My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 101


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 101 – Such things as spirit stones must be pleasurable! 

Back in the castle.

Even though he stayed in the middle of the group and didn’t participate in the battle. He was as dirty as the patrols when they returned to the territory.

It couldn’t be helped as No. 2 opened the road like a bulldozer, making the dust flew everywhere. And now, when he looked in the mirror, he almost looked like a beggar. That was a horrible outing experience.

Indeed, most survivors who went out in the wilderness in the doomsday were considered lucky if they got back with their clothes intact. Even some of them were lucky enough to escape from the battle with tattered clothes.

For a hunter who often went out to fight the demonic beast, clothes were consumable, even if the material was from animal skin. After a while, they must be replaced with new ones. That’s why the clothing industry was particularly prosperous in Lindong Shelter.  

The thing was, now he was the great Lord Tang. How could he look the same as an ordinary survivor? Yes, there was a time where he once looked like that, but that was because he lacked spirit stones. Now, if he thought about it, it wasn’t that embarrassing.

“Travelling is still dependent on vehicles. And ordinary vehicles won’t do.”

  Ordinary vehicles such as cars that could only go on the road won’t be useful in the wilderness. Even armored vehicles won’t be able to resist a slightly stronger demonic beast.

Moreover, if he wanted to go to Luo Xia Shelter to find his parents, the vehicles would play a big role. Running over there was out of the question since the distance between the two shelters was too far. Even though a hunter could run at high speed, how long could they maintain the speed? It’s practically impossible. Not to mention, it’s dangerous!

He should have a more reliable vehicle that could defend and resist, fast, and adapt to various environments, and preferably had to be a comfortable ride.

“As long as I have the blueprints, I believe the system can produce a vehicle that meets this requirement.”

Tang Yu first ran back and forth from the castle to the warehouse a few times. Pouring out all the raw spirit stone ores, he managed to harvest.

“As long as I can draw out the carrier drawings, I believe that the carrier produced by the system can meet this requirement.”

 Tang Yu first ran back and forth to the castle warehouse a few times, pouring in the raw crystalline ore harvested this time. He knew he must have gathered quite a lot by looking at the continuously rising values of spirit stone units in the system panel.


Soon, he arrived in front of the market.

Of all the core buildings, only the Pub was currently raised to level 3.

The market and workshop were still at level 2, while the research institute was only at level 1. After upgrading the tavern to level 3, there was an additional function to combine the summoning attempt. Tang Yu guessed the market might also have similar functions after being upgraded. Back then, he had little spirit stones and didn’t dare to spend it on unimportant things.

But now…

“Ding! The market was upgraded to level 3.’

[Increases 10 additional market item slots.] [Increases the probability of refreshing the premium treasures] [Unlock new features: You can keep the number of daily refresh attempts per day. Combine 10 refresh attempts to specify the item category in the next refresh. Combine 100 refresh attempts to get guaranteed rare items.]

“As expected…”

If he spends 10x the amount of spirit stones needed per refresh, there will be an item in the specific category he wanted during the next refresh item batch. Spending 100x spirit stones, on the other hand, will further narrow down the scope, such as equipment, which can be narrowed down to weapons, sword weapons, gun weapons, etc. Blueprints can be narrowed down into weapon blueprints, defense blueprints, vehicle blueprints, and so on.

As soon as this feature appeared, Tang Yu’s eyes lit up with anticipation. Among the daily refresh items, the resources category was the most useless one. Yet that category occupied more than half of the item slot. Things he always ignored.

There were sometimes items that sounded quite rare but practically useless for now, such as strange woods, strange fruits, strange rings, and strange underwear… ahem… in short, there were a lot of goods with ‘strange’ names in front of the market. Initially, Tang Yu bought some of them out of curiosity, It turned out that this is all magic items!

Getting some high-quality items for a low price was a myth. After all, money’s money. Precious items like blueprints and skill scrolls won’t appear even if he refreshed hundreds of times. So, this new function was unbelievably useful! 

Tang Yu hadn’t used today’s daily refresh attempt yet, he spent another 4.500 spirit stones to do a 10x refresh attempt.

“Refresh item! Specify category, blueprints!”

Naturally, Tang Yu chose to designate the major category. Spending 100x for a minor category was outrageous. He needed the vehicle drawings the most, but other types of drawings were just as useful. Anyway, he had already decided to buy whatever blueprints he could afford, no matter what kind.

A light flashed over the items stall. After the glow dissipated, Tang Yu focused his gaze and searched for blueprints among the items.

“Found it!”

Swift A-Frame Heavy Revolver (weapon) blueprint, price: 3.000 source crystals.

Quantity remaining: 1

Tang Yu immediately bought it without hesitation. After scanning through the entire item range, there were good items, so Tang Yu naturally bought them all. Tang Yu bought everything freely for the first time without any heartache at the depleting amount of spirit stone.

Right! No pain at all!

Taking a deep breath, Tang Yu once again spent 5,000 spirit stones. The item in the market refreshed once again. This time, two blueprints appeared among the 30 item slots. Tang Yu went to the nearest item slot and clicked on the description.

Cloud Roar – Basic Type (Military War Equipment: bed crossbow) Manufacture Blueprints, Price: 15.000 spirit stones.

Quantity remaining: one

Tang Yu took two more breaths and bought it without hesitation.

Military war equipment was undoubtedly a good thing. Unlike ancient societies, where it could only be used to attack cities, in his opinion, the greatest use of military war equipment was dealing with bosses.

Especially the colossal demonic beasts.

That giant beetle, for example. Even if he was of the same awakening level with it, it would still be difficult to inflict severe damage on the demonic beast at that size. However, its weak point was also its huge size. Relying on war machines to deal with it was the best option. The Energy Gathering Canon Lindong Shelter had also belonged to war equipment. He had estimated a single shot of that cannon would consume at least tens of thousands of spirit stones. His shelter wasn’t this generous, only a large shelter like Lindong could afford such a humongous expense.

After putting the blueprint aside, Tang Yu didn’t immediately look at the other one. Instead, he glanced around at the other items before finally coming to the item slot side containing the blueprint.

He clicked on it and smiled.

Floating Chariot (Vehicle) Manufacture Blueprint, Price: 22.000 spirit stones.

Quantity remaining: 1

Tang Yu took down the blueprint and opened it to look at the content. This floating chariot had multiple runes inscribed on it, including an acceleration rune, a floating rune, a sturdy rune, an energy resistance rune, an energy gathering rune, and so on. The defensive runes inscribed on it were evenly linked together, forming a small array of runes—something he still couldn’t understand.

Unfortunately, the runes on this vehicle, which were embedded in the blueprint itself, could only be applied to this floating chariot. And he couldn’t extract the drawings of these runes above without being able to detach them.

The function of the floating chariot had fully met his requirements, there were drawbacks as well, this kind of chariot was small. It could only accommodate two to three people aboard the vehicle. This was just a small flaw, it would be possible to manufacture more of them when the time came.

Tang Yu looked down the content and saw the manufacturing requirements.

“Level 3 workshop upgrade required 200 units of irons, 500 units of spirit stones…”

He nodded. None of this was a problem, and continued reading, “10 units of tungsten, 10 units of black stone, 10 units of starburst steel, 10 units of secret silver…”

His eyes widened at the surprise.

What the hell was that?!

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