Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 372


If someone told him he was handsome, he gladly accepted.

If someone told him, he was great, and he gladly accepted it.

However, now if someone said he would be beaten to death, of course, he couldn’t accept it, nor could he imagine it.

Young Master Ni Luanmo’s expression was serious. He was holding back his laughter, and he just couldn’t hold it in anymore. He burst out laughing, bending over, his hands covering his stomach and laughing. His tears were almost laughing out of his eyes at Lin Fan’s words.

“Funny, it’s really funny. No one has ever said something like that to me. Beat me to death? You stupid bastard, are you dreaming?”

Young Master Ni Luanmo’s eyes contained a fierce light, and just as he was about to raise his head, he abruptly noticed a figure appear in front of him.


These were the awe in his heart, even he was a bit unresponsive.

Just when he reacted.


Young Master Ni Luanmo suffered a heavy blow to his abdomen. It was just that he seemed to be wearing immortal treasures on his body, forming protection and deflecting the punch.

Hehe, not bad. You’re fast enough. I didn’t expect you to actually dare to strike, but do you think it’ll work?”

He was clearly stunned by Lin Fan’s punch.

How could he have expected him to strike?

It was simply a death wish.

In his heart, he was shocked at Lin Fan’s strength, but fortunately, with his immortal treasure protecting his body, this punch was equivalent to hitting a mud puddle. He didn’t feel it at all and even wanted to laugh a little.

What Lin Fan hated most was fighting with the second generation of immortals, each with immortal treasure protection, despicable and shameless.

However, it was a dream to get an advantage with this.

Lin Fan swung the Golden Gourd and viciously smashed it on the opponent’s face.


The sound of shattering rang out.

“How is that possible?”

Young Master Ni Luanmo stared as if he had seen a ghost, unable to believe the scene that was happening in front of him.

The immortal treasure protecting his body had shattered, something he didn’t dare to imagine.

“Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have an immortal treasure?”

Lin Fan put his five fingers together, his Martial Dao intent burst out together with his qi. He blasted his fist at his opponent’s face, and when his fist touched the opponent’s handsome face, the back of his fingers sunk into the flesh.


Young Master Ni Luanmo flew backwards. His body spun in the air, then landed hard on the ground, smashing a huge deep crater.

“I told you, if you dare to scold me again, I will really beat you to death. It doesn’t matter what your background is.”

Lin Fan waved his fist.

He really thought he was a good bully. It was really easy to be underestimated if you didn’t show a little bit of strength.

Young Master Ni Luanmo climbed up from the ground. He spat out the blood in his mouth. It would be wrong to say that he was not shocked, but naturally, there was still endless anger burning in his heart.

“Bastard. How dare you make a move on me?!!?”

He did not expect to meet this guy in this remote wild land. Abominable, really abominable. Half of his face was beaten up and swollen, and the pain swept over him, giving him a very unpleasant feeling.

“Why I don’t dare to make a move on you. Is your father a God? I just told you to pay attention, but you’re just a cheap bastard who won’t listen to me.”

Lin Fan knew that he had to kill everything once he made a move and absolutely could not let the opponent run away.

Otherwise, it would be a kind of trouble for him.

“Fellow cultivator, his father is the Niluan Demon Emperor, an ancient powerful person in the Immortal Realm.” Feng Yao informed Lin Fan of the opponent’s origins.

Lin Fan was new to the Immortal Realm, so how could he care about such things?

Based on his experience…. Well, basically, he didn’t need to think that much.

He simply swung his fist and fought all the way down. By the time he drew others’ attention, he would already be strong to a certain extent, and by then, he would already be fearless.

Of course, Lin Fan was not prepared to cross the level to mess with too strong enemies in his heart, but sometimes the situation did not allow him to do so. He could only stand firm.

“It’s just a Demon Emperor, why should I put it to heart?”

It was a pretentious statement.

Feng Yao looked at the other side in amazement. She had seen many people, and indeed, men like to brag, which was unchangeable in all things.


Niluan Demon Emperor body burned up with monstrous demonic qi. He then swung out with a strike, and the void was split into countless pieces, one on top of the other, making it inscrutable.

He had seen this mystic art from his opponent.

It was a Dao-Level mystic art.

Up to now, he had distinguished the levels between the mystic arts.

Low-Grade Mystic Arts, High-Grade Mystic Arts, Immortal Grade Mystic Arts, Dao Grade Mystic Arts.

Young Master Ni Luanmo’s comprehension of this mystic art was not high. It could only be considered a beginner’s path, not really comprehending how deep it was, but he already felt the greatness of this mystic art.

“Awesome, but unfortunately, you don’t cultivate it properly.”


Lin Fan performed the Immortal Level mystic art that he had exploded out earlier. The old man of the Li Mansion had just practised this mystic art and had not cultivated it to a much deeper level, so it was just ordinary.

However, after being exploded by Lin Fan, the power could be different, enough to say that it was earth-shattering.

The Old Ancestor of the Li Mansion got this fist technique by coincidence. If he could continue to comprehend it, it would not be a problem for him to become a Great Immortal Realm master in the future.


While Lin Fan was executing his fist technique, an inexplicable fluctuation arose around him.






The five great wills of the fist were all killing attacks. It was true that this Immortal-Level Mystic Art was somewhat rampant. Therefore the ancient master who created this Immortal-Level Mystic Art died a tragic death.

The five colors wrapped around the body were the five strongest fist wills.

“How can it be so terrifying?”

Feng Yao felt the might and panicked in her heart. The fist technique the other person was casting made her feel not good at all, as if she was being suppressed by some kind of terrifying power inside.

She knew that the other side was casting a mystic art.

It was definitely an Immortal-Level Mystic Art.


Lin Fan instantly disappeared in place, and when he appeared, he appeared in front of the Young Master Ni Luanmo.



A piece of the void shattered by this terrifying force.

“How is it possible?”

Young Master Ni Luanmo was greatly alarmed. He felt a sense of crisis hit him. Just when he wanted to resist, the five supreme fist intent blocked his five organs.



He didn’t even see what was going on, and his body suffered an irresistible blow.


A miserable scream was transmitted.

Young Master Ni Luanmo was wailing in pain. The unusual mystic art definitely did not have this kind of pain, but the mystic art performed by the opponent was just too subtle.

Huh! I saw that you have an Immortal treasure named Red God Whip, why don’t you take it out and play around with it?” Lin Fan asked.

He had long seen the opponent clearly.

It was just why the opponent didn’t take it out.

That was what he wanted to know.

Perhaps the battle just now was too explosive, causing Young Master Ni Luanmo to be somewhat confused and not react for a while.


Sure enough.

Lin Fan’s provocation was very effective.



‘What a dazzling fiery red light.’

The light was so exuberant that it covered half of the sky.

The Red God Whip was extraordinary. It was like a dragon’s bone, crystal red, emitting a scorching temperature. Even the immortal qi permeating the air seemed to be evaporated.


Young Master Ni Luanmo did not say anything more, waving his arm. He ruthlessly lashed a whip towards Lin Fan, vaguely, as if he saw a fire god roaring in anger.

This kind of treasure was an immortal treasure made by the rebellious Demon Emperor after killing an Immortal Fire God, taking its Fire God essence and refining it after hundreds of years.

Although the rebellious Demon Emperor was not yet able to completely perform the power of this immortal treasure, the power emanating from it now was amazing enough.

Lin Fan stepped on his feet and once again performed the Five Burial Fists, which contained several mysteries of mystic art at the same time.


Young Master Ni Luanmo was greatly alarmed. The power of the opponent’s blast was too terrifying. His palm trembled violently, and the Red God Whip that he was holding tightly was thrown into the air.

“My Red God Whip.”

Young Master Ni Luanmo was shocked. His five fingers opened and grabbed towards the immortal treasure.

“It’s mine.”

Lin Fan rose up in the air and kicked towards his opponent.

With a boom, a shocking force exploded at Young Master Ni Luanmo’s chest, exploding into a brilliant light.


A mouthful of sacrificial blood spurted out from Young Master Ni Luanmo. The heavy blow to his chest made it difficult for him to resist or even support. He only felt as if his entire body was about to explode.

“Got it.”

Lin Fan grabbed the Red God Whip and immediately put it inside the Eternal Divine Furnace, then re-refined it with the power of the Eternal Divine Furnace. In case the Niluan Demon Emperor left a hand inside and tracked the Red God Whip to find him.

Fortunately, some time ago, he exploded an Immortal-Level mystic arts. Otherwise, it would not be so easy to deal with the rebellious Demon Emperor, and this Immortal-Level mystic art was cultivated to its peak.

That power was naturally more terrifying.

“Give me back the Red God Whip…”

Young Master Ni Luanmo was going crazy. He didn’t expect the situation to turn out like this. Where the hell did the opponent come from? With his current techniques, even if it was a Golden Immortal master, he could circumvent it for a while or two.

However, facing this guy who was only at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was suppressed.

Lin Fan opened his eyes and said nonsense, “I didn’t take anything from you. Don’t accuse people randomly. By the way… I saw that you still have a Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl, why don’t you take it out and try it out? Maybe it will work, ah.

Young Master Ni Luanmo was furious.

‘Damn, but wait….’

“Who the hell are you?”

He felt as if the opponent knew what was all over him.

‘How could he know so well?’

The Red God Whip was understandable because it was rewarded to him by his father—an immortal treasure that belonged to him. However, the Mysterious Heavenly Destiny Pearl was something he had just borrowed from an Immortal King.

It had never been exercised in front of others.

However, why would the opponent know so much about it?

‘Could it be that…. he knows me like the back of his hand?’

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