My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 135


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 135, Do You Crave Power?

As twilight gradually enveloped the Earth. Inside the shelter, a kerosene lamp emitted a dim light. 

At this time, the entrance to the resort was surrounded by many people. And in the very center of it, a few hunters were arguing fiercely. One side was the newly arrived hunters team at the Tree Shade shelter, and the other one was the free hunters that had lived in the shelter for some time. 

It seemed like both sides clashed in the wilderness. Maybe they both tried to restrain themselves, and the two teams left separately in peace. But never expected they would meet again at the entrance of the resort. Just because of a little quarrel, the conflict once again arises. 

“Acknowledge your own power! If we didn’t wound that alienated beast, you wouldn’t be able to kill it!” 

“Nonsense! When we found this alienated beast, we observed it for ten minutes to make sure there was no danger before we engaged in the hunt. What about you, guys? You guys are just so weak that you can’t even kill it. Why is it our fault?”

“That beast was our target, and you stole it!” 

“It’s not my fault. You’re just a powerless whiny crybaby!” 

Both sides were cursing and blaming each other. The situation got heated up pretty quickly. The two patrol members next to them were at a loss. It’s too tricky to beat down so many people with just the two of them. Excluding their verbal skills, the whole situation was dangerous. They had tried to persuade them, but both sides were getting more and more violent. The situation was about to escalate. 


A loud shout was heard as Chen Haiping parted the observing crowd and walked in, “This is the Tree Shade Shelter! No matter what, all fights are forbidden!” 

“If you can’t reconcile, either you solve the matter in the wilderness and fight, or set a time for a duel and decide the hunt’s spoil will be rewarded to the winning team. Or, if you continue to make trouble, you’ll all be disposed of as troublemakers.” He said sternly as his gaze slowly swept over the hunters on both sides. 

The free hunters immediately shut their mouths. 

But the newly-arrived hunters had a hot-tempered person. One of them pointed to Chen Haiping and cursed, “Who are you? Have we asked your opinion on this matter?!”

Chen Haiping’s expression was cold as he took one step forward. The hunter who was cursing couldn’t help but take a step back. With anger, he swung his fist and was about to punch Chen Haiping. 


A dull, punching sound was heard. The hunter’s body flew back, passing the observing crowds and crashed to the ground. Chen Haiping used a gentle fist, but that gentle fist pushed the hunter into the air and fell to the ground. The other hunters saw this and enraged. They rushed to engage in battle. Without exception, they were all knocked to the ground by Chen Haiping with just a few blows. A gentle blow that sent them back to the ground. 

After he beat the troublemakers, Chen Haiping straightened his clothes, “Now, let’s talk reasons…” 


Tang Yu and Wang Zhou observed the situation from a distance. Seeing how reliable Chen Haiping was, Tang Yu was relieved. 

On the other hand, Wang Zhou was feeling somewhat envious, he couldn’t help but mutter, “It would be great if I have half… no, one-fifth of Supervisor Chen’s strength.” 

Hearing this, Tang Yu suddenly remembered something and patted the short, fat man’s shoulder, “Wang, do you crave for power?” 

Wang Zhou was shocked, his body froze. “I… Can I have power too?”

Tang Yu’s eyes gazed into the distance.

Back then, he had envisioned using the Body Hardening Potion on ordinary people. But the instruction indicated that the potion was only applicable to hunters. He wasn’t sure if an ordinary person’s body could withstand the potion, or how effective it would be. 

Until yesterday, Gray Blade had sent the items obtained from Lin Wei’s safe to the territory. The stash including spirit stones, some extraordinary mineral materials, and also some classified information. This information was about a project that Lin Wei had been secretly working on, the Beast Warrior Project. The research location was underground at one of the pharmaceutical factories in the wilderness. According to Gray Blade, the information included the factory’s location. 

“According to Gray Blade, there’s a hidden passage underground in the fifth warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory. He had already visited it, but unfortunately, it was already destroyed and impassable.”

Even if he dug three feet underground, he could not find any clues related to the underground laboratory. It seemed the underground space was hidden in the extreme depths. He had observed a long time inside the elevator when he was descending in it. As a last resort, Tang Yu could only stop the search and pay more attention to that area in the future. 

However, what he was curious about was whether Dr. Zheng, who was in the underground lab, immediately received the news over Lin Wei’s death? Tang Yu hadn’t got a clear answer on this matter. But the classified information he got from Lin Wei’s residence did mention some things about the Beast Warrior Project. The information wasn’t that much, but he could draw some conclusions that it was about strengthening the human body. There was also the certainty of having ordinary people test the Body Hardening Potion. 

“This is the Body Hardening Potion. I have diluted it to a certain extent. Take this home and pour it into the bathtub and soak in it for some time. It should give you a strong body.”

Wang Zhou swallowed his saliva. He hesitated as he gazed on the bottle of bright green potion. “There’s no side effects, right?” 

Tang Yu patted his shoulder again, “Don’t worry, I’ve already tried it. You won’t die. But maybe it will be a little bit painful. Well, feel free to use it. You want to get stronger, right?”

Suddenly, Wang Zhou’s gaze became determined. He accepted the bottle containing the Body Hardening Potion and returned to his apartment with dignity. 

Tang Yu watched Wang Zhou walk away and stroked his chin. Suddenly remembering something, he instructed, “Hey, have someone by your side when you soaked in! It’s safer that way.” 


As a survivor from the early days of the shelter and as the person responsible for registering and guiding newly arrived survivors, Wang Zhou had his own single room in one of the two apartments built by Tang Yu. 

He took out his ID card, swiped it on the door, and it opened with a click. Wang Zhou walked into his room. 

This room was well equipped, it even had its own toilet and bathtub. He turned on the faucet. After the water level in the bathtub reached a certain height, he carefully poured the Body Hardening Potion into the water. 

Although the potion was in a small portion, the water in the bathtub quickly changed color into a pale green color right after he poured it in. It kinda looked suspicious. 

He remembered Leader Tang’s advice and called his best friend next door to guard him outside. He stripped off his clothes and soaked into the water.

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