My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 137


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 137, The Ordinary Man’s Vision of Pushing The Limits.

The patrols soon began discussing when they saw Wang Zhou’s muscles. “How many kilograms do you guys think he can score?”

A hunter analyzed it, “When he still had that beer belly, his score wouldn’t even reach 100 kilograms. But now, well… I guess he could reach 130 or 140.”

“I think his body improved a bit. After all, he never trained.” 

“It’s already good if he can reach 120. Before, he could only reach around 80, right? It means he gained 40 in such a short time. Even for us hunters, an extra 40 is a significant improvement!” 

These people gazed at Wang Zhou as they chatted.

Wang Zhou stood in front of the Fist Strength Testing Machine. He did some warm-up movements first, after that, he took a deep breath, imitating the two people before him. His body tensed, exerting power from his legs and feet and delivering a punch of surging power at the fist target. 


The fist target was shaking. 

The hunters next to him were left agape. The target shook more than the ordinary person before. 

“That…power… it’s not going to pass over 200, right?” 

“Is that even possible? This is Wang Zhou! Even if he gained some muscles, he can’t be this powerful.”

Soon, a number popped up on the display of the fist strength testing machine, “386kg!”

The patrol members who originally only stood by to watch out of curiosity were shocked. If they weren’t close, they would have thought that someone had disguised himself as Wang Zhou to prank them. But with over 300 kilograms of punching power, they still couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Impossible! Wang Zhou actually scored over 300 kilograms! And that was a pretty lame movement. If he could master some combat techniques, wouldn’t that mean he would score over 400 kilograms?”

“The machine is not broken, right?” A hunter still couldn’t believe his eyes. He tested the machine again, and the numbers displayed on the screen weren’t far from his previous result. 

“So… it’s real?” He scanned Wang Zhou’s body with disbelief, “You’re not a hunter, right? Ah, no, a hunter’s punch is much more powerful. And you don’t even have the aura. So, what’s going on here?” 

They couldn’t help but look at Leader Tang with a puzzled Look. Tang Yu didn’t immediately tell them the reason why. He only gestured to Wang Zhou to continue. Next, Wang Zhou couldn’t help but exert his full power. Punching on the fist target several times with a dull noise. 

A series of numbers also flashed on the display screen. Although none of them reached 386 kilograms, it steadily maintained above 300 kilograms. It was clear that Wang Zhou’s strength had been improved greatly.

“Let’s measure your speed next.”

Tang Yu turned on the speed tester on the runway. The tester lit up with a green light. This test track had a total of 50 meters long, there’s also an extra 20 meters of long-run aid area. 

Wang Zhou stood at the starting point of the run aid area, leaning forward and forming the chance before running for a 100 meters sprint.


With a fierce effort, his body flew out like an arrow off the bowstring. His feet quickly and powerfully stepped on the ground, bringing a gust of wind. And in just a moment, Wang Zhou crossed the finish line. 


The red dot on the tester lit up.

The members of the patrol teams gathered in with curious looks. Tang Yu also went over to take a look at the result. 

The number shown on the screen was “12,16 m/s.” Meaning a little bit over 8 seconds of 100 meters sprint. The speed was far above an ordinary person’s reach, even though it wasn’t as good as a hunter, it wasn’t that far. 

“Wang. Back then, when you did a 100 meters sprint, you’ll be exhausted like a dead man. But now you’re looking good, you’re not even running out of breath this time.” 

Wang Zhou’s face was radiant like a daisy flower. 

The patrol members were getting even curious. Before, they had guessed it’s already great enough for him to gain an extra 40 kilograms of fist power in such a short time. But now, Wang Zhou’s strength has significantly improved by multiple times! 

They were all looking at Leader Tang with fiery eyes. Especially the ordinary person who tested before Wang Zhou. 

Tang Yu finally spoke, “Wang Zhou could become stronger like this because he had been soaking in the newly developed Body Hardening Potion from the shelter.”

He told them the effects of the potion and also said that he would add them to the exchange list in the near future. 

The eyes of the crowds were getting even fiercer. One by one, they expressed their determination to get the potion. 

The Grand Lord Tang was very pleased with himself that he successfully promoted and launched an item. Wang Zhou’s test result was basically as good as he had expected. And the effect was even better. It was only his first time using it, and the potion quality was poor, but the outcome was still good. 

However, it only improved his physical strength. He was still an ordinary person. 

“However, Wang Zhou’s potential hadn’t been fully tapped yet. Suppose he could fully tap his potential and pass the ordinary person’s limit. In that case, his physical qualities will be even higher than an ordinary hunter.” 

He didn’t draw the conclusion by himself. But it came from analyzing the research materials he had received from Lin Wei’s residence.

If an ordinary person’s body was strengthened to their limit, their fist power could reach 800 kilograms. While their speed could reach about 105 m/s. It’s even higher than the newly awakened hunters. But Tang Yu knew it better. For an ordinary person, it was their own body limit. But for a hunter, it was only tapping a small part of his own potential. This was why he had to tap his own potential first before breaking through the Second Realm, the Body Shaping Realm. After soaking in the potion for a few days, Tang Yu was sure his physical qualities had improved by three times than before. 

At this time, Wang Zhou tried out all kinds of training equipment, whereas Tang Yu fell into deep contemplation. 

Hunters were the ones to leap their life level, which led to their physical quality improvement. In Roger’s world, a human’s body potential is tapped through cultivation. Then it’s used to impact the higher life level.

Ordinary people couldn’t learn cultivation methods, and it was practically impossible to reach their physical limits from mere exercises. But he could see there were a few possibilities from using the Body Hardening Potions. 

Tang Yu was curious if ordinary people could awaken after reaching their physical limits.

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