My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 132


My doomsday Territory Chapter 132, The Book of Rune Words.

Elaine over there was like a curious baby, slowly flipping through the book she had never read before. Tang Yu was torn. He really wanted to use the coughing technique to distract her. But unfortunately, she wasn’t Kevin. Tang Yu’s technique didn’t work on her. Besides, it was too obvious. Making it look like he had read it. ‘No, it’s not like what. I’m a pure snow moon child. How could I have read such a thing…’


Tang Yu scratched the back of his head and grinned. In the end, it’s not his business anyway. 

Kevin, on the other side, had already picked up a book and read it carefully. Making “Ah, ooh, hmm…” and similar sounds from time to time. He was preoccupied with it. 

Tang Yu walked over and asked, “Master Kevin, is this information helpful?” 

Kevin waved his head without turning his head, as if saying ‘yes, yes. Leave me alone.’ 

He quickly responded, “Oh, yes, my Lord. This information is very basic, and there were some errors and missing things. But it’s different from my research, and some of the ideas in it are somewhat inspiring to me.” 

“Good.” Tang Yu was satisfied. Looking at his sides, both Kevin and Elaine were preoccupied with the books. After some consideration, Tang Yu also decided to read a book to pass the time. He actually wanted to pick a random book from ‘that’ row. But he felt he should keep his serious and noble Lord image. Besides, you can only read ‘that’ kind of book alone in the middle of the night. Yes, that’s the only appropriate thing. 

Taking another glance at Elaine, the girl’s petite face was a little blushing, fiercely adorable, and Tang Yu couldn’t help but look a little intrigued. After thinking about it, he finally went to the third floor, took a Book of Basic Rune Knowledge. Flipped through the pages, and slowly read it. 

They all indulged in their study, time flies by. 

After a long time, Kevin finally put down the book in his hand and sighed. He had absorbed all the information. And now, he can’t wait to do experiments with his new idea. It’s very important to prepare for his new workplace. He walked over to Tang Yu and found the Lord was also holding a book in his hands, reading intently.

“My Lord. My Lord…” Kevin called out a few times before Tang Yu returned to his senses. He was quite intent with his reading. Every time he read this kind of book, he always fell for it. Even though he had read it several times, he could still feel some new insights when he reread it. 

Without looking at Kevin, “Master Kevin…” 

But he found that Kevin’s eyes widened, his voice shaking. “My Lord… is this… is this the Book of Runes?” 

“Book of Runes? Just books written in runes?” Tang Yu asked.

“Yes, exactly. I’ve never expected to see the Book of Runes here. My Lord, would you…” Kevin rubbed his hands, his old face slightly blushing, “I wonder if my Lord would let me observe this book for just two minutes? No… just one minute.” He said carefully, afraid that Tang Yu would object. 

However, Tang Yu was confused. Was this Book of Runes that precious? Elaine and Roger didn’t have a high social status, it’s only normal if they had never seen such a book. But grandpa Kevin was a noble and a renowned Equipment Master. Why would he get excited over a Book of Runes? What about the compulsions of an advanced runemaster?

Tang Yu casually handed over the book, “Go ahead. Just remember to return it. It’s just a book on the Basics of Rune Literature. I’m not that stingy.” 

“Is it?” Kevin picked up the book. Before he could look through it, he hurriedly said. “My Lord! This book is written entirely in Rune Language. Not to mention an entire book, even a few scattered rune languages are of great research value!” 

“Let me explain, the language of runes is the language that can truly mobilize the energy of heaven and earth. Only books written entirely in rune language could carry some special knowledge. If these runes were written down in an ordinary piece of paper, even if it’s a good paper, it would be like an empty shell.” 

“It is said that there were many brilliant legacies from ancient times. But then for some unknown reason, many of the books of rune languages were lost. The result is we had a lot of incomplete legacies. For example, I’m an advanced runemaster right now, and the only advanced runes I possess are basic ruses like advanced sharp runes and magic runes. It’s because we have lost a lot of precious knowledge over time.” 

“Even during the 10 years since I became an Equipment Master, I was only fortunate enough to see the Book of Rune Literature once. It’s said that the royal library had several copies of the Book of Rune Literature. But they were all stingy to lend it out freely. Even if this book is only about the basics, it’s a thousand times more valuable than those ordinary books that tell about basic knowledge…” 

Discussing this topic, Kevin suddenly became excited and talking non-stop. If Tang Yu hadn’t stopped him in time, he would have talked endlessly about the world’s evolution and the loss of rune knowledge for hours. 

After stroking his long beard, he gently stroked the Book of Basic Rune Literature as if he was caressing one’s body. Tang Yu was fascinated at the scene. Seeing that Kevin was truly sinking in a sea of knowledge, Tang Yu wasn’t prepared to wait any longer.

He also found something new. The rune language carries the knowledge that seems to rely on the reader’s own comprehension. For him, it does only tell the Basics of Rune Literature. But for Kevin, he might be able to pull something important from it. 

He shook his head. Just as he was about to bid Elaine goodbye, he saw Elaine hid ‘that’ book in a very discreet location. 


He better leave as soon as possible.


Chen Haiping was so busy today that he couldn’t have a proper rest. It wasn’t until sunset that he finally had proper rest time. Ever since Shay brought those survivors, the shelter’s accumulative survivor numbers swelled, and he had to arrange a few things. The residence suddenly became overcrowded again. As a last resort, he had instructed the survivors to build some temporary housings just until they had a permanent residence. 

However, as their numbers grew, a lot of trouble emerged. Today, the patrol had dealt with several fights. Not to mention arranging survivors to work in the mines, counting the daily food consumption, counting the supplies, and also the prisoners they captured yesterday.

Chen, the Butler, was now tired that his heart wanted to retire. 

“But the bright side is, now that our number is growing, we have more talents. And the municipal department that Leader Tang mentioned last time was already accepted. I hope my workload will be lessened soon.” Chen Haiping muttered, “Now, where has Leader Tang run off to again?”

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