My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 127


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 127 The End

Somewhere in the wilderness.

The surrounding area was filled with broken buildings, covered in moss as if they had been through the vicissitudes of time. The two silhouettes were running at breakneck speed. Even if a hunter person met them, they would only feel a gust of wind blowing by, and couldn’t see any silhouettes at all. Their speed was incredibly fast.

A dignified-looking middle-aged man sprinted ahead, followed by a shadow-like figure that seemed to be following closely behind him.

Lin Wei was a hunter.

In the eyes of the other people in Lin Dong, Lin Wei’s qualifications were not high. Although he had risen to the Fourth Awakening Stage with the help of his men, he could not reach the level of the top hunters in Lindong. That was the information Tang Yu had received from various channels.

However, none of them know Lin Wei’s strength was far more than that. The Fourth Awakening Stage was the strength he showed after hiding his aura. His true strength had already broken through the Sixth Awakening Stage, far before Fang Qiang and Xu Yancheng.

This was the trump card that he hid. Because of this, he was able to escape the tower’s attack range after disguising himself as an ordinary hunter.

“Damn it! I never expected that the Tree Shade Shelter was that powerful. It’s definitely not a small shelter! A certain organization must be behind it, it’s not Lu Jianjun. He didn’t have that many experts.”

“And those arrow towers.” Lin Wei’s face was grimed, “Special abilities can’t be this powerful. The person who had this ability must be far more powerful than the towers, there’s no need to surround us with the towers…”

The Tree Shade Shelter definitely holds a secret!

Behind him, An Xiao spoke with a low, hoarse voice, “Boss, what should we do next? With their strength, even if we call all of our men, I don’t think it would make much difference.”

“Let’s go to the pharmaceutical factory first, see when Dr. Zheng’s research will be completed, and then we make plans…” Lin Wei said in a deep voice, but suddenly his eyes widened.

In front of the street, they were running on. A man wearing a conical straw hat stopped in the middle of the street. And the other party’s Qi had stealthily locked the two of them down.



With the wind howling in his ears, Tang Yu and Elaine were running between buildings. They were chasing after Lin Wei in the direction that he escaped.

Knowing Lin Wei and An Xiao’s power, Tang Yu wasn’t careless. Except for Winnie, who stayed in the territory to treat the injured, all of his followers went out.

Sky, Shay, and Roger ran faster. They had gone ahead to catch them, leaving only both of them… no, leaving only Elaine to guard and follow him at his side. After all, this place is beyond No. 1 and No. 2’s reach.

Tang Yu took out his scouting lens and took a glance, the two dots moving fast on it had already stopped, “They’ve been intercepted by the Sky. Roger and Shay should be catching up soon.”

Thinking without stopping, his feet jumped high on the edge of the rooftop. They quickly landed on the rooftop of another building. A demonic beast was startled and came pouncing towards him with a roar. This demonic beast was so ugly that it could no longer be described in human language, but Tang Yu faced the pounce without dodging and threw out a punch.


The fist shook the air and smashed onto the demonic beast. In a split second, the demonic beast was smashed into a dent and deformed, and then, its entire body burst open with a bang. Blood spilled, Tang Yu hurriedly avoided the spill.

“I never thought I’d be this strong, the Fifth Awakening Stage strength really is different.”

But after seeing blood stained his fist, he shook his hand with some disgust. Sure enough, he still wishes to become an elegant hero.

This was the only hindrance they encountered, there were no more demonic beasts along the way.


A loud noise was heard in the distance. A five-story building collapsed with a loud rumbling sound.

Tang Yu didn’t go any further and sought a more secluded place to observe in secret. The two sides were already engaged in a fierce battle.

Sky held his katana, moving fast so that only his afterimages could be seen. The sword flashed mid-air, instantly slicing An Xiao standing on the street into dozens of pieces.

Strangely, An Xiao, who was cut into pieces, didn’t bleed. Instead, his entire body turned into black smoke and recondensed in the distance. It was his special ability, a bizarre one.

He seemed immortal. However, Tang Yu carefully observed and found the enemy’s faces were getting pale, “Sure enough. There’s a limit to that ability. A few more dozen sword cuts should be enough.”

Not far from the battlefield, Shay was shooting from time to time, causing An Xiao, unable to fight back, could only resist the attack.

Tang Yu looked to the other side, the battle between Roger and Lin Wei was even more intense. The building just now seemed to have been collapsed by their battle.

Lin Wei wore a pair of special gloves on his hands, and Roger cut down with his sword. Lin Wei resisted it with one hand, his entire body sank to the ground, cracking it. But Lin Wei didn’t panic. He swung his other fist, exploding the air.




Roger’s sword fell, and the ground cracked into a ravine.

Lin Wei threw out a punch that was dodged by Luo Zhe and struck a building wall. Sending the wall along with the building behind it into collapsing.

Tang Yu was stunned. Lin Wei’s breath was of the Sixth Awakening Stage, yet the strength he displayed was far more than that. Although right now, Roger seemed to have the upper hand, but he couldn’t finish him anytime soon. Their duel was more intense than the battle against An Xiao.

Especially the punch that Lin Wei had just thrown. It definitely exceeds the power of a normal attack. It looks like a skill that could explode exponentially.

Tang Yu noticed that when he threw this punch, Lin Wei assumed a posture, and during the battle, Lin Wei moved forward and retreated very well. Like a martial arts master.

“Moreover, Lin Wei is even able to hide his aura. Other than Roger and other followers, I haven’t seen any hunter who has the ability to hide their own aura until now.”

To hide one’s aura, the first thing to do is to have control over one’s Qi.

Roger and the others were able to do this because the world in which they came from had a systematic inheritance. The mastery of their own power far exceeds the other hunters.

So, what did Lin Wei rely on?

Tang Yu had a little guess.

Soon, An Xiao, on the other side, took the lead. His source power had run out after being cut to pieces more than a few times. He spurted out blood, and couldn’t recover this time. Obviously, he had run out of chance.

During that time, Lin Wei tried to escape a couple times but kept getting entangled by Roger. He was attacked by three people and died on the spot in battle.

Lin Wei’s eyes were wide open, he seemed unable to understand why the Tree Shade Shelter could find him so accurately.  

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