards the sky. For those Li House’s children who felt like they could escape, they immediately felt an extremely strong force envelop them.

They turned back to look and instantly panicked.

In the void, a palm with five fingers open.

Snapping his fingers.



They were like flies, directly flicked down from the void.

“Help, help.”

“Don’t kill me, we don’t know anything.”

Some people shouted, hoping that someone would come to their rescue.


Some immortal staying in the city were surprised when they felt the majestic qi fluctuation.

‘Who on earth had made a move at the Li Mansion?’

But they didn’t have any idea.


Inside the courtyard.

The ground was covered with corpses, which looked miserable—some with half of their bodies blown out, while others had their limbs twisted together.

This was not how he used to suppress his enemies. However, since embarking on this path of immortal martial arts.

Everything had changed.

The techniques of suppressing enemies had generally become more violent.


A pair of feet slowly landed on the ground and then walked on the ground. Every time they landed, they brought great pressure on Li Xiu.

“Don’t you come over…”

Li Xiu sat on the ground and constantly stomped her legs. Staring at her eyes, fear surfaced in her eyes, and her whole body was trembling with fear.

“You brought me out from the reception. I am more grateful to you, but I did not expect that you have a purpose for it.” Lin Fan blandly walked up to the opponent and said with a low brow, “This makes me sad. The feeling of heartache… Do you understand?”

Li Xiu’s beautiful features turned a little distorted because of the trepidation, and she shook her head stiffly, “I don’t know anything. Can you let me go?”

Lin Fan laughed, “Don’t worry, I will leave your body whole. I’m generally swift with my enemies and won’t leave any trouble.”


He lowered his waist, pulled Li Xiu’s arm. He pulled her to stand up. He saw that her clothes were a bit dirty and gently, tenderly patted the dust off her body.

Maybe he was too gentle….

It led to let Li Xiu to a misunderstanding that she could live.

But at this moment, Lin Fan grabbed Li Xi’s long, smooth hair, lifted her face to the same height as his. He then slowly stretched out his five fingers, bent two fingers, and gently placed them in front of her head.

“Don’t worry… I said I’d leave your body whole.”

The words just fell, there was a bang….

The index finger blasted at the opponent’s forehead. There was no sign of brain rupture, but rather an extremely strong impact that passed through the back of her head, forming a fierce wind sweeping away, disappearing into the distant world.

Li Xiu’s pupils dilated fiercely, her limbs drooped, and she had no strength left at all.

“She’s really helpless.”

Lin Fan casually tossed the corpse aside and sensed the surroundings.

There was no breath.

All threats had been killed in the cradle.

“The killing intent is a bit heavy.”

Lin Fan silently self-criticized, not expecting the Immortal Realm to be so dangerous, especially in this remote place. In a tiny city, a family with only Heavenly Immortal Ancestors even wanted to make a move against him.

If it was an ordinary cultivator who has just ascended, he was afraid that he would suffer a disaster.

There was a stone door in front of him.

He kicked open the stone door and walked inside. This was where the Li family hid its treasures. It was also an unusual place for the Li family’s Old Ancestor to retreat and cultivate.

Family materials were at the disposal of the Old Ancestor.

For the Li Mansion, as long as the Old Ancestor was kept safe, it was all worth it.

Huh! This should be the spirit stone. No, it’s an immortal stone that contains much higher-end spirit power than a spirit stone.”

The resources of the Li Mansion were directly scraped clean.

He then left the secret room and looked at those corpses around him…. Flames burned between his fingers, and the Great Sun Fire drifted away, dripping down on each corpse. The flames burned, instantly burning those corpses clean.


Outside the door of the Li Mansion, he put a note on the tightly closed door.

“The entire Li Mansion family is out traveling, visitors please return.”

Very perfect here and there.

He was really proud of his resourcefulness.

Lin Fan quickly left the place. He came to the Immortal Realm, without any relatives, without any acquaintances, and didn’t know where to go. He just went to the four seas and went everywhere.

But there was one general direction that would not change.

That was, one must become stronger.

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