My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 102


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 102 – Architectural Ability!

Lord’s Castle, Master Bedroom.

Tang Yu sat cross-legged on the bed, his eyes opened abruptly, and there was a brilliant flash.

“Finally… I reached the fifth awakening stage.”

There was no more light flickering inside the spirit power container placed not far in front of him, as its content had been depleted. Turning around to look outside the window, he saw strands of golden light through the clouds as golden light gradually flooded the world.

It was early in the morning.

Tang Yu went downstairs but found that Elaine had already gotten up and prepared breakfast with an open grimoire beside her.

Without disturbing the serious-looking Elaine, Tang Yu went out of the castle to the energy patio. He drew a bottle of water to gargle his mouth. The spring water in it could almost be called a spiritual spring as it was nourished with energy.

Of course, it didn’t have too much magical effect, but the taste of this spring water was so refreshing and delicious that Tang Yu liked it at once. The people living in the castle also casually drank water from here from time to time. If there were more people in the future, he would have to consider building another energy patio to supply water.

On his way out, he happened to run into Chen Haiping, who was busy at work. Chen Haiping was also an early riser. Assigning tasks to the survivors under his hands early in the morning. Tang Yu couldn’t help but felt impressed as Chen Haiping was much more competent in doing his job than him. Well, that’s the benefit of being a Lord.

After greeting him, Tang Yu skipped courtesy and quickly got to the point, inquiring about the changes in the shelter over the past few days.

“There are now 417 survivors in our shelter, including 320 male survivors, 95 female survivors, 53 hunters, and 23 of them on the patrol team.”

Tang Yu nodded, other than the slightly large gap between the male and female ratios, everything else was fine. And the male-to-female ratio was actually… not a problem. No one would even think of getting married, dating would be impossible, and as for getting laid, there were no measures to circumvent a hit and miss. The female survivors certainly didn’t want to do something that was a loss.

“What about some shelter issues and food? Is that enough for now?”

Chen Haiping nodded, and without looking at the small book in his hands, he spoke slowly, “The residence, then. The villa is a bit crowded, even though there are some people assigned to improvised housing. There’s not much stock left for food, but the farm reported that some of the crops will be ready in two days. When the crops fully matured, the food crisis in our shelter would be solved.”

As they walked, Tang Yu inquired about the details. Chen Haiping was all a bit confused, but Director Tang didn’t usually bother with these things. Soon, they walked all the way to the employment office. It wasn’t the employment center’s opening hour now, but there were already quite a few hunters waiting at the entrance. Some of them saw Chen Haiping, the general manager of the shelter, walking closely behind a young man. They had some speculations in their minds, and soon, they were suddenly surprised at the realization.

Tang Yu didn’t care about these people. After walking around the employment center, he constructed a model of the building in his mind. Thinking back then, geometry was his strong point. Naturally, there was no problem with his sense of spatial structure, and there was also system assistance. Soon a building model was formed in his mind.

He was going to build a new employment center. Because for him, as a key building to the shelter, the employment center looked very ordinary. There were some patches outside the villa wall. And because the building wasn’t large enough, they had to build simple sheds to expand it. It’s a dangerous house before the doomsday.

Before, he lacked spirit stones, so Tang Yu naturally couldn’t spend them on such unimportant places. But now, it’s different as he was rich in spirit stones. However, although he didn’t lack spirit stones, what he lacked was other special materials. Tang Yu still had to hold his desire for a long time. Aside from the Employment Center, other communities and public building projects need to be built. It was to improve the living condition of the shelter’s inhabitants.

In addition to the hiring center, some other livelihood projects, face-saving projects, all had to be built.

For example, the cafeteria must be built so they wouldn’t have to distribute food to the survivors every day. After the food was distributed, instant noodles became the most popular food among survivors as there was no electricity.

After all, in the absence of electricity, boiling water without electricity was not that difficult. But for modern people, making proper meals without electric tools was rather difficult.

There’s also some residential houses shortage so, Tang Yu planned to build some of them. So he could start his dream real estate business. Throwing away all kinds of development in his mind. Tang Yu instructed Chen Haiping to tell the surrounding survivors to step back and leave an empty space next to the employment center.

[System Panel – Building List – Select Buildings – Custom Build]

In the game, there was a function that allowed you to customize the building, but of course, the only thing you get was the shape, not the special features. It’s also possible to remodel the original building, only changing the shape.

“Ding Dong! Is it OK to build a custom building that consumes a number of materials and a number of spirit stones?”

Tang Yu stretched out his fingers, and a breeze brushed past. In front of him, a two-story building appeared one by one as if it was 3D printed in front of everyone’s eyes. The building quickly took shape from the foundation to the walls of the interior structure.

This building was much larger than the original villa, covering over a thousand square meters. It was also much taller. It was indeed a two-story building, but the height actually exceeded ten meters, and the ceiling of the first floor was extremely high. At this time, the door was opened, revealing the interior inside. At one glance, the interior looked like a hall with a large display panel in the center, which was turned off at the moment.

Tang Yu walked in. From the inside, there were still many rooms on the left and right sides. The lobby was for commoners, and those rooms on the sides were for VIP users. There were also quite a few unused rooms, some of which could be used as warehouses to store some exchangeable items, while the others… he didn’t think about it at the moment. Still, if he were to build it bigger anyway, it would be fine, right?

After a short tour, he walked out of the story building. Looking above the entrance, it was empty, and Tang Yu felt something was missing.

“Hmm… It’s for a signboard. As an important building, it also had to be accompanied by a bright name.”

He was about to engrave ‘Employment Center,’ but he suddenly remembered the hiring center in Lindong Shelter was named Mercenary Mission Management Center, which was even longer than the one he had here. Comparing the two names, the ‘Employment Center’ certainly didn’t spark joy. But he couldn’t use weird names either.

After some contemplation, he finally looked up. Right above the entrance, a few large characters suddenly appeared on the blank signboard.

Adventurer’s Guild!

Just as the sunrise gradually rose in the distance. The large characters on the signboard were shining under the sunlight.

On the side, the hunters that had been waiting for the Employment Center to be opened and preparing to grab quests were stunned. It’s not that they couldn’t guess this young man was the mysterious Leader Tang.

It was because no one could imagine that Leader Tang would do something neat and tidy that a building appeared in the blink of an eye. It looked stunning from the outside and matched the architectural structure. So… Leader Tang’s ability was actually an architectural ability, right?

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