My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 155


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 155, Just Spirit Stone, is Not enough.

Spiritual Space, Training Mode.

It was a gray training space, about a hundred meters in length, width, and height.

Inside of it, Lu Xiaopeng, equipped with a set of weapons, was fighting with two Triple Awakening Demonic Wolves in front of him. At this time, he already reached the Triple Awakening Stage. With his equipment, fighting two demonic beasts on the same level as him at the same time wasn’t impossible. However, in real life, he wouldn’t be this reckless. 


Lu Xiaopeng pulled out a bloody sword from the demonic wolf. But at this time, the other one punched at him. He couldn’t dodge, instinctively raised his left arm to block the attack with a small round shield. The demonic wolf bit his arm, a cry of pain escaped his lips, but he clenched his teeth. Taking advantage of the moment where the demonic beast bit his arm, he swung his sword down, decapacitated the demonic beast’s head. 

Lu Xiaopeng breathed down heavily, cold sweat slipped from his forehead. The two demonic beasts were dead, but his left arm was hollowed with several thumb-sized holes, blood dripping from the holes… 

This was exactly why he was reluctant to fight two demonic beasts at once in real life. Even if he won, there’s a high probability he would be injured. Once he was injured…

Shaking his head, Lu Xiapeng returned to the gray transit space. 

A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he looked at his intact left arms. But the pain still remained in his heart. 

“This place truly is what Leader Tang described. The senses are real. I just got bitten and almost couldn’t hold it. Is that how painful it would be to get bitten alive by the demonic wolf?” 

Lu Xiaopeng shuddered, “It seems that even if we can be resurrected after dying in the spirit space, we still feel the pain.” 

He glanced at the Survival Mode and wondered if there was any quit setting like the Training Mode, where you could quit after accomplishing the tasks. While the Survival Mode… he didn’t dare to enter. After brief contemplation, he decided to enter the Battle Mode. 

It was the same gray space. After equipping a set of basic equipment, he received a message. 

[Peng Bo challenges you to a duel. Accept? YES/NO]

 Lu Xiaopeng was stunned, “Fat Peng, how dare you provoke your superior??”

He didn’t hesitate and quickly accepted the duel request. 

A few seconds later, a fat man with a scar on his face appeared. Waved his hand, and a burst of yellow sand raised with his hand’s movement. He gripped the machete in his hand and rushed forward. Lu Xiaopeng had no time to react and was welcomed by a set of combos. 

Ten seconds later, Lu Xiaopeng, who had just been slaughtered, stood in a gray space. His heart palpitated fast. The death felt way too real. Just now, if he wasn’t directly spiked by the machete, he would remember the unpleasant memories. 

It took a while before he sighed, feeling relieved. But remembered Peng Bo’s smug face aroused his emotion. Enraged, he cast aside the fear of death. 

“He must’ve fought someone else! He rushed directly towards me! I was completely off guard!” 

He entered the Battle Mode again and was thinking of issuing a duel request to Peng Bo, but hesitated, “Peng Bo had special abilities though. Even if I wasn’t attacked by surprise, my odds of winning aren’t that high either…”

He wanted to duel again but was worried that another loss would be a disgrace. 

“I need to think of a strategy.” He muttered, suddenly he saw he could pick other equipment other than basic ones from the system UI.

He scrolled down and saw a wide array of equipment that was available. Swift Revolver, Greatsword of the Inferno, Frostmourne… 

Lu Xiaopeng’s eyes widened, “I could choose all of this?!” 

He tried tapping the swift revolver.

[1 spirit stone/0.5 contribution points, 1-day trial.] [3 spirits stone/0.5 contribution points, 7-day trial.] [0 spirits stone/5 contribution points, permanent.] [Note: Equipment selection is not part of the free trial benefit.]

“So, it’s really possible.” 

Lu Xiaopeng scanned over the corner of the panel, showing his remaining contribution point, a total of 8.35.

“So it’s not that expensive at all! It seems I don’t need to use the best equipment to deal with Fatty Peng. Hehehehe.” He selected the Swift Revolver 1 day trial, put on his equipment, and sent a duel request to Peng Bo. 


Outside, Tang Yu stood in the corridor. He was satisfied with the training camp, and the extra spirit stones added to his account. 

The 1 hour free trial period passed. Doors opened from the rooms on both sides of the corridors. The patrol members waiting for their turn started with anticipation. But found their eyes widened at sight. 

Lu Xiaopeng was the first to walk out, his face smiled heartily. After this, Peng Bo quickly rushed out, hollering. “Lu Xiaopeng, you bastard! Don’t walk away! Come! Fight me for another 300 rounds!!” 

He was enraged. After being abused by Lu Xiaopeng, he realized something was wrong. And found he could choose equipment from the system UI. However, when he spent contribution points to acquire high-grade equipment, his opponent didn’t show up.

Of course, he’s angry! 

After the first batch of people walked out, the patrols waiting outside rushed to ask questions. 

“The spiritual space felt too real. If it weren’t for the summonable display panel and the fact that you can be resurrected after death. you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s just an illusory space.”

“How does it feel to be resurrected after death? In the training ground, it hurts like hell when I was wounded by a demonic beast. I can’t imagine how it would feel to die once. I guess it’s not even close to real death, but I don’t want to die.”

“Yeah, but training where you can pick the strength or weakness of your enemy is rare. But unfortunately, an hour is too short! I was just about to do some epic battle when I was told that my time was up and kicked out from the spiritual space.” After he said that, he saw Zhao Ming beside him. Staring blankly at the wall, he patted his companion’s shoulder, “Zhao, what about you? What kind of opponent have you chosen?” 

Zhao Ming was startled, his entire body jumped just like a frightened rabbit, “Don’t… don’t-” 

Tang Yu sweatdropped. 

The others also looked with curiosity. 

What’s wrong with this man? 

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