Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 96


Feng Sihai used the Sevenfold Cloud Sword Technique, which was the highest level in Greatest Martial Sect’s sword technique. One sword which held the power of Seven Swords. That was considered a great technique in the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Breaking Magic Sword Art!”

The magic sword had very good supernatural power. With his current strength, it was more terrifying than average magic art.

But Lin Fan suddenly disappeared from his sight.


Feng Sihai was shocked when Lin Fan suddenly disappeared.

Suddenly, he saw a turquoise light.

That was a body-protecting Immortal technique.

By utilizing the power of the earth, the user formed defensive qi that was indestructible to protect themselves.

Feng Sihai was no longer underestimating Lin Fan. Lin Fan’s ability has exceeded his expectations.

When that idea came up in his mind, he immediately shook his head, he was shocked in disbelief, how was that possible? He was a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.

He was just comforting himself, imagining that the name of Greatest Martial Sect could scare Lin Fan.


As he imagined those things, a figure appeared in front of his eyes instantly, that figure moved so fast that he could not respond at all.

A sword flashed.

It was so fast that it was like distorting space itself.

Of course, Feng Sihai was shocked by how something like that could happen.

Feng Sihai could not move at all as the sword slashed his body.


“My leg!”

“My hand!”

Feng Sihai looked at the scene in disbelief. His body protection qi was like a paper before Green Toad Sword, his body protection qi shattered instantly, and his limbs were also cut off by Lin Fan.

Feng Sihai turned into a crippled without limbs.

“I just wanted to kill you, but when I think about it again, letting you die is too generous.” Lin Fan swung the green toad sword to get rid of the blood on the sword, and then casually laughed at Feng Sihai, “What do you think? Just now, my puny spiritual power is not bad, right? It is much stronger than that lousy sword technique you used.”

“Puny magical power? Which part of it is puny?” Feng Sihai screamed, looking at Lin Fan’s eyes with hatred.

“I like that expression of yours, and I want to see that helpless expression more and more.” Lin Fan chuckled and said that.

Feng Sihai couldn’t do anything when he heard Lin Fan said that.

Lin Fan squatted down and patted Feng Sihai’s face, he said, “You guys can pretend to be a hotshot, I can’t help but kill you. Now, where’s that high and mighty attitude of yours? I want to see it again.”

Feng Sihai endured humiliation.

He really underestimated Lin Fan.

“I am a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, not to mention that I’m one of Ye Zhentian’s colleagues. If I die, Nine Heavens Sect will definitely get into trouble. It would be better if you let me go. I swear to heaven that I will never mention anything that happened between us.” Said Feng Sihai.

Lin Fan was amused by his words, “You really treat me like a fool.”

“If I let you go, I won’t be able to go back. You’ll kill me anyway the second I turn my back.”

Feng Sihai shook his head, “No, I am the most trust-worthy person at Greatest Martial Sect.”

Feng Sihai wanted to persuade Lin Fan with his words.

“Are you?” Lin Fan touched his chin, he didn’t believe it.

Feng Sihai immediately said, “I swear, it was all an act, I just pretended to be a jerk in front of you guys, so you guys will be motivated become stronger.”

“Misunderstandings commonly happened, but as long as we are open-minded, we’ll learn something new.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can take me back to see it yourself.”

Feng Sihai was desperate to survive.

Suddenly, Lin Fan couldn’t bear to slap Feng Sihai, and he fell on the ground, “How much longer are you gonna take me for a fool?”

“Forget it. I have nothing to say to you.”


Feng Sihai felt Lin Fan’s killing intent and roared angrily, “You can’t kill me. Ye Zhentian is my brother. If he knew that you killed me, he would definitely avenge me.”

“Everyone at Nine Heavens Sect will suffer because of you.”

He was rotten to the core.

“Ye Zhentian… Don’t worry. You’ll soon reunite with your brother.”

“More importantly, he didn’t know that I’m the one who killed you.”

Lin Fan swung the Green Toad Sword in his hand and directly cut through Feng Sihai’s body.

Feng Sihai’s eyes were covered with red blood stripes, his mouth was open like he was trying to say something, but before he could say it, Lin Fan killed him.

Maybe he wanted to say Lin Fan couldn’t kill his brother.

Lin Fan quickly searched the corpse while waiting for the item-drop.

He knew that Feng Sihai should have many good items on him.

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