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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 130


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The next day.

Tang Yu had a rare deep slumber.

Although he had always felt that he had an advantage, which was actually true. But Lin Wei’s existence was something like a small mountain that somewhat pressured him. Now that he’s dead and he didn’t lack spirit stones, the territory was almost ready to enter a rapid development.

“Unfortunately, there is still no clue about the materials needed to upgrade the castle to level 4. Now that I have over hundreds of thousands of spirit stones in the warehouse, 100.000 spirit stones are easy. I just need a rift crystal, right?”

Unlike the Floating Chariot and the Cloud Roaring – Bed Crossbow that needs a heap of rare materials. In addition to the spirit stones, upgrading the castle into level 4 only requires a unit of rift crystal.

But at least he still had some clues about the materials needed to craft the Floating Chariot. Gray Blade in Lindong also found traces of these materials. He believes they can be gathered someday. However, for the rift crystal, there was only one sentence in the description. ‘A special crystal containing spatial rules.’, that’s all. There were no other clues regarding its origin or appearance. God knows where he had to go to look for it!

“Since I can’t upgrade the territory to level 4 right now, let’s take advantage of the spirit stones to see which useful functional building I haven’t built yet.”

Tang Yu rolled over and jumped from his bed. After washing up his face, he walked out of the room. First, he came to the market to take a look at today’s newly refreshed items. Unlike the pub, he didn’t keep the market’s daily fresh attempt. The adventurers that the pub refreshed for free were often D-ranked Adventurers. But it’s different from the market, although it’s hard getting the items he needs from it, he still could buy some useful small items.

After spending some spirit stones on the market, he walked out of it and paused his steps as he passed by the pub as if an inexplicable power was attracting him.

Just like in gacha games where he had diamonds, he couldn’t help but draw one or a double 10x draws. His burning spirit of card gambling sometimes overshadowed everything. Not to mention that he was standing in front of the pub right now and entered. He also couldn’t stop his feet from getting inside the pub.

“Although it’s still a long way before the castle reaches level 4, and the pub won’t be able to be upgraded as well. But I still have 3 empty follower slots. So it should be fine to summon another follower.”

After all, summoning was a one-way ticket. In reality, there was no dismissal button available. So he always keeps some follower slots empty just in case he got another item like the summoning rate up scroll like the other day. The last time he used the item, he got a good result and managed to summon A-ranked adventurer, Gray Blade. Tang Yu thought, if he somehow managed to get a scroll that could summon a Super A-ranked adventurer and the slot was full, he would have died of regrets.

“It should be okay to just summon another follower since I will still have 2 slots empty. Also, it’s impossible to stay in level 3 territory for the rest of my life.”

He walked into the pub, without hesitation, he consumed spirit stones to fuse 20x summon attempts. After that, he started summoning.

A mysterious, magnificent summoning circle quickly unfolded, spreading over the floor. From the circle, swoosh, white light appeared.

Tang Yu was about to see the new adventurer’s job when he was suddenly stunned.


He rubbed his eyes and looked at it again. It’s still white!

He stiffly bowed his head downward, he clearly remembered the instruction for the summon fusion.

[Fuse 20x summons to greatly increase the chance of summoning B-ranked adventurers.]

Indeed, the system didn’t give a 100% guarantee. However, he had summoned a total of 4 times, he even used a scroll once.

What a joke!

“Ugh… never mind, let’s just pretend this all happened because I forgot to wash my hands after using the bathroom today.”

Tang Yu was gravely disappointed. But if he didn’t sign the contract, his 10.000 spirit stones would be gone for nothing. He glanced over. The figure on the summoning circle was an old man with white hair and a long beard that extended down to his knees.

It was an old man, but unfortunately, grandfather was out of fashion these days. As he pondered about it, Tang Yu clicked on the adventurer’s profile.

Indeed, he was a D-ranked adventurer. His strength wasn’t strong, only at Triple Awakening Stage. Compared to his age, he felt the D-rank might be considered too much. But Tang Yu stunned after looking at the bottom of his profile. In addition to the warrior job, there was an extra line.

Secondary: Equipment Maker (Master), Rune Master (Advanced).

It seemed to be a side job, which was not hard for Tang Yu to understand, but what these two jobs had, he wasn’t sure yet. He casually asked the system and got an immediate answer.

[Equipment maker, possesses the ability to design, manufacture, and improve equipment. Whereas a Master grade means that the maker is exceptionally proficient in this field.] [Rune Master, on the other hand, needs to master a certain number of runes and possess the ability to draw them. An Advanced Rune Master had a deep understanding of the runes.]

Tang Yu thought he was unlucky this time, but it seems like it wasn’t the case.

An equipment maker. Tang Yu had his own workshop so the man won’t be much useful. But he was a master. With his deep understanding of designing, improving equipment paired with his ability as Advanced Rune Master, he might be able to create high-quality equipment!

So, of course, Tang Yu will sign the contract!

[Ding-dong! Adventurer Kevin Sandridge de Patricia Traviskin, Rank: D, Job: Warrior, Secondary job: Equipment Maker (Master), Rune Master (Advanced). Sign a contract with the follower? YES / NO ]

Tang Yu: “……..”


At the moment of signing the contract, Kevin only felt that time and space changed.

He was a master equipment maker and had a high reputation in the capital. Unlike most of the followers summoned into this world, Kevin wasn’t in a dire situation. But a calm voice sounded in his head. He had an instinct, if he wanted to get a glimpse of the realm of the grandmaster he dreams of, then he had to agree. He came to cross the border as soon as he could. As soon as he signed the contract, he was transferred into another world in the blink of an eye.

All of this surprised Kevin. Indeed, it was a different world from before. This was obviously spatial power, but with his knowledge, he couldn’t imagine what kind of spatial power that could transfer people from one world to another instantly.

Still stunned, Kevin looked at the young man in front of him. The contract’s power that bound them made him understand Lord Tang Yu’s identity. He took a few steps forward. “

Slightly stunned, Kevin looked at the young man in front of him, the contractual connection made him understand Lord Tang Yu’s identity, and took a few steps forward, “Kevin Sandridge de… de, at your service, my Lord.”

Forgetting his own name, he was ready to bow following noble etiquette.

However, when he bent down to bow, his long beard suddenly fell to the ground. He suddenly lifted up his head.


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