My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 107


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 107 – New Weapon Test

When Tang Yu arrived at the third floor, he saw many hunters were training feverishly. Most of the popular training facilities were occupied. The others waited for their turns, watching and chatting.

“Looks like the third level is crowded…”

Although there were still many empty spaces on the fourth floor, it’s not open to the regular members of the patrol. Tang Yu didn’t want to be surrounded by observers while he’s training. The solution was simple. He just needed to upgrade the training camp. Either to increase the floor numbers or expand the building, it certainly would solve the problem.

“The spiritual space can also be rented out by now…” Tang Yu pondered.

Previously, Tang Yu charged a high cost for the spiritual space because he didn’t want the survivors to find it too early. After all, no matter how magical the building was, it still counted inside the architectural ability. So the spiritual space was too advanced for his ability.

Of course, he could also claim to be a creation ability holder, but many would doubt him. The equipment in the shelter, including the puppets and the training equipment in the training camp, were all beyond the range of ability.

Back then, he needed to hide his ability. But now that the territory rose into level 3 and he had plenty of spirit stones in his hand, he gradually advanced stronger and could build things leisurely.

After all, it was indeed a special ability called ‘System’.

He shook his head. The business was his top priority now. His purpose was not to train but to test out some weapons.

The Floating Chariot and Cloud Roaring Bed Crossbow couldn’t be manufactured yet due to a lack of materials. But he already crafted the Swift Revolver. This kind of firearm, even if it was a low-grade weapon, the grade was much higher than the basic weapons. It’s important to test it and record the data.

Initially, he wanted Roger or Shay to try it. But on second thought, they both were either too strong or too experienced. They wouldn’t be able to display the revolver’s power. It’s better to let an ordinary hunter test it.

Roger stated his purpose that he needed someone to participate in conducting a test of the new weapon. The patrols were surprised, most of the members who were in the middle of their training stopped and gathered.

“A new weapon? What kind of weapon? There was no test when the longsword came out. I guess this one is special.”

“Me me me! Leader Tang, Captain Roger! I will participate in the new weapon test.” some people jumped like a child.

“Take it easy.” Tang Yu told the patrol members to keep quiet and continued, “The weapon we’re testing now is a new firearm type. The testing place is at the Fantasy Shooting Range over there.”

Zhao Ming’s eyes lit up. Guns were something he excelled. Besides, the rules of the Fantasy Shooting Range were much friendlier than the Strain Space. If he could seize this opportunity to use the new guns to get high scores in the Fantasy Shooting Range, wouldn’t that wipe away his dark history? He wanted to take a step forward and fight for this test slot opportunity!

Just then, he heard Leader Tang continue, “To fully test the power of the new weapon. The Fantasy Shooting Range difficulty needs to be adjusted above the normal level. Is there anyone who wants to participate in the test now?”

Zhao Ming, who was excited, paused. His face abruptly stiffened. Above normal difficulty level? He had confidence if it was an easy difficulty, but the normal difficulty was a bit…

He thought about it and chose to follow his heart.

After a moment of silence, a voice broke from among the crowds, “Interesting! I’ll do it!” a short, chubby hunter emerged from the crowd. The man was Ma Jiaze. He seized the opportunity while his brother and the others were tired from training.

“Alright…” Tang Yu looked at him, nodded his head, and handed over two weapons. They were two exquisite revolvers with black metallic color. One couldn’t help it but admired its luxurious appearance.

“This is a revolver?” Ma Jiaze asked.

“That’s right. It’s different from a normal pistol and has special effects. But let’s try it out first.”

The moment Ma Jiaze picked up the two pistols in his hands, he immediately felt something different. He froze on where he stood until Ma Jiafeng poked him and brought him back to reality.

“Why do I feel like my body becomes lighter after holding these two guns?”

His brother scolded him, “It’s a gun, not a shoe! Look at your own body weight. Of course, the pistols are lighter!”

Ma Jiaze scratched the back of his head out of embarrassment, but he couldn’t exactly say how he felt.

Tang Yu, at his side, however, knew exactly why. The Swift Revolver was a higher grade weapon with a large magazine capacity, and it was engraved with two kinds of runes. At the moment, Tang Yu bought a lot of rune types in the market. All of which were basic runes, but it greatly enriched the rune types he possessed. Both of the Swift Revolvers were inscribed with speed runes and precision runes.

The speed runes were a precious attribute rune. Ma Jiaze instantly felt his body become lighter the moment he held the gun. Tang Yu had also tried it and estimated the rune could increase the user’s overall speed by 10%. If the range was focused into the hand that was holding the gun, the speed increase would be even higher. When paired with the other hand, the user would certainly become a fast shooter.

By this time, Ma Jiaze had entered the fantasy shooting range and stood on the green area. He quickly chose normal difficulty and began the training session. Soon, the heads of demonic beasts with different shapes emerged. These demonic beasts were translucent like a ghost with a few red spots across their bodies, indicating the demonic beast’s weak point. As long as the user shot the red dots, they would be able to defeat the imaginary demonic beast in one hit. On the other hand, if they failed to shoot the weak points, they would need to inflict more damage to defeat the beast.

In this session, the demonic beast would charge into the green area. Once the demonic beast arrived at the green area, the user would have their score reduced. Similar to the strain space. The good thing was that there’s no penalty for pain or injury.

Demonic beasts appeared, shrieking and rushing in towards Ma Jiaze. He gripped both guns and shot with a loud bang. Initially, he couldn’t’ shoot the weak points and needed three to five shots to finish off a demonic beast. However, Ma Jiaze’s accuracy increased greatly, it only cost him one or two shots to finish off a demonic beast.

The observer gaped in awe, “I never thought that the Hammer Brothers were this good at shooting! I thought they were only good at using hammers!”

“I know, right?! So far, not a single demonic beast has crossed the green area! It’s great for normal difficulty!”

However, Ma Jiafeng watched his brother from among the crowd. He naturally understood his brother’s strengths and weaknesses more than anyone else. His melee strength wasn’t that bad, but his marksmanship was….

“His marksmanship was mediocre. It would be great if he could shoot a demonic beast within 50 meters! He wasn’t that good!”

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