Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 61 Get Out


Dragon Gang Headquarter.

“I am grateful for Master Wang and Master Zhao’s presence. We can start when Master Lin arrives.” The second master said.

Although Wang Zhou did not trust Dragon Gang, he knew the second master did not show any strange expression.

The grandmaster did not attend that banquet, and the remaining seven hall masters sat there without saying anything.

They were very angry, but the second master warned them that tonight was a banquet, whoever showed hostility to the guest would be punished severely afterward.


They could only stare at Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao.

They stared at those two to tell that they were angry at the government.

How could Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao did not realize their stare?

The second master squinted and looked at the seventh master, “If you keep staring at our guest with that kind of gaze, I will send you to the dungeon.”

The seventh master couldn’t accept his decision.

Suddenly, there was a sound heard from outside.

“Master Lin, please.”

That was the voice of the waiter.

Lin Fan entered the hall and found everyone was waiting for him to start the feast.

“Sorry, guys, there are a lot of prisoners in the dungeon recently. The interrogation is making me busy. I’m sorry for making you wait.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

The hall masters were upset when they heard that.

Wang Zhou sighed, “Hurry up and sit down here. Everyone has been waiting for quite a while.”

Lin Fan was sitting beside Wang Zhou, and he had some opinions on the banquet offered by Dragon Gang.

“Lin Fan, this is the second master of Dragon Gang.” Wang Zhou introduced him to Lin Fan, and also the rest of the hall master.

Lin Fan saw Gao Yixiong, and he said, “I haven’t seen you for quite a while.”

Gao Yixiong smiled, “Yeah, we never meet each other since that day.”

Gao Yixiong realized Lin Fan was not a greedy person, but a young man who was simply a lunatic.

“Everyone is here, let’s start.” The second master said, the waiter was coming to the table to pour the wine, and then they toasted, “I’m grateful that everyone can attend this banquet, cheers.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan stopped him, “Before we drink the wine, we better find someone to taste all the foods, I’m afraid you will put poison in the foods.”

The second master was shocked. “Mr. Lin, how can you say that? You don’t believe me?”

“I just believe what I see.” Lin Fan said it was natural to be careful when dealing with Dragon Gang. No one knew what Dragon Gang would do.

Only the second master who wanted to hold that banquet. That meant a few masters disagreed to hold the banquet.

“Don’t cross the line, boy. The second master is already kind enough to hold this banquet for you.” Some hall masters got angry.

“Sit down.” The second master commanded, and then he laughed and said, “I agree with you, we can never be too careful. Yeah, let’s test these foods.”

Wang Zhou was actually worried about it, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

In Wang Zhou’s eyes, Lin Fan was a rare talent, and what the government needed was such talent.

Frankly speaking, what Lin Fan said was shameless, but it was elegant to be cautious.

Wang Zhou wanted Lin Fan to take over his position and maintain Jiangdu City’s safety in the future.

But that would be a waste if he held Lin Fan in a small city like Jiangdu, Lin Fan should go to a bigger pond.

Then, the food tester left without anything suspicious.

The feast started.


The second master put down the wine glass and slowly said, “Dragon Gang is not a criminal organization, but an existence recognized by the imperial authority. Whether it is the hall master or the grandmaster, as long as someone violated the law, I have nothing to say if the government arrests us.”

“The government and we gain a mutual benefit to maintain peace in Jiangdu City. We used to, and we still do that. For this matter, I hope Master Wang, Master Lin, and Master Zhao agree.”

He did not ask the government to let Dragon Gang members go, but to talk about peace.


Lin Fan drank the soup and couldn’t help but spurted it all out and smiled, “Keep going, keep going, don’t mind me.”

The second master frowned, and he said, “Master Lin’s smile was quite hilarious. Master Lin might have something to say.”

“Don’t mind me. I want to hear your speech.” Lin Fan tried his best not to laugh.

The second master said, “Master Lin has something in mind but refuses to say it. How can I continue the speech?

Having said that, he habitually scratched his head.

Lin Fan said, “Okay, then, let’s talk about it, you just said that Dragon Gang and the government is working together to maintain peace in Jiangdu City, I think you are talking nonsense.”

“You can go out and ask the citizens about how bad Dragon Gang’s reputation is.”

Xiang Wu couldn’t hold it anymore, he stood up and slammed the table, “It’s bullshit, you’re slandering our Dragon Gang.”


The second master hit Xiang Wu’s head with a plate.

“Xiang Wu, it’s better for you to cool your head outside.”

Xiang Wu said, “Second master, this boy is lying.”

“Go!” the second master pointed at the door.

“Second master.”

“Just go already …”

Xiang Wu glared at Lin Fan and went out helplessly.

Lin Fan said, “Whoa, no need to be so angry, second master. Everyone already knows it, so there is no need to say so many hypocritical words.”

“Frankly speaking, people who are arrested in the dungeon can be released, but if they repeat their mistakes, I have to arrest them again.”

Then Lin Fan looked at Wang Zhou, “Master, is that okay with you?”

“No problem.” Wang Zhou answered.

“Second master, you really don’t know anything about it? What are you doing all this time?” Lin Fan asked.

The second master said, “Yeah, I’m just playing mahjong, drinking tea, singing, and dancing, of course, I will investigate what you said. If that is the case, they will be punished severely. It’s the reason why Dragon Gang lasted for so long.”

Lin Fan stared at him and questioned his statement.

But he was a second master. That was right; he should investigate it first.

At that moment, Wang Zhou stood up and said, “Please rest assured, second master, we will release the prisoners. The banquet tonight is really good. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Let’s go.”


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