Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 386


One Immortal stone for each person to enter the door.

The price was high, and it seemed like a scam. Qin Yang wanted to shout, ‘Are you crazy about money?

However, Lin Fan was carrying a big amount of money, and he gave a good deal.

“So brother Lin also has this taste.” Qin Yang showed a look that all men understand. It turned out to be the same way, seemingly honest, but nothing honest—what a nasty man.

Lin Fan said seriously, “You look down on me. Do you think I am attracted by beauty? You should think about it more. If the flower list were really immortals girls, that meant they must be in trouble. We immortals, how can we sit idly by without doing anything? that is the responsibility of our generation.”

The bright and noble words.

Qin Yang wanted to cover his eyes. It was so bright, blinding, too sacred.


The blow was better than singing, who believed it was foolish.


Immortal Spring Pavilion interior was luxurious. It was full of gold, and ordinary people who came here were bound to be scared silly by sight in front of them. They knew at first sight that this place was not for ordinary people.

Even if it was daytime, it was still full of people.

It seemed that the flower list immortal girls’ attraction was very big. Even the immortals could hardly resist such an attraction and spend Immortal Stone to come in and see what was going on.

When he came to this place, Qin Yang converged a smile on his face. Then, he became arrogant and deliberately walked in front of Lin Fan and Xiang Fei, creating a feeling that the two behind were his slaves, and he was the master.

It must be said, as a son of the direct lineage of the Immortal family, Qin Yang held his temperament steady, giving the impression that this person was arrogant and domineering and definitely came from an unusual background.

The pimp had such a poisonous vision. He hurriedly came, “Sir, how many people?”

“How many people you’re asking?”

This was his usual way of communicating with people, the type that owed a beating.

The pimp was stunned. Indeed, he was stunned by Qin Yang’s style and felt that he had come to the big man. However, looking at the other side’s dress, he didn’t look like it. His clothes were ordinary and not outstanding, but this temperament was obviously the style of a noble son of a big family.

Then he looked at Lin Fan and Xiang Fei. In his heart, he thought to himself, ‘These two have an extraordinary temperament, not like an attendant.’

But now, how could he still think so much? He hurriedly put up smiles on his face. The pimp wanted to slap his head angrily. For what reason did he think so much? Some ordinary people came here today, so it was better to hurry up and make arrangements.

Of course, Qin Yang’s demeanour still convinced the pimp to ask Qin Yang about everything. Perhaps he really regarded Qin Yang as the leader.

“Sir, do you need the girls to accompany the wine?” The old pimp asked.

Qin Yang said, “Girls to accompany the wine? Are they immortals?”

The pimp said awkwardly, “Sir must be joking. How can we have immortals here? They are all ordinary girls, but they are all first-class beauty.”

“Shit! I am not interested. I’m Qin Yang. No matter where I go, I will be accompanied by a thousand girls from the noble families, so I don’t think the vulgar girls will be able to enter my eyes.” Qin Yang said.

What he said was true. In his immortal family’s son’s identity, indeed, he had been accompanied by a thousand girls from the family. However, the pimp couldn’t even imagine that.

‘Crazy, what kind of guest I got today-‘

In the end, what else could the pimp say? He could only say a few words and left.

“Qin Yang, you shouldn’t be like that. That’s just too much for pretending.” Lin Fan said.

Qin Yang said, “I’m not pretending. I’m usually like this. If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.”

Xiang Fei shook his head repeatedly. ‘He is really a small scum of the Immortal family. With such a temperament, he is able to live until now indeed by relying on immortal treasures and the identity of the family.’

Lin Fan did not bother to pay attention but looked towards the surroundings.

‘Where exactly are the flower list of immortal girls?’

He came here to see how the immortal girls actually look like, now, he couldn’t even see the person, so it was a little sad.

At this moment, the pimp came on stage with a big smile, and the immortal on stage naturally couldn’t wait to shout.

“Where is she? We are here to see the flower of immortal girls, not to see you. Hurry up and let them out.”

“That’s right, hurry up.”

Who said that the cultivation of immortality was puritanical. Even after becoming immortal, the attraction of beauty was still very scary. Perhaps this was a problem of the Immortal Realm.

After all, there were no good people with good karma, and karma was not as obvious, so the restraints on the immortals were low, leading everyone to let go of their ego and fly completely.

“Please wait for a moment, gentlemen. Our girls are preparing and will be out soon.” The pimp smiled.

At this moment, a young man tapped the table and said, “Old pimp, don’t talk so much. Hurry up. I have to see if your flower girls are flower list of immortal girls. If you dare to trick us, I will smash your store.”

The pimp said, “Young master Long, please wait for a moment. How could I cheat people?”

When Qin Yang saw someone so arrogant, he was quite disdainful and said, “Humph, even in a small city, there is such an arrogant guy. If he knew that I am the son of an immortal family, I am afraid he would have to kneel down and hold my feet.”

Xiang Fei looked at him and said.” Don’t cause any trouble.”


Behind the stage.

An extremely beautiful woman closed her eyes to rest, and a maid at the side said, “Miss, that young master of the Long Family is already waiting outside.”

“Hmm.” The woman said blandly.

The maid of honour was puzzled, “Miss, if you want the Dragon Family’s inheritance, you can just go and grab it… You don’t have to do this.”

The woman said, “The inheritance object is quite peculiar. It must be willingly given up by the Dragon Family bloodline. Otherwise, even if you get it, it will disappear. It’s about time. It’s time to go out.”

Just at that moment, the pimp hurriedly came and said, “My lady, the guests outside are already waiting impatiently. You can hurry up and go out. Otherwise, my stall will be lifted.”

This pimp had already fallen under the spell of some mystic arts, so he didn’t know what the immortal girls on the flower list represented. If he had known, he wouldn’t have dared to do so even if he had given her ten guts.


Outside, the melodious music rang out.

But suddenly, the original noisy hall abruptly quieted down. Before people arrived, a charming fragrance has permeated the hall. Immediately after, a beautiful figure slowly walked out. The crowd in the hall was quiet, only the sound of swallowing saliva. —Those girls accompanying the guests were also fascinated by that figure, not the least bit that colour of envy and jealousy, but ashamed of themselves.

There was nothing to compare between the two.

She was like the bright moon in the sky, and they were just mortal, slightly shiny little insects.


The people in the hall were dumbfounded. To them, when had they seen such beautiful girls?

She was a real immortal girl.

The kind of existence that could only be seen from afar, not close up.

Now, to be able to have a glimpse, even death was worth it.

Lin Fan stared in awe, unable to turn his eyes away. Xiang Fei, on the side, noticed Lin Fan’s expression and also made some new discoveries. How could Brother Lin had no resistance to beauty at all?

Qin Yang said, “Brother Lin, do you still say you are not good at this. You are looking straight.”

“No, I’m not looking at her looks, but I’m thinking about a question.” Lin Fan frowned, “Why does her chest side float when she walks? Could it be that she is really so magnificent?”

Qin Yang blandly sipped tea when he heard this, almost just a mouthful of tea in the mouth sprayed out.

The concerns were different.

Lin Fan said, “Do you know her?”

Qin Yang looked carefully and whispered, “Yes, Dei Xianzi, the third on the flower list. However, it couldn’t be- How could the Dei Xianzi come to this place? There must be something going on here.”

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. Maybe she is forced by someone.”

This was the common plot of a story. When you saw an injustice, you had to pull a knife to help.

Dei Xianzi figure was tall with starry eyes, spiritual fluttering. There was a silver petal pattern at the corner of her eyes, exquisite and beautiful. Her appearance was captivating, with a green dress and a cool and bland temperament, just like the first bloom of a green lotus.

To be honest, Lin Fan wanted her.


‘How could I have such thoughts?’

However, he wanted to save the immortal from suffering. If she was homeless, he could give the other party home and let her try to be a mother.

Of course, it was not the point.

The only point was that this woman’s development was extremely somewhat complex, not under the control of the laws of development, worthy of in-depth study.

When Qin Yang saw Lin Fan looking fascinated.


Suddenly, Qin Yang proudly rose, angrily slapped the table.

The rumble caused the attention of the crowd, which was quite unhappy, ‘Now that the flower leader appeared, what did this guy want to do?’

Qin Yang put his hands behind his back. His gaze looked straight at Dei Xianzi, “I am Qin Yang, a son of the direct lineage of the Qin Family of the Immortal Sovereign Family. This fellow of mine has taken a fancy to you. Today, forget about anything else and come over to accompany my friend. I’m open to any conditions you want. I, Qin Yang, can afford to pay the price….”

“….And everyone present, if you don’t want to get involved in conflicts with the Immortal family, you’d better stop here and go back to where you came from.”

After saying these words, Qin Yang habitually wanted to open the immortal treasure paper fan, but unfortunately, both his hands were empty. The immortal treasure was destroyed by the Green Dragon Tree so that he couldn’t set off this untamed temperament today.

Dei Xianzi was surprised when she saw Qin Yang. She did not expect Qin Yang, the son of an immortal family, to be here. There was some hint of sadness between her brows, wondering if it would affect her next purpose.

Lin Fan blinked his eyes.

Xiang Fei was dumbfounded.

‘You silly fuc-‘

‘Even if you are really the son of an immortal family, how could you think anyone will buy it?’

‘Are you very famous?’

Right at this moment, the crowd that was subdued by Qin Yang reacted and immediately shouted.




Bananas, apples, and durians came from afar. The fruit was thrown to smash this foolish hat to death.


“Who the hell smashed me.” Qin Yang held his head, dodging everywhere.

‘Damn it, How could people be so disrespectful to the immortal family?’

‘Aren’t they afraid to get into trouble?’

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