Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 376


Fellow Cultivator Mu came from afar and landed in front of the two.

When he saw the two, he was slightly surprised.

There seemed to be something non-identical.


Fellow Cultivator Mu performed his mystic art. His eyes flashed with golden light, and when he saw the qi carried by the two men, his heart was astonished. What a thick qi. It was really strong, the strongest existence he had ever seen in his life.

However, he didn’t show any difference.

Instead, he said gently, “The two of you participated in the son-in-law selection of the Xiao family. The embroidered ball chose you, why are you avoiding it again. The Xiao family is a big family in Martial Immortal City, and this situation makes the Xiao family have no face.”

Lin Fan and Xiang Fei said in the same breath, “Who are you?”

An old man suddenly appeared, and before he could introduce himself, he told them a whole lot of truths. The whole thing was a bit baffling to them.

“Oh, it’s rather a question to the old man.” Fellow Cultivator Mu laughed, “Fellow Cultivator Mu, friend of the Xiao Family Master. This son-in-law selection is presided over by me, and that embroidered ball is a spiritual object. It can choose a good son-in-law for the Xiao Family. Now that the embroidered ball has chosen two of you, it is troublesome, why don’t you two follow me back to the Xiao Family and have a competition until one side wins?”

Lin Fan took the initiative and said, “I’ll forget it, I’m not interested in this matter at all. I already have a wife, even have several children. He is very suitable, he always wanted to find a wife, you just take him back.”

“What are you talking about?” Xiang Fei looked at Lin Fan in shock. He did not expect this person to be so vicious, pushing him into the fire, “Don’t, I don’t want it either. Your Xiao family is unethical, knowing that the lady looks so ugly, they use the veil to cover up and hide their eyes and ears. If you are chosen that is not the end. You go back and let them re-elect her, don’t think about us.”

‘If I really bring such a wife back, I am afraid to be laughed off.’

Fellow Cultivator Mu pretended to have a difficult look and said, “Since this is the case, naturally we can’t force it. However, since this matter was caused by the two of you, why don’t you come with me for a walk and settle the matter at the Xiao family?”

Lin Fan looked at Fellow Cultivator Mu. He carefully sized up.

[Fellow Cultivator Mu: Immortal Realm Third Level – Golden Immortal Realm.] [Chance of dropping: Seventh Grade Earth Spiritual Root, Eighth Grade Earth Spiritual Root, Qi of 550,000 years, Seize the Creation of the World…] [Remark: What a perfect person with luck.]


This was the first time Lin Fan saw someone who cultivated to this realm. With such poor spiritual roots, it was a bit unexpected. Usually, to be able to cultivate to this realm, the spiritual roots would definitely not be poor.

Golden Immortal Realm.

This was a very powerful realm.

He noticed a mystic art, “Seize the Creation of the World”, surprisingly a Dao Level Mystic Art. Could it be that this mystic art allowed the opponent to cultivate to such a realm with such spiritual roots?

“Why bother so much, things have passed. Isn’t it enough for the Xiao family to re-organize?” Xiang Fei said as if he knew something but did not show it.

Fellow Cultivator Mu said, “No, no, the daughter of the Xiao family is the one I grew up with. Both of you have made my niece behave like this in the future, so please come with me… It’s not like anything will happen, what’s there to worry about?”

He tried to suppress the excitement in his heart as gentle as possible and acted harmlessly.

“I’m not worried, just a little scared.”

Xiang Fei gave a strange look at Fellow Cultivator Mu.

Fellow Cultivator Mu was surprised, “Little friend, what do you mean?”

His heart muttered.

‘Could it be that they found out?’


“Just now I was thinking. The golden light in the eyes, floating a special symbol. At first I was not sure, but now I can be sure.”

“The three immortals of the Horned Cloud Island, Fellow Cultivator Mu, known as the Luck Immortal. You’re not talented, but you can take other people’s luck and integrate it into yourself, so that should be you.”

“Of course, this is not the point. The most important and the only thing that makes me confirm is that you repeatedly want me to go back to the Xiao family with you. I think it must be that you see this luck in me.”

“It’s true that people with profound luck are so dazzling everywhere they go.”

Xiang Fei smug with a kind of indescribable dejection. That kind of feeling was valued by people.

He looked at Lin Fan, rather helplessly said, “Hey, you. After all, my qi is too strong, and by standing next to me, you are all enveloped by my qi, which is also considered to get some benefits. If you can live, carefully calculate, you are not a loss.”

Lin Fan said rather disdainfully, “Pretentious.”

“What did you say?” Xiang Fei froze.

Lin Fan had no qualms saying, “I said you’re pretending. You can really pretend. Can’t you see the embroidery ball keeps flying towards me? It simply doesn’t want to pay attention to you, which means your luck can’t be seen by others.”

At this time, Fellow Cultivator Mu couldn’t help but laugh, “I didn’t expect. It’s indeed nothing to think of. However, I was surprised to be recognized by you… I wanted to take you back to the Xiao family, and you will be swallowed by my luck with the Xiao family. However, I didn’t expect that your human calculations are better than heaven’s calculations, you have some eyesight.”

As a strong Golden Immortal, Fellow Cultivator Mu was bashful in the face of the two young friends. He didn’t put them in his mind at all. He just thought that the heavens were good to him, allowing him to meet these two people with qi.

With a red face, Xiang Fei pointed at Lin Fan’s nose and said, “Can you show some face? If the embroidered ball flying towards you, that’s because I didn’t want it, it retreated and chose you.”

Lin Fan spread his hands and said helplessly, “The truth is so hurtful. No matter how you explain it, reality is reality.”

“Huh, it really pisses me off. Where the hell are you from, you are so arrogant.” Xiang Fei was anxiously spinning in place, looking around for a brick, wanting to directly slap Lin Fan to the ground unconscious.

He wanted to shut this guy up completely and utterly.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s from here or not, what matters is that the facts are the facts.” Lin Fan said.

The two of them sprayed at each other, forgetting that there was still a Golden Immortal master watching them.

There was a subtle change in Fellow Cultivator Mu’s expression.

From the earlier surprise of having his identity discovered, to the current swelling, red face, burning with rage and anger when he was ignored.

“Have you guys thought about what’s going on now or not?”

Fellow Cultivator Mu roared. His voice was loud, like a lion shouting. The surrounding flowers and plants were all convinced by the voice. It was too loud and scary.

Lin Fan and Xiang Fei didn’t seem to take Fellow Cultivator Mu seriously.

They pointed at each other.

“If you have the guts, don’t shout.”

“If you have the guts, go shout at someone.”

“You just shout. Are you scared?”

“Okay, I’ll let you go shout at someone.”

The two pointed at each other and then pretended not to intend to retreat towards the distance, completely treating Fellow Cultivator Mu as air. —As if he weren’t even present in front of them.

Fellow Cultivator Mu was coming on fire.

No matter what, he was a Golden Immortal master. In the Immortal Realm, he could be called a giant, but now these two juniors did not take him seriously, and they did not even take his words seriously.

How could he not be angry?

Just as Fellow Cultivator Mu was thinking about how to concoct the two of them, Lin Fan and Xiang Fei looked at each other.

“Brother, leave it to fate, I’ll see you again someday.”


Xiang Fei shouted, then turned into a stream of light and ran in the opposite direction of Lin Fan.

Naturally, he could see that the opponent was a Golden Immortal master.

It might not be possible to do it.

Even if he could be decapitated, he would have to pay some price. There was no need to tangle with this qi snatcher.

“Damn, where to go.”

Fellow Cultivator Mu growled and then went directly towards Lin Fan in pursuit. As for Xiang Fei, he was spared because what he saw was that Lin Fan had the most abundant qi.

“Crap! Why decisive?”

Xiang Fei found Fellow Cultivator Mu went towards Lin Fan and was confused for a while. All along, he thought his qi was very strong, but now he was slapped in the face.

‘Why does he chase him, not me?’

‘Are you looking down on me?’

Then, he chased in the direction of Fellow Cultivator Mu.

Of course, Xiang Fei did it not because he wanted to prove anything, but he felt that that guy might not be the opponent of Fellow Cultivator Mu. —Since he met him, he naturally could not ignore it.

People had to be righteous.

So, how could you say run?

For Xiang Fei, he was righteous and often dared to look straight in the face of difficulties. Now, what was this?


At this moment.

Lin Fan and Fellow Cultivator Mu sparred with each other across the sky with mystic art but hadn’t forgotten to flee.

The Golden Immortal Law was terrifying.

It penetrated the world and then swept out from the unknown void, interweaving into a terrifying Heavenly Net of Laws, trying to catch Lin Fan.

Lin Fan cast his mystic arts and did not dodge. However, it must be said that the strength of the Golden Immortal was indeed not to be underestimated.

It was really a fight.

He was not sure if he could win.

But it felt like the row to win was a bit big.

“Kid, if you want to run, you are just dreaming.”

Fellow Cultivator Mu’s white hair fluttered. Then, steeply, as if he was performing some kind of mystic arts, a huge round of black holes appeared behind him.

Inside the black hole seemed to be some kind of interdimensional, like water waves vibrating.

Immediately afterwards, a suction force burst out.

Lin Fan felt his speed was limited. When he cast Boundless Walkers, he was forced out by the opponent cutting through the void, and it was difficult to escape the opponent’s hand.

“Come over to the old man.”

Fellow Cultivator Mu wanted to suck up all of Lin Fan’s qi and grow his own strength.


Lin Fan swung a chop.

At once, the originally intact void instantly turned into pieces. The scene in front of him instantly disappeared, and even that distant Walkers distorted with countless cracks surfacing on his body.


Lin Fan froze.

He didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

What the hell?

This was the first time he had performed the Niluan Void Slash. Although Dao-Level Mystic Arts were powerful, Dao-Level Mystic Arts that had been cultivated to their peak by him were definitely even more terrifying.

But this…

Was not too unexpected.

“You… you…”

Fellow Cultivator Mu raised his hand with difficulty and pointed at Lin Fan. His eyes were wide as if he had seen a ghost.

“The Niluan Demon Emperor’s…. mystic art…. who… are you…”


The corpse of Fellow Cultivator Mu instantly slipped and split into countless pieces, falling directly from the sky and onto the ground.

Lin Fan looked at his hands with a somewhat exaggerated expression.

“Am I that strong?”

“That’s a Golden Immortal….”

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