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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 131


My doomsday Territory Chapter 131 Why Are There Mediocre Books.

After a brief conversation.

Kevin got to know a little bit about the current situation of the territory. He also learned from Tang Yu about the follower’s monthly wage, their privileges in the territory, and so on. Of course, he had never cared about these kinds of things.

After that, the Lord asked, “If I want you to design a shield, what items do you need, and how long would it take?”

“If it’s a double rune equipment, as long as it doesn’t require a special or advanced rune, I can finish the design in two or three days.” Kevin looked confident as they were talking about equipment design as he stroked his knee-length beard. “If it’s equipped with more than three runes, I can’t guarantee the amount of time required. Sometimes it depends on luck. But if I have a similar blueprint as a reference, the time can be shortened drastically.”

“This is mainly because of the fact that when the equipment is inscribed with three or more runes, there is limitless potential. Even after deduction, the results will be different. We have to try it one by one.”

Tang Yu nodded his head as he understood these basics. As expected from a Master Equipment Maker, Kevin’s field of expertise in this area is very rich. He was really worthy of being called a Master.

The double rune equipment blueprints were on the same level as the Swift Revolver. The fact that Kevin was able to finish it in just two or three days was already satisfying enough. Especially since the Shelter lacked equipment.

The current patrol members were all focusing on evasive defense because they lacked defense runes that could withstand the attack of demonic beasts. Without a proper shield, they couldn’t do a lot of strategies.

“Double rune shield is enough. What else does the master need?”

“I need a workshop to design and make the equipment, as well as some materials. I need to make some basic tools beforehand. Oh, and 2 people to help with the melee combat. Also, the design of the shield, including the shape, size, and what kind of runes are needed. That’s all I need.” Kevin spoke carefully.

Tang Yu nodded, “The workshop can be built later, the location will be in the aisle between the east and west villa area. As for the materials, you can ask Chen Haiping to go to the warehouse to collect them later. Oh, right, you haven’t met them yet. Well, I’ll find you a guide later.”

“For the 2 people, you can recruit them and post an announcement at the square after the workshop is built. For the specific requirements of the shield, you should discuss it with Roger.”

Tang Yu pondered for a bit and quickly dispatched others to do the task.

Finally, he asked again. “Is there anything else the master needs?” After all, he’s an old man. Tang Yu felt he needed to be considerate for a bit.

Kevin flustered, “I wonder if my Lord has any books about runes and equipment around here? To be honest, indeed, I became a master equipment maker 10 years ago. But during the 10 years, I haven’t progressed much. Over the years, I have always been looking for related books in order to advance forward.”

“It would be great if my Lord had such books here.”

Tang Yu was somewhat confused. No wonder Kevin wasn’t in a dire situation like the other followers when they first summoned.

About the book, does the territory have them? Tang Yu pondered. Advanced books? I don’t think so. But maybe some basic ones would do, right? Also, there is some information about modern technology. It could be useful, right?

“Why don’t you come with me, we’ll go to the library first.”


Near the training camp, a new grand building was erected.

The Shelter’s first Library. It contained a collection of books before the doomsday. As well as some precious collection that wasn’t available in the database. But the preserved books on their original form.

The door was open, the atmosphere inside the library was very quiet.

Elaine was sitting by the window, holding a book on the Basics of Source Power in her hands, reading with great interest. With the sunlight illuminating her, the scene was picturesque, like a painting.

Among the followers, Gray Blade commanded a spy department in Lindong. Whereas Roger and Sky were all in the patrols, Winnie had recently established a medical department. The Lord had asked Elaine if she’s interested in leading the patrols, only for her to decline. There were already some people in the patrol, so she didn’t need to join. In comparison, she preferred a quiet life, reading books every day to improve her strength. She contended she would help the Lord as long as it’s within her power.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Elaine raised her head and saw Tang Yu and an old grandpa with a white beard walking in.

“My Lord.” With a gentle smile, she put down her books and walked forward.

After Tang Yu’s introduction to the two, he said to Kevin, “The books of the territory are basically here. It’s not that much, but many types of books are available here.”

Leading the other two, Tang Yu walked ahead and headed to the second floor. “There are some rune literature related books here. Go on and take a look.”

In addition to the Basic Rune Literature, this floor also contained a lot of knowledge about runes, mostly from Lindong’s Professor, Sun Weiguo.

Ever since their little discussion last time, Sun Weiguo’s knowledge of runes greatly increased. Basically, if they were to discuss again right now, their conversation would go deeper. Tang Yu had traded some of them with Basic Long Swords through Gray Blade. Sun Weiguo was a rather generous person. The transaction went smoothly each time.

These collections were quite large and messy, taking up a large portion of the space on the second floor. Kevin didn’t immediately walk over, but slowly browsed through the books on the shelves. It could be seen that, apart from professional books, he also had a deep interest in other books.

Casually, Kevin pulled out one of the books.

There were three large characters in the book, Jin Ping Mei*.

Tang Yu was astonished. How could the library have such a thing?

He thought about the patrols that brought back books from the wilderness. He had instructed some survivors to sort and arrange them a bit. The books he was concerned about were basically the useful ones. Looking at the row of the dense books and some vaguely visible inappropriate illustration, Tang Yu’s mouth twitched. Could it be? This row was full of these types of books?

“Ahem…” Tang yu made a loud, dry cough to divert Kevin’s attention.

It would be bad for the old man to see this, considering his age and health. Taking the opportunity, he hurriedly led Kevin to the area where the Rune Literature topic was kept. Only to turn back and saw Elaine pick the book and look at it with a curious face.

Elaine blushed madly.

TL’s note :

*Jin Ping Mei is basically Chinese Kamasutra. Google at your own risk!

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