My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 147


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 147, The Contained City – Pt.2.

Buildings were collapsed in the distance. The smoke and dust rippled up and shrouded most parts of the town. Lin Yanrong’s eyes shrank, his face turned pale. In the area shrouded with smoke and dust, a huge crimson crack was visible, running through the city’s entire downtown area. It was because of the sudden emergence of this Crack that the buildings have collapsed. Lin Yanrong could see a building in the edge of the Crack had its half part perfectly cut off as if it was sliced with a knife. Leaving only a small part of the building still standing amidst the smoke and dust. 

Those with sharp eyes could see half of the broken building gradually collapsing. Part of the walls crumble and fall into the bottomless Abyss.


On top of the wall, someone swallowed their saliva. Breaking the dead silence. As soon as the soldiers defending the city came back to their senses, they were panicked and could only stare into the distance in a daze. They had never thought that the Crack of the Abyss would emerge within the shelter. 


Near the Crack of the Abyss. 

Dense black cracks continuously spread from the mouth of the Crack. Wherever it passed, the ground gradually turned crimson, like the terrifying Abyss. 

A middle-aged man sat paralyzed on the ground. He witnessed with his own eyes as the other survivors standing near him engulfed by the Crack of the Abyss. It all happened so quickly that they couldn’t even scream. 

“Okay… haa… alright… if I could just move a few meters away…” The middle-aged man was so scared he couldn’t even stand up. He could only drag his body to get away from the Crack. 


The middle-aged man saw a shadow leaped out of the Crack and landed on the ground near him with a loud bang. The demonic beast had the size of a van, looking somewhat like an enlarged Gorilla but more hideous and terrifying. It was naked as if he had been skinned alive. Its two stouts arms had the look of raw flesh. It was like a clump of raw flesh with red eyes and mouth opened wide, revealing its bloody ferociously sharp fangs. 


A fishy smell hit the man’s nose. The middle-aged man was horrified. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. But his body won’t cooperate, both of his hands and limbs were trembling with horror. He felt nauseous from the overwhelming fear and puked.

The gorilla-like demonic beast turned its head to look, its red eyes gazed at the middle-aged man. It crossed the distance of more than 10 meters and arrived in front of the man in a heartbeat. Stretching out its large hand, grabbed the man and threw it into its mouth. Closing its rows of sharp teeth. 

Crunch. Crunch. 

A sickening chewing sound was heard.


This was just the beginning. 

More and more demonic beasts were pouring out of the Crack of the Abyss. Humanoid demonic beasts, beast-type demonic beasts, flying demonic beasts, and more demonic beasts that couldn’t be described with words and could only be mosaicked, swarmed out.

The sky was a tumbling red fog, and the ground was a black wave of the demonic beast. The survivors were screaming and running wildly, quickly pounced upon and torn apart by the demonic beasts. It was a bloody scene, just like the beginning of the doomsday.

A few well-equipped hunters were running away from the Crack of the Abyss. Behind them, survivors’ screams echoed. Making the hunters that had been accustomed to death and demonic beasts on a daily basis pale. The captain running at the front abruptly stopped. The team members behind him were confused.


On the street in front of them, a building crumbled, revealing a giant beast with a metallic luster all over its body. Rushing to the streets, followed by countless demonic beasts in various forms and sizes.

The captain waved as he trembled and turned around, “Quick! To the other side!”

The rest of the team fought some demonic beast approaching them. Even though the captain was powerful, it’s impossible to fight against demonic beasts’ countless swarms. They were stuck. The hunters on the team frantically fight the demonic beast and continue fleeing.

A hunter holding a combat knife killed a demonic beast in front of him. He was about to continue fleeing when suddenly a long tongue shot out like an arrow. Piercing the man’s chest. Dying, the hunter saw a large green lizard covered in scaly armor climbing on the building’s wall. Its large barbed flesh-colored tongue pulled him back to its mouth.

The battle was a mess as the hunter couldn’t fight back against such a large number of demonic beasts.

Normally, they handled demonic beasts with extra care. Observing, scouting, making strategies, making sure it was safe before engaging in combat. But such an approach can’t be applied to this situation. Even if a Triple or Fourth Awakening Stage hunter expert could kill dozens of demonic beasts, they would only die from exhaustion. Not to mention, there were several high-ranked demonic beasts hidden among the waves.

A crimson demonic beast moved fast, the hunters’ eyes couldn’t capture its movement. The hunters were pierced in the chest or had half of their body ripped apart by its claws whenever it passed. Even the captain who had the ability to detect danger couldn’t do much but turned pale as danger alerts rose from every direction. One by one, the team members had fallen. He instinctively waved his sword, but his heart sunk to the bottom.

Da da da!!

Gunfire sound was heard. Blazing flames exploded among the demonic beasts. From a distance, a steel giant was seen. The tank’s muzzle mercilessly slaughtered every demonic beast it encountered.

In the square, a middle-aged man with a stern face spoke in a cold voice, “Second and third battalions, strafing heavy machine guns, rocket bombardment! Artillery teams, keep aiming! Hunters Regiment, standby!”

With the roar of artillery fire, the whir of bullets, the city had turned into a modern battlefield. The army had joined in, finally containing the overwhelming slaughter of the demonic beast wave.

The captain, with the ability to foresee danger, was relieved. But then he looked at his teammates whose corpses were scattered, his heart was filled with grief. He didn’t continue to flee. Building up determination, he knocked out a demonic beast with a round shield. Taking this opportunity, the sword in his hand sliced through the demonic beast’s head. Its head fell with a massive thud. Without looking back, eyes filled with blood lust and anger, he crossed over the demonic beast carcass and strode forward. 


The mouth of the Crack of the Abyss. 

The surrounding survivors fled and died as the demonic beasts continuously poured out of the Crack. At this moment, a different batch of demonic beast poured out, and the surrounding area was suddenly silent. 

If someone could stand at the mouth of the Crack and look at the bottom. They would see that something was tumbling from the bottom of the Abyss that was obscured by a thick layer of darkness. 

The blood-like fog in the sky suddenly dissipated as a demonic beast floated up from the bottom of the Abyss. The demonic beast had a round body around over a meter in diameter. From a glance, it looked like a giant eyeball. In the middle of it were pitch-black pupils covered in blood. Behind its body was entwined with dense blood vessels. Floating mid-air, just looking at its appearance, would make one shudder with horror. 

It didn’t immediately follow the human scent and attack humans like the other demonic beast. Instead, its iris moved around, as if scanning the area. 

 “I, the Evil Eye Clan, have finally set foot in this world.”

Behind the large eyeball, countless smaller eyeballs crawled out of the Crack of the Abyss. These smaller eyeballs also had blood vessels entwined on their back. But unlike the big eyeball, they couldn’t float mid-air. Instead, their legs grow from the bottom of the eyeball like the roots of trees. 

These herds of Evil Eyes, numbering several hundred, although far less than the demonic beast wave. At first glance, their aura was more powerful! As if the ordinary demonic beasts were civilians, but these eyeballs were troops! A real troops! 

The Great Evil Eye’s suspended body slowly turned around. Its eye sweeping over the clan members in front of it, its heart satisfied. The two clan members in front of it had a pair of red leg roots. Different from black as the regular color. Their auras were stronger, and the pupils were more dynamic.

The Great Evil Eye floated closer, powerful aura rippling from its body.

“We will be staying here. Those humans are, in our way, hindering us. What do you think we should do?”

One of the clan members with crimson legs were excited. The veins behind its eyeball throbbing wildly, making noises.

“Good, I’ll leave that to you.”

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