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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 111


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 111 – Holding on the 2 ears

“Do you have any methods that can make an ordinary person with insufficient qualifications to be awakened?”


Bai Xiaosheng was stunned. He had always been felt unconvinced, but he hadn’t expected the person in front of him would give him such a straightforward answer.

“True, we don’t have it right now. But in the future, it’s hard to say.”

Gray Blade threw over a bottle of potion. Bai Xiaosheng jumped to catch it.

“This is…”

“An Awakening Potion that works even better than the one in Lindong Shelter.”

The liquid inside the bottle was orange. Bai Xiaosheng shook the bottle around, but then kept an eye on the liquid movement inside. As a high-end information consultant, he thought he was good at observation. In fact, he had seen many Awakening Potions and had taken the highest quality potion in Lindong. He might try to fake it, but it wouldn’t slip from his observation. Bai Xiaosheng observed the viscosity, color, and other aspects of the potion. He took a flashlight, illuminated the potion as he shook it.

After a few minutes, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It is indeed a true Awakening Potion. And the color looks even better than the highest level potion Lindong Shelter has.”

He was naturally aware of the quality of the Lindong Shelter’s potion. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a potion crafted by the Academy of Sciences scientist. The high-grade potion was the highest one. But now, looking at it, the high-grade version’s success rate was even worse than this bottle.

In other words, ordinary people would have a higher chance of awakening by drinking this Awakening Potion. As long as their qualifications were up to standard, they could reach almost a 100% awakening rate.

It was just that Bai Xiaosheng knew in his heart that he had already taken Lindong’s high-grade potion, and not having awakened yet. It meant that his qualification was probably the worst of the worst. Even if he was taking this exalted Awakening Potion, the chances of being able to awaken were slim. However, the information about this bottle of potion had him interested. Regardless of who was the other party and what kind of background they had, they were strong. Being able to develop a higher quality Awakening Potion alone was the sole evident. Perhaps in the future, it would be possible to successfully awaken those ordinary people who were theoretically unable to awaken.

Bai Xiaosheng was originally repulsed and angry, but now he could only look at Gray Blade with a complicated expression.


Lord’s Castle.

Tang Yu sat at his desk, his fingers danced on the keyboard. He was working on a medicinal herbs cultivation guide book.

At this moment, he had already opened up a new farm in the back valley, especially to grow medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs were either mutated from the pre-doomsday herbs or simply appeared after the doomsday. Like the fishy herbs, it had extraordinary medicinal effects, superb in any way from the pre-doomsday herbs. It could even be made into a potion.

Growing these medicinal herbs required a high skill. Tang Yu had already transplanted the fishy herbs he harvested yesterday to the newly opened secondary garden. Yet this was something he couldn’t do by himself all alone. He would need to train some people who knew how to grow herbs. The cultivation book was based on everything he had compiled and summarized from the basic pharmacy book. They could be used to cultivate medicinal herbs.

Knock knock.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Chen Haiping pushed the door.

“Leader, you asked me to find those survivors with gardening experience. And I’ve already found some, but I asked them, and only one of them has experienced planting herbal medicines. Yet those planting experiences aren’t really useful in planting the post-doomsday herbs with different characteristics.”

He sounded a little worried. He had visited the garden. Even if Leader Tang already told him the names and the characteristics of the herbs, it was hard for him to distinguish them.

“I’ve already taken this into consideration. After all, compared to ordinary crops, these herbs need more delicate care. But it doesn’t matter. You will print out this herb planting manual and then send it to the survivors responsible for the herbs. They don’t need to achieve a 100% survival rate, as long as we can harvest most of them, it’s enough.”

Chen Haiping was still full of doubts as he took the USB flash disk to print out the information. Leader Tang knew about cultivation science and herbology? But after seeing that printed out information, he was stunned. Although he couldn’t understand the contents of the information, it was very detailed. All the information about herbs was neatly written. This includes the characteristics of each herb, the cultivation method, and what issues need to be taken care of. Compiling all this information wasn’t just difficult. It’s clearly impossible! Furthermore, the information written here was very detailed and complex. In other words, after discovering those medicinal herbs, Leader Tang only spent a few days researching the cultivation method?


After taking care of the medicinal herbs cultivation problem, Tang Yu left the castle and arrived at the research institute. This time, he wasn’t going to deduce or develop a blueprint. But to purely do an observation experiment. He’s now Tang, the Scientist.

The research institute covered the largest area of any core building. There were quite a few rooms inside, and when Tang Yu pushed open the door of one of them, he heard a soft cooing sound. There was a white rabbit locked in a transparent glass box inside the room. The rabbit stared at him, banging against the glass box.

This was an alienated rabbit, possessing the strength of the first awakening stage. However, the research institute’s glass box had special properties, when the white rabbit hit the glass, it bounced back with a large thud. It tumbled down, splashing a lot of liquid contained at the bottom.

The liquid was the body hardening potion that he just made yesterday. This alienated rabbit was the material he used to experiment with the body hardening potion.

The use was theoretically guaranteed since it was produced by the system. But Tang Yu decided to experiment it first in the spirit of caution and prudence.

And this poor rabbit happened to fall into his hand. It was currently baring its teeth at him inside the box.

Looking at this situation, Tang Yu was relieved. Since last night, most of the medicinal effects of the body’s hardening potion had been absorbed by the alienated white rabbit. The fact that it was still alive and kicking meant that there was no problem with the potion. The blueprints were excellent, and the compositions of the medicinal materials were basically good too. Of course, it was just a precaution he needed to take.

Tang Yu opened the glass box and held the rabbit by its ears. The alienated rabbit was struggling mid-air, kicking its short legs in every direction. Its strength wasn’t weak, but under the Grand Lord Tang, who had the power of a fifth awakening stage, the rabbit’s struggle was nothing.

Carrying it to another side, Tang Yu took out an egg-sized prismatic crystal.

[Primary Detection Crystal]: can be used to detect specific information about the target, including strength, weaknesses, direction of expertise, etc.

As a product related to the detection lens, this detection crystal was also useful. The light on the prismatic crystal flickered. Soon, all kinds of information appeared on the crystal, including some precise data.

After observing it for a while, Tang Yu had a clear understanding. Compared to before, this alienated rabbit physic significantly improved after using the potion, whether its muscle explosiveness or muscle strength. Obviously, this was the effect of the Body Hardening Potion. It’s exactly the same as what the system described.

“Hmm… what should I do with this alienated beast?” Tang Yu looked at the struggling alienated rabbit held mid-air.

Little white rabbits, chopped up and skinned, and then baked. Maybe it’s going to be delicious.

The alienated rabbit lifted mid-air felt a chill on its bone, and kicked its short legs even more rapidly.

TL’s note: From this chapter forward, I’ll change ‘awakening elixir’ into ‘awakening potion’.

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