Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 385




Very quiet!

There was not even a word…. It was just very quiet. The world was empty, and everything became quiet.

If someone weren’t around, Lin Fan would want to slap himself a few times angrily.

‘What was wrong with young people having dreams?’

‘What could be wrong with dreaming a little big?’

‘Wasn’t this the realization of it?’

The Heavenly Dao Stage. —It was somewhat unimaginable, but feeling it, he was a little scared to cast it for fear of being drained and dying.

Now that it was verified out. All three of them had strong qi, so maybe this did have an effect. However, the specifics were not easy to say. What if it was their own luck?

It had nothing to do with the two of them.

But soon, one thing that happened completely made him sit down on this matter.

“What is that?”

Xiang Fei saw that where the Acacia Demon had died, there was a branch suspended there, emitting a faint glow. However, even though the glow was faint, the aura emitted was amazing.

Lin Fan and Qin Yang both approached it. Qin Yang squatted down and looked carefully. He frowned at times, and then there was a golden glint in his eyes.


Qin Yang let out a scream and fell to the ground. His eyes were bleeding.

“I’m blind. I’m blind….”

He reluctantly opened his eyes, only to feel the fiery pain and palpitations. However, fortunately, he was not blind, just irritated.

“This branch is very old, existed for too long, with my guess, it is likely to be the original body of the Acacia Demon.”

“But it can’t be.”

“This branch has no spirituality and is dead. How could it be an Acacia Demon?” Qin Yang muttered to himself. He was very knowledgeable and had just tried to get a glimpse of the origin of the branch. However, a terrifying force pierced his eyes, and if he hadn’t observed it at a deeper level, then this eye would have been blind.

Lin Fan grabbed the branch and immediately knew the condition of the branch.

[Branch containing inheritance: Withered stem, dead branch, but cast by an ancient, powerful person with a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art. It was tainted with the golden light of merit and virtue and experienced countless years of embodiment to give birth to spiritual wisdom, containing the Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art Transmigration Scripture].

“I didn’t expect it to be like this.” Lin Fan said to himself, rather shocked, clearly not expecting it to be like this. He already believed that the three of them had become tigers and were so lucky that they were really able to encounter treasures.

“Brother Lin, what’s the situation?” Xiang Fei asked.

Lin Fan smiled mysteriously and said, “I’ll tell you guys something later. I hope you don’t get too excited.”

Xiang Fei laughed, “Excited? That’s impossible. Although my cultivation level is not good, there are very few things that can make me excited.”

Qin Yang on the side did the same, obviously not taking it to heart. Unfortunately, the things that could excite him have not been born until now.

Lin Fan didn’t care about things outside of his body. Besides, it was true that all of them had just contributed, and only Qin Yang was somewhat unable to do so. However, it didn’t matter. People have to be atmospheric; it was just a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art. So what was the big deal?

Cultivation should be like the heart of the sea…. Stingy, but it could affect the state of mind.

“This branch contains a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art, which will be the Demon Scripture. Those who see it have a share. —We all come together so that I won’t hide it from you. You can cultivate it on your own, but I’ll keep this branch for now. I might be able to refine it into a supreme treasure later.” Lin Fan said.


Xiang Fei and Qin Yang both looked at Lin Fan in confusion, as if they did not dare to believe. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe that it contained a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art. —Rather, they didn’t expect Lin Fan to tell them about it.

“You’re really showing it to me?” Xiang Fei said in shock.

He was someone who had seen the world and had seen an unknown number of things that tore his face off over heavy treasures. Not to mention that this was a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art… Even his father could be beheaded.

Lin Fan laughed, “What’s there? What kind of person do you guys think I am? It’s just a Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art. We all struggled together to get it, so the one who sees it gets a share. Hurry up. The enlightenment is over, and I still have to sleep.”

He placed the branch in front of him, and instantly, many scriptures appeared on the branch.

It was very subtle.

These scriptures were as if they were a world.

It was no problem for them to memorize the scriptures, but if they wanted to comprehend them thoroughly, it was impossible to cultivate them in a short time.

Xiang Fei gave a thumbs up to Lin Fan. He did not say anything, but the meaning was clear, convinced. He was really convinced. He didn’t expect the guy he hadn’t known for long to be so bold. —Even close friends who had known each other for a thousand years might not have such bravado.


Qin Yang took a deep breath. His impression of Lin Fan was completely changed. In the past, he believed that people would do anything for themselves, but now his mentality was slightly changed.

“Hurry up. I’ll protect you guys.” Lin Fan said.

Qin Yang and Xiang Fei are both sitting on their knees. Their divine souls merged into the branches and trunks, carefully perceiving. The Heavenly Dao Level Mystic Art was not trivial. It was not comparable to those Immortal Level and Dao Level that they practiced.

With their state of mind, they might not be able to comprehend through.

However, once comprehended, they could be expected to be Immortal Emperors.


A few days later.

Xiang Fei and Qin Yang opened their eyes. Both of them were people with excellent talent, and they woke up at the same time. At the moment they woke up, their qi became a little different, much purer than a few days ago.

It seemed that both had gained something.

Xiang Fei clasped his fist and said, “Brother Lin, thank you.”

Qin Yang also hurriedly clasped his fist, thanking the other side for their generosity. If Lin Fan wanted to hide, he could have put the branch away and pretended not to know, and they were afraid they wouldn’t have asked.

After all, it was just a Golden Immortal Level Acacia Demon.

Naturally, they didn’t take it to heart.

“What’s the point of talking about that? There’s nothing to stay here. Let’s go.” Lin Fan took a look, and his heart was helpless. The battle was somewhat intense, the surrounding environment was destroyed, and there was no telling how many wild animals were displaced.

Displacement was considered heavy…. They would even be lucky to be alive.

At this time, Xiang Fei and Qin Yang were happy and excited. They went out to get such a huge harvest. They even wondered if they could have good luck by following Lin Fan.

The first time Xiang Fei and Qin Yang were together, they really made something happen.

Qin Yang said he was almost fucked to death inside the Dragon Nest, and if he hadn’t run fast, his life would have been lost.

Xiang Fei was amazed that Brother Lin did not go deeper into the Dragon’s Nest when he told him that there was danger, so it seemed that he really dodged a calamity.

Therefore, the two people found that Lin Fan was really terrifying and decided to follow him.


Ascending Immortal City.

“Hoo! I’m familiar with this place. It’s considered the Great Fairy Pond in the Northern Wilderness Region. After such a long time in the wilderness, I can finally have a good time.” Qin Yang stood at the city entrance, took a deep breath, and smelled the popularity.

Lin Fan surveyed the Immortal Pond. It was indeed huge. Moreover, the sound of people was booming. People were coming and going; there were many Immortal, while there were also many mortals.

“Brother Lin, there is a Chamber of Commerce in this Immortal Ascension City. If you have something to sell, you can sell it to them.”

Xiang Fei knew that Lin Fan got some things from the three immortals. It wasn’t good things, but it was a pity to lose them and not use them, so he could sell them and exchange them for some Immortal Stones.

“Okay, then let’s go to the Chamber of Commerce first.”

Lin Fan wanted to clear the things in his storage ring.

Of course.

Naturally, the drop of Young Master Niluan couldn’t be sold because it was too dangerous. After all, the Niluan Demon Emperor was so famous that he didn’t know if the Chamber of Commerce would do it, so it was better to wait until he found a reliable one.

The Chamber of Commerce in this area was not too big, but not small either. It belonged to a huge family in the Northern Wilderness Domain. —The claim was that it could collect all things. But if he took out the things of Young Master Niluan…. it shouldn’t be long before the Niluan Demon Emperor knew about it.

When coming out of the Chamber of Commerce, Lin Fan had a lot more Immortal Stones in his hand. His harvest was full, and some of the Dao Artifacts on his body were of little use. He wanted to sell them, but when he inquired, they were not worth anything at all, which made him a bit desperate.

In the beginning, to get these things, it could be said that it was a fight to the death. However, he didn’t expect that after coming to the Immortal Realm, it would become like this.

Therefore, instead of selling them, he was going to refine them into Immortal Artifacts himself.


At this moment, Qin Yang stopped and looked up at a store, looking thoughtfully.

Lin Fan took a puzzled look.

“Immortal Spring Pavilion.”

Lin Fan asked, “Are we going or not?”

Qin Yang pointed to the door and said, “Do you want to go in and take a look? The signage is famous all over the Immortal Realm. There are stores everywhere, and it’s fun inside, so you will not regret it.”

“Great Treasure Sword?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Yang froze, “What kind of treasure sword?”

When the boy at the door saw Lin Fan and the others, he immediately had a flattering smile on his face, “Three gentlemen, why don’t you go in and take a look? There is a flower girl coming today.”

Qin Yang said with a disdainful face, “Flower girl? How beautiful can it be?”

The boy said, “Sir, I can give you a guarantee. She’s absolutely worth the trip. But, I’ll tell you secretly, this time, the flower girl is famous on the flower list.”

“Hmm?” Qin Yang stunned, “Damn, you are bluffing again. You know who are on the list of flowers?”

Just as Qin Yang was arguing endlessly with the boy, Lin Fan said rather impatiently, “Are you going or not? What are you talking about?”

Qin Yang said, “This kid actually said that this time the flower leader is on the flower list. I told him he was bragging, but he said he wasn’t lying. Don’t you think it’s funny?”

‘Flower list?’

Lin Fan pondered. The meaning was clear from the name. It should be a list of the ranking of beautiful immortal girls in the Immortal Realm.

‘Hey, it’s quite interesting.’

Lin Fan had some thoughts.

Qin Yang, on the side, didn’t want to talk to the little guy and said to Lin Fan, “Let’s go. I’ve seen a lot of these deceptive tricks.”

“Hey, what’s the hurry? Let’s go in and take a look. We’ll know if it’s real or not.” Lin Fan counted. He hadn’t seen a beautiful woman for a long time.

Let’s just go in and gain insight. Let’s see how beautiful the immortal girls on the flower list really were. —Besides, he was also curious to know how poor they were that they came here to sell themselves.

Of course, what he hoped more than anything was that the immortal girl was being forced by someone so that he could pull out his sword and save the immortal girl from the fire.


Who let him be a person of the Immortal Sect… The righteousness was in the heart.

No one could even stand in the way.

‘No matter what the situation, let’s go in and see what happened, just in case it was true.’

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