My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 139


My doomsday Territory Chapter 139, Is This An Ordinary Person?

In the wilderness, the spy dispatched under Lu Jianjun’s hand was rushing somewhere. These people were all hunters, they had the power of a Double or Triple Awakening Stage. It’s not because Lu Jianjun didn’t have stronger experts. But in order to infiltrate the Tree Shade Shelter and gather some information, they had to send over some ordinary hunters. If the dispatched hunters were too strong, they would stand up too much and couldn’t do their job properly.

“We’re a few kilometers away from the shelter. Let’s take a break first.” Chen, the captain of the hunter team, spoke. They wore tattered clothes. Not because it was old, but because it got dirty from a few fights. They were all carrying backpacks and some sharp weapons and two pistols. Their appearance looked exactly like a hunter squad surviving in the wild. From their speech tone and actions, they also behaved like ordinary hunters. Much more professional than the investigation squad Lin Wei had sent over.

This time, they were disguised as a team of hunters who had come to the shelter to purchase some equipment after hearing the news of all the equipment on sale at the Tree Shade Shelter. This identity allowed them to enter and leave the shelter without being suspicious. As they were resting, they checked to see if there were any small details they had missed.

“They said the shelter was originally an ordinary shelter. Then, it encountered a demonic wave and got wiped out, but now the shelter suddenly became powerful. Isn’t that a bit shady?” A team member casually said.

“Not really. It’s because after the demonic wave, the shelter’s management had a new person in charge. That’s why the shelter could develop rapidly.”

“Even so… they weren’t just powerful, they were also quite famous around here. It’s because the shelter possesses quite a wide array of equipment, including guns and the Demon Slayer Sword. It is said that the latest weapon developed by the Academy of Sciences was borrowed from this weapon. However, it still couldn’t rival the sword’s sharpness.”

The team members talked in low voices. Soon, Captain Chen’s face was solemn. “Prepare to enter the Tree Shade Shelter. Pay attention to our disguises.”

They were vigilant as they made their way through the wilderness. As they got closer to the Tree Shade Shelter, the demonic beasts they met became scarcer.

“Thanks to them, the demonic beast around this area should have been cleared.” The member who spoke looked quite surprised and impressed. This member had begun to play his role as an ordinary hunter.

After passing through a jungle, their eyes widened. Several black towers stood tall were seen from a distance. Amidst the black tower, a magnificent white tower stood tall. The white tower’s outer wall was engraved in mysterious patterns. A dark blue crystal suspended above the tower.

Seeing these towers, the team member’s mouths were wide open. They were astonished at the scene. One thing they didn’t know was that more than a dozen arrow towers that formed a circle had already been dismantled. Or else, they would have been more surprised. Just the tower formation alone would inevitably make people interested and start guessing.

The team approached the gate. Captain Chen swept around from the corner of his eyes and noticed. Apart from their team, there were other survivors coming from various directions from a distance. With his superb deduction skill, he instantly determined that those people weren’t from the Tree Shade Shelter. But rather, their fellow survivors who had come from the wilderness. Maybe to buy some equipment or try to make a living in the Tree Shade Shelter.

“Was the shelter’s reputation this good?”

At the gate, a long table was set up. Regardless of whether the newcomer survivors wanted to stay permanently or not, they were required to register first.

They lined up at the back of the line. Looking forward, this shelter had already had a relatively complete order. Although it still couldn’t be compared to Lindong, it was much better than the shelter he had seen.

At that moment, noises were coming from the front line.

A half-naked man was seen pushing someone in front of him. The survivor wearing ragged clothing fell to the ground. He continued saying. “Get off me, you filthy commoner! Get back to the line!”

Captain Chen’s eyebrows furrowed. The next moment, he saw a slightly chubby figure among the registration staff walking out. It seemed like he was the person in charge of the registration office.

He frowned deeper, “It’s just an ordinary person. Doesn’t the Tree Shade Shelter arrange a hunter to maintain order? Or were they understaffed?”

The man looked at Wang Zhou with disgust. “What? Am I wrong? There’s not a single hunter here. And here I thought this is a good shelter!”

Wang Zhou approached the big man and ignored what he said. Instead, he asked the man, “Do you know the consequences of causing trouble in the Tree Shade Shelter?”

“Consequences?” The half-naked man laughed even louder. Raised his fist and waved it down, trying to slap Wang Zhou to the ground.

Captain Chen was about to make a move, but he suddenly froze.

Because right in front of him, the chubby man held the half-naked man’s hand. He choked the man’s neck in a tight grip. The man struggled as hard as he could, but he couldn’t break free.

Captain Chen’s eyes widened. The half-naked man was a hunter with the power of the First Awakening Stage. The head of the Tree Shade Shelter Registration Office was just an ordinary man. Yet right now, it seemed that the ordinary man was stronger? With his eyes, he could clearly see that it wasn’t a fraud, the half-naked man had given all of his power to break free. Captain Chen was even more astonished.

The half-naked big man was already sweating coldly. “Impossible, you’re just an ordinary person! A puny little ant! How could you have such power?!”

Wang Zhou’s hand strangled him like a pair of large pincers, making him unable to move. The big man was shocked and angry. His other hand clenched into a fist, smashed down hard towards Wang Zhou’s chubby belly. It was a fierce punch. However, his punch was held by Wang Zhou’s other hand and couldn’t even shake the first hand’s open.

Even though he was a hunter whose body was taller than Wang Zhou, at this moment, he was terrified. The fear in his eyes grew stronger.

In front of him, Wang Zhou smirked with satisfaction and instantly kicked the man with his knee while releasing his hands and turning away.

In the next moment, the half-naked man fell to the ground, curling like a shrimp.

Wang Zhou spoke with joy, “The mine had 1 worker slot free again.”

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