Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 58 I Am Afraid He Will Be A Corpse


Jiangdu City’s streets were very lively.

The people were busy with daily activities.

Zhang Xiao was a hard-working laborer, he was tired of his life, Dragon Gang harassed him from time to time, but he was already used to the harassment.

At that time.

He was shocked when he saw a carriage carrying a cage.

The man who was in the cage that shocked him the most.

He dropped the rice bag, although that rice bag hit his feet, he remained silent.

“Last night, San Hou infiltrated the dungeon without permission, and today we make him an example, so you don’t do anything illegal.” Lin Fan rode a horse and shouted loudly; he wanted others to hear it.

When San Hou heard Lin Fan’s words, he was so angry and said, “Lin Fan, you will pay for this.”

“Shut his mouth with a cloth.” Lin Fan glanced back and commanded his men.

Soon, San Hou’s mouth was filled with a cloth, and he could only whine and stared at Lin Fan along the way.

The noisy street became completely quiet.

Not even the faintest sound was heard.

Everyone’s expressions were exactly the same.

They were staring at those two in the cage.

The hall master, Zhu Hou.

Third master, San Hou.

Those two were beings that ordinary people could never mess with.

But right now?

Those two were locked up in a cage on top of a carriage.


Everyone on the streets was celebrating what they saw, they were overjoyed, because those two who already made them suffer for a long time, has received a judgment from heaven.

The citizens were cursing those two along the way.

San Hou, in the cage, he heard the cheers and the curse from behind, and he became more and more embarrassed. He could not wait to kill all those people.

But the one he wanted to kill the most was Lin Fan.

It was Lin Fan who caused all of that.

And also…

Where did all Dragon Gang members? Were they already dead?

No one tried to rescue both of them.

Inside a room.

Wang Zhou woke up and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t expect to drink too much last night.

“Li Zhiyong, he should have already left the city. Lin Fan, my boy, he should also release the people from Dragon Gang.”

When he knew Dragon Gang worked together with demons, he knew that matter was leading him to a bigger case behind it.

“Master Wang, something happened, something bad happened!” Captain Zhao ran in panic as if the sky had fallen.

“What makes you so panicked.” Wang Zhou laughed. He thought only a large number of demons that could be called big trouble. The rest were just small things.

“Have Lin Fan released Zhu Hou? His actions before were enough to lit the fire. There is no need to make more trouble with Dragon Gang.”

“Master, that is what I’m about to say.” Captain Zhao sighed.

“Oh, what’s the matter? He doesn’t want to let him go? Well, it’s okay for a few more days.” Wang Zhou got up, picked up the kettle, and poured a glass of water; he was drinking too much last night, so his throat dried up.

Captain Zhao said quickly, “Master, it’s much worse than that, Lin Fan has arrested third master, San Hou, and he is in the middle of parade with San Hou and Zhu Hou in a cage.”


The glass in Wang Zhou’s hand fell to the ground, and he was completely dumbfounded, “What did you say?”

“Last night, San Hou went to the dungeon and was arrested by Lin Fan for helping Zhu Hou to escape. I don’t know the news until this morning.” Captain Zhao admired Lin Fan.

“Brother, you are so badass.”

When nobody dared to make a move, Lin Fan shocked everyone.

“So what are you doing? Hurry up and stop them.” Wang Zhou stood up and prepared to leave.

Captain Zhao immediately chased out, “Master, please wait a minute. I think this is not a bad thing for us.”

Wang Zhou said, “I’m afraid Dragon Gang members will kill him. Do you really think Dragon Gang will let this slide? You never see how terrifying Dragon Gang killers are. Those two are an important figure in Dragon Gang. They will make a move.”

“I’m hoping that boy can go to Immortal gate in the near future, but that won’t happen if he dies here.”

Captain Zhao said, “But it’s too late, it is useless to stop him. Moreover, it is indeed a crime helping the prisoner to escape.”

“It’s better to let Dragon Gang know we will take action if they are not afraid to violate laws, otherwise Jiangdu City will inevitably be controlled by them.”

Wang Zhou frowned; he was thinking about what Captain Zhao said.

It was indeed an opportunity.

“Let’s go!” Wang Zhou commanded.

“Master …” Captain Zhao thought that Wang Zhou would stop Lin Fan.

“I won’t stop him. I want to stop Li Zhiyong and ask them to stay in Jiangdu City for a few more days. And have Lin Fan leave Jiangdu City with them, that is our only chance.” Wang Zhou said.

He really wanted Lin Fan to leave Jiangdu City. He was afraid Lin Fan would be a corpse if Lin Fan stayed a bit longer there.

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