My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 156


My Doomsday territory Chapter 156, What’s That!

North of the Lingdong Shelter, about twenty kilometers away, lay a vast mountain range.

The topography of the mountain range was intricate and complicated, and there were many dangers hidden within. Most Lindong mercenaries wouldn’t go deep into the mountain range. They just hunt on the outskirts of the mountain. 

From time to time, they would often find some alienated beasts. They’re different from demonic beasts. Demonic beasts meat is inedible. The materials from it were only valuable if it was a high-rank demonic beast. It was said that high-rank alienated beast flesh contained a lot of energy. If consumed by ordinary people, it would slightly improve their health condition. Alienated beast meat was becoming more popular in Lindong Shelter. 

A small team of 5 people carefully hiked through the mountain forest. 

“Be careful. 

We’ve entered the outskirts of the mountain range. Hopefully, things went well, and we can get back alive and well.” 

“Don’t worry, Captain. Although it’s our first time here, we’re not weak. We’ll be fine as long as we’re careful. We won’t earn much if we can’t find alienated beasts.”

“That’s right.” The others nodded their heads.

Originally, There were mercenary squads that were active near Lindong. But as the hunters’ numbers grew, the demonic beasts near Lindong were getting scarce, the surrounding town also looted. That’s why they went here to earn money.

“But still, we have to be careful.” The Captain said. “This area is dangerous. The demonic beasts here are stronger. We need too…” As they were speaking, a loud bang was heard from a distance. Immediately afterward, they heard a painful roar and saw the trees in front of them were broken and crushed. A giant beast, with the size of a small car, rushed out.

The beast’s body was bloated, with short and thick limbs. Its body was covered with a metallic luster, like a tank rampaging through the trees. Leaving a mess in its wake.

However, the Captain exclaimed in alarm, “That… is that a metal swallowing beast?”

Someone quickly reacted, “Captain, is that the kind of beast that swallows metal and then condenses it in its body to form a higher metal?”

The Captain nodded. “They said that that metal is hard and tough. Most importantly, its source of power conductivity is excellent. A piece of metal the size of a palm can be fetched for a high price at the shelter. We’ll be rich if we can get it.” After saying that, he shook his head in frustration. Clearly, their strength alone was no match for the metal swallowing beast.

“Wait, look at its abdomen! There’s some scorched black marks. Look over there! It’s true! There are people chasing after the beast! It seems they almost caught it.” 

Several silhouettes were traveling at a breakneck speed.

“That’s…” The Captain stared, “That’s the Flame Squad. Ah, no wonder. They’re an old top mercenary team. They said Wang Wu, the leader, has already broken through the Fifth Awakening Stage. It’s not that surprising if they could deal with the metal swallowing beast.”

Previously, they were about to scout the area and see if they could find some condensed metal the beast had left. Even if it wasn’t condensed, those metals would still fetch for a handsome price. But now, they didn’t dare to approach. They will be killed if they interfere with the Flame Squad’s hunting ground.

“Let’s leave while the Flame Squad is still busy hunting down the beast.”

The team members nodded and were about to leave when suddenly something happened.

A large net fell from the sky, enveloping the beast. Four sharp nails were punching deep into the earth, making the beast struggle to break free. No one knows what the net was made of to be able to hold such a powerful beast.

Wang Wu, who almost got the beast, was startled. “Who is it??”

A dozen big and burly men walked out from the woods, guarding an ordinary-looking young man. The young man didn’t look strong but looked thin and weak compared to his companion.

Wang Wu’s eyes widened, he immediately held up a defensive formation.

The passerby team in the distance was even more surprised. “Who are they? Why did the Flame Squad look scrupulous?”

The Captain was startled. He took a few steps back when he saw the young man. “Say, have you heard of the ‘Forgotten Bar’?”

“Forgotten Bar? That’s a big bar in the slum that had a large number of hunter thugs? So they’re from the Forgotten Bar? But they can’t handle such a strong mercenary squad, right?” The team members were puzzled.

“That’s right. The Forgotten Bar alone won’t be enough to defeat them. But do you see that man? He’s Gray Blade. The one that made these people terrifying.”

“They said after consolidating the Forgotten Bar’s power, he created the Forgotten Mercenary Regiments, which had peaked in the mission center rank recently. Although they’re not yet a top squad, and the other members weren’t experts, this Gray Blade man is extremely terrifying! They said no one targeted by him could survive.” 

The team inhaled deeply and looked at the scene. Indeed, he was different. A single man could carry an entire regiment. The members of the team couldn’t help but wonder and envied when they would have this kind of power?  

Right now, Gray Blade was staring at the metallic luster of the beast in front of him. “I finally found the Metal Swallowing Beast. The last materials the Lord needs to craft the Floating Chariot will be completed. Now, we need to find a way to transport the beast to the territory. But…” He glanced at Wang Wu and the others nearby, frowning. 

Wang Wu stared at Gray Blade. After hesitating, he suddenly revealed a ruthless color. He gestured to his squad members, who immediately shot with guns…

Not to Gray Blade. Instead, they aimed at a thread on the net connecting to one of the 4 nails. Sparks flew everywhere as the thread broke apart, the metal swallowing beast struggled more fiercely from the three remaining nails. The ground cracked with a bang. Debris flew in the air as the nails that had been firmly stuck deep inside the earth were set loose under the metal, swallowing the beast’s enormous strength. In the next moment, the metal swallowing beast riveted its power and dashed out from the net’s grasp. 

The charge momentum was unstoppable. It rushed out at a long distance in a flash. 

Gray Blade’s brow furrowed. The Lord had commanded that it would be better to capture the metal swallowing beast alive. Thinking of this, he couldn’t care less about the Flame Squad and the rest of the people. He hurriedly chased after the beast. Wang Wu and his squad also went after the beast. 

The strong hunters traveled fast in the forest. With Gray Blade on the lead, already about to catch up. Several experts weren’t willing to be left behind, closely following his trail, galloping above the trees.

Suddenly, a towering cliff wall appeared in front of them. The metal swallowing beast was running too fast and couldn’t control its movement so sudden, so it just crashed straight into it. 


The large rocks from above the cliff fell down. 

Just when everyone thought the metal swallowing beast was stuck beneath the collapsed rocks, they saw a large area of the rock wall cracked open inch by inch, like a glass. A huge hole over ten meters in diameter was exposed. A grey mist hovered like a whirlpool from the center of the hole, sucking the metal swallowing beast inside.

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