My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 112


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 112 – Lin Wei’s Confidence 

Maple Leaf Town.

The Crack of the Abyss area.

Red mist still shrouded the area, loud noises rang out from time to time. After several days of setting up, the defensive line surrounding the Crack of the Abyss was almost complete. During this time, combatants guarding the area had gradually figured out the pattern of the appearance of the demonic beasts. These demonic beasts didn’t emerge from the crack one after another. But rather in a batch emerged every now and then. There were also signs that every time the red mist rolled over the Crack, it meant that a demonic beast was about to appear.

During this time, there were also demonic beasts that were extremely strong, far exceeding the most powerful human awakening at this stage. But facing the countless weapons arranged around them, that demonic beast couldn’t fight back and was quickly killed.

Lin Wei was sitting in the armored vehicle. Tapping his fingers on the table, no one knows what he was thinking about. One of his subordinates walked in, carrying a box in his hand. “Boss, all 368 types of demonic beasts’ blood had been prepared.” 

“Hmm.” Lin Wei looked up, “In that case, inform the First Squad to disperse and leave. Gather at the predetermined location.”

“Yes, sir!”

The subordinate put down the box and turned to leave. 

Linway’s eyes flickered and thought for a moment, “Come out of the shadows, Shadow Owls.”


Behind him, a dark shadow emerged.

“The information is all clear, right?” Lin Wei asked.

“The figure’s voice was hoarse, “I checked it out. The ones who extinguished the Scarlet Hands were three hunters, two men, and one woman. One of the men had the ability to summon puppets, the woman had ice ability. But the three of them quickly disappeared after that explosion. They didn’t seem to return to the Lindong Shelter.” 

Lin Wei frowned, then sighed, “Forget it, let’s not worry about that. Have you figured out the size and strength of the Tree Shade Shelter?”

“Well, according to my investigation, the Tree Shade Shelter did encounter a demonic beast wave before, which is not far from what Wang Tai said. But it’s rather strange that after the demonic wave, the shelter didn’t collapse, but instead, they rebuilt the shelter on the original site.”

“Not only that. Sure, the shelter is a bit odd. But according to the information I found, that shelter seems to build a city wall overnight. And later on, that wall was able to withstand a demonic beast wave attack,” 

“A city wall?” Lin Wei’s brow furrowed, “Are you sure? Do you know any information about the appearance of the wall?” 

“It should be an ability.” Shadow’s voice was a bit hesitant, “But the exact method of the wall building, or whether there are any restrictions to it, I couldn’t dig that information.” 

“Moreover, this shelter is quite famous in the surrounding area, and they even have a patrol team with good strength. Even though they only had a few hunters, it should be quite a bit stronger than an ordinary small shelter.”

Lin Wei shook his head slightly.

This shelter’s strength was definitely not weak. An ordinary shelter wouldn’t have the ability to wipe out Han Jing’s team, and the investigation teams. Or maybe it was because there were several hunters with ability in the shelter. Unfortunately, this kind of superiority was only related to an ordinary hunter. In the end, small shelters were too small in this big world.

A frog in the borrow of the well could only admire the sky.* Nevertheless, Lin Wei didn’t take it lightly. He wanted to crush any nuisance with absolute power. 

“Get everyone from the Shadow Owls Unit out as well. Don’t let anyone from the Tree Shade Shelter survive.” 


The shadow behind him disappeared.

Lin Wei looked at the safe at his side and contemplated for a moment before changing his outfit and walked out of the vehicle. 

Solving the Tree Shade Shelter was just a small matter. His point was to see with his own eyes what kind of results Dr. Zheng’s plan had yielded. After all, as a businessman, Lin Wei’s aim was to get a lot of money from every single investment.


In the wilderness, at an abandoned pharmaceutical factory. 

Before the doomsday, this was an ordinary pharmaceutical factory. However, after the doomsday, it seemed the factory workers had evacuated long. Leaving only some abandoned equipment, the factory exterior had long been overgrown with weeds. 

However, no one knew that there was an enormous space underneath this pharmaceutical factory. This was the real pharmaceutical factory, and it was engaged in some human research long before the doomsday.

A man with round-rimmed glasses, a bald head, and a slightly oversized body was staring at the screen in front of him with an excited face.


On the screen.

There was a young survivor, unconscious and naked. His entire body was strapped on a bed. Next to him, a man in a white coat held a syringe, injecting a tube of crimson liquid inside the survivor’s body. After finishing his job, the man in the white coat hurriedly left.   

Dr. Zheng was still staring closely at that screen.

Soon, there was a change in the body of the young man who had been injected with the drug. His eyes snapped open, bloodshot, he was shrieking in pain.

Some parts of his body gradually enlarged, his veins protruded, looking gruesome. Soon, the swollen parts of his body burst open with a horrifying popping sound. This was only the beginning. The young survivor screamed and struggled. After some time, his body left dangling, lifeless. 

“Tch. Another failure.” Dr. Zheng sighed, but he wasn’t disappointed much. It was initially a defective product, and the young survivor didn’t meet his standard for an experimental subject. He died, sure, but the young survivor had given him some new information, so his death wasn’t in vain.

He looked to his assistant beside him, “How many experimental subjects we have left?”

The assistant thought, “There are a total of 135 survivors, including thirteen hunters, two with double awakening stage strength.”

“It’s not enough. Especially the hunters. Only the hunters are the ones truly qualified subjects for the experiment.” 

Dr. Zheng wrote down the data as he said, “Send words to Boss Lin to hurry up and send a new batch of the experiment subjects. I have a feeling our plan will be a great success very soon. By then, I will be able to create the most perfect experiment.”


Lord’s Castle, bedroom.

Grand Lord Tang, was lying on a bathtub. Soaking in the diluted body hardening potion. The process of body hardening was not like what he had imagined would be accompanied by unbearable pain. Instead, his body was warm. As if… he was being massaged. This experience would be great.

After soaking for more than half an hour, he clenched his fist and felt his strength had increased by a certain degree.

 “I see. So it seems that soaking once or twice a day for a few days should be able to uncover most of the body’s potential. By then, I can try to break through to the sixth awakening stage and start shaping my body.”

Of course, whether he could breakthrough smoothly or not was a different story.


Tang Yu looked at the bathtub. Most of the body’s hardening potion’s medicinal effects had been absorbed, and its color had faded. He fell into contemplation.

Normally speaking, the Body Hardening Potion was most suitable for people with first to fifth awakening stage strength as it could improve their body quality with maximum effectiveness. But they still could use the potion after breaking through the sixth awakening stage, although less effective.

So, can an ordinary person who hadn’t been awakened yet absorb the body hardening potion? What would happen if an ordinary human’s body potential was maxed out? 

Tang Yu felt that he had a tendency to evolve into a researcher.

TL’s note

*The frog at the bottom of the well or glancing at the skies from the bottom of the well is a title of an old Chinese fable. Nowadays, it’s used as an idiom, meaning ‘a person whose knowledge is so limited that he or she has no idea about anything aside from the world of their own’.

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