My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 106


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 106 – Counter-Stress Training

Zhao Ming looked bitter as he followed The Brother Iron Hammer to the training camp. It’s hard to refuse the Hammer Brothers’ demand. He clearly wanted to be a salted fish in his bed, dreaming. The kind that he could be stronger without training. Zhao Ming felt that he would be gloomy within the next few minutes.

The three of them arrived at the third floor, the door was locked. Before, it was troublesome to go to the employment center every time they wanted to train to exchange the disposable permission card. But now, it was much more convenient. The three of them took out their cards and swiped them and went into the room.

Naturally, Zhao Ming had come here before. After joining the patrols, under Captain Roger’s leadership. He had tried the facility called the rapid runway, the facility that left an ineradicable shadow inside his fragile heart.

In the middle of the conversation, Ma Jiageng walked to the training facility called Strain Space. This facility was a half-sphere space that covered a wide area. After the hunter entered it, they needed to dodge attacks from all directions. It was a facility that trained reflexes.

Ma Jiafeng patted Zhao Ming’s shoulder, “I’ll enter first to demonstrate, so watch this, kiddo.”

As he entered it, the doors of the facility closed, and the entire space was closed. Even though it was closed, a portion of the outer facility wall was transparent, so everyone could see what’s going on inside.

Ma Jiafeng took a deep breath and softly said the keyword to start the facility. In a split second, red lights flashed inside the strain space. Cannon muzzle suddenly emerged from the inner part of the facility that wasn’t transparent. Suddenly shooting energy balls.

Ma Jiafeng’s appearance remained unchanged, and with a slight sideways movement, he dodged this energy ball.

This was the strain space. The goal was to try to receive as little damage as possible within the allocated time. This energy ball was just the beginning. Soon, more and more cannons sticking out of the inner wall, and an energy ball hit Ma Jiafeng in the center. Ma Jiafeng focused his gaze at the surroundings. His body quickly evaded back and forth, constantly dodging the incoming energy balls.

But suddenly.

With a grimace sound, a purple-red laser beam shot onto the other side of the inner wall and approached slowly towards Ma Jiafeng. His moving space was gradually being restricted! Cold sweat gradually slipped off Ma Jiafeng’s forehead.

Suddenly, another purple-red laser shot out and landed on his side. He was in a state of shock. His intended dodging position was already occupied by the laser, and he could only twist his body strongly. Still, he was also inadvertently hit by an energy ball.

Suddenly, Ma Jiafeng looked tense.

The shot was painful. The energy ball wasn’t strong enough to inflict a fatal wound, but the shot had a special effect on conducting pain and paralyzed the user. In this strain space, being hit was not about losing points. But once the user’s endurance depleted, it would mean game over. Ma Jiafeng didn’t falter, with strong willpower to overcome the paralyzing effect, he nearly couldn’t avoid the next attack.

Finally, the round was over. The blinding red light gradually turned into a soft green light.

“Training ended. User Ma Jiafeng, Difficulty: easy, Hit: 1, Body movement radius: 2.5 m, Score: B-“

The screen next to the strain space immediately displayed the training result.

Ma Jiafeng was deeply disappointed, “What? I can’t even reach B! When will I get A score? It’s only at easy difficulty too.”

Zhao Ming stood at the side, jaw-dropping. Indeed, it was only at easy difficulty. However, there weren’t many patrol members who could only achieve D score, let alone a B-!

Training in strain space wasn’t about mere strength. It’s the combination of strength and reflexes, including the speed at which the energy ball bounces. The number of energy balls, etc., would all changed depending on the strength of the user. Being a triple awakening stage hunter wouldn’t just give them an advantage over a first awakening stage.

However, Ma Jiafeng was far above the other patrol members.

When Zhao Ming looked at Ma Jiafeng, he could only give a slight twitch of his lips as a sign of respect. Of course, it was said that the shelter’s top-ranking masters had an even higher score. He had heard of Captain Roger’s best record was B+ on the highest difficulty setting.

Leader Tang would be even harder to imagine. Probably the shelter’s masters were monsters, and he was already accustomed to them.

After Ma Jiafeng walked out of the strain space, he was already sweating profusely, yet his entire demeanor was smooth.

“Zhao Ming, it’s your turn! Now that you have this kind of strength training, your reflexes are the best because we will rely heavily on our reflexes when facing the demonic beast. After all, it’s hard for us humans to withstand a demonic beast’s attack. Well, now go on!” He pushed Zhao Ming’s back.

The force was so great that Zhao Ming stumbled and was almost thrown into the strain space. The facility door immediately closed, and finally, he heard Ma Jia Feng’s laughter, “Go! After you get used to the training, you’ll find that it’s kind of cool.”

The red light gradually turned on, and Zhao Ming swallowed hard his saliva. An energy ball shot out, and he stirred, taking large steps to dodge it. However, as soon as he stood still, his eyes caught sight of another ball of energy flying.

“So fast?!”

The energy ball gradually enlarged in his pupils, Zhao Ming leaned back, and it flew past against his cheek.

His heart was pounding fast, “Alright, I can avoid…”

He screamed, and at some point, an energy ball shot on his back. Zhao Ming felt half of his body went numb. Seeing more and more energy balls flying towards him, his eyes were wide open. But his body could hardly move. Soreness and tingling pain came from every part of his body. Zhao Ming’s face was twisted with pain, and he couldn’t help but let out a suppressed scream from his mouth.

Probably everyone on the entire third floor of the training camp could clearly hear his scream. Fortunately, apart from himself, there were only two brothers in the entire building. And those two weren’t experts, so it wasn’t a big deal.

“Well, it’s not that bad.”

Thinking so, his eyes suddenly saw a few figures walking up to the third floor. It was his fellow patrol members. Every night, the training camp was always crowded. Even though the third floor required quite a lot of contribution points, there would still be many people coming to train here.

At the moment, the only young female hunter in the entire patrol team came over. She heard the scream and was curious.

Zhao Ming’s face darkened at the coming crowds. He was both physically and mentally hurt. He felt that his good name was ruined.

One after another, the patrol members arrived on the third floor to train. They needed to line up to use the popular training facilities.

Zhao Ming stared blankly like a dead fish, looking disheartened.

Suddenly, there was a clamor nearby.

“Leader Tang is here!”

They were all startled to see Leader Tang, Captain Roger, and Vice-Captain Shay ascend the stairs.

This line up was rather bizarre.

Particularly because Leader Tang never went to the third floor! 

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