My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 16


Chapter 16 – Who the hell is that?

As soon as he ordered, his team began to raise their weapons.


A figure rushed to the men behind him. They were line up together, so when the long spear swept down, several of his team members were sent out flying.

The scene was a complete mess.

Han Jing’s eye widened.

This little accident just now was still in his acceptance range.

But now, he glanced and saw many of his members were already dead or injured.

How could these wild survivors possess such strength?

And how did they conceal their power? He didn’t even feel their hunter aura.

Of course Tang Yu would never answer to that.

No. 1 and No. 2 were not a hunter in the first place.

He intentionally just stood there, waiting to be found. But not for the purpose of attacking. He had secretly commanded No. 1 and No. 2 to sneak attack.

It was a mess down there.

The two survivors quickly ran away for their lives. No one could even stop them.

“Let’s do it!”

Several hunters who were running up the mountain also noticed something wasn’t right.

Instead of stopping, they sprinted even faster.

Elain held the staff and stretched her hands out.

On the tip of the staff, three large ice spikes were being condensed, forming an inverted triangle.

The ice spike hurled forward, leaving small trails of ice flower.

The coming ice spike stirred the hunters in panic.

They dodged and rolled away, trying their best to avoid them. But Elaine held absolute power over the ice spike. Not only she could control the ice spikes’ directional explosion, but she also had control on where the ice spikes were moving within a certain range.

“Pa pa pa pa!”

The ice spike burst and shattered, the hunters who had dodged in time were not killed by the direct impact, but many of them were frozen solid. Their entire body were covered with layer of ice.

Before they could even react, several more ice spikes flung toward them.

They were panicked, their bodies were stiff with intense fear.

Unable to dodge in time, they fell frozen on the ground like an ice statue.

Below the mountainside.

Han Jing’s men were after all an elite team. They soon got over their situation.

“Second squad, third squad, rain fire!”

“Da da da-“

Han Jing finally released a sigh of relief. With the display of power shown by those two, even if he stepped forward to battle, he wouldn’t have absolute victory. His biggest advantage now was firepower.

Perhaps a hunter had unlimited potential, but when faced with gunfire, their skin weren’t thick enough to stop the bullets. This was why Han Jing’s team still had an advantage.

Han Jing’s face suddenly stiffened.

The two men wearing armor did not dodged the incoming bullets. But the bullet just bounced away during the impact.

The bullets…bounced off?

Han Jing couldn’t believe it. Were those two really wearing armor?

No, no real armor could stopped the bullets. Not to mention the bullets left no trace on their armor!

What kind of armor was that?

Han Jing had worked for his boss for many years. But he had never seen such a strange phenomenon. Especially during the doomsday, his boss’ influence was big enough to get new equipment from the Academy of Sciences.

But even the Academy of Sciences couldn’t possibly manufactured such a thing. The bullets left the armor shiny clean with no marks.

In the meantime, the armored person had already leaned forward.

The air burst like a mini tornado when the man hurled his spear forwards.

Han Jing’s skin was numb, he sensed the approaching danger.

With his high experience in battle, he twisted his body and dodged. He barely avoided the attack.

The spear hit the ground, and the ground cracked.

Han Jing didn’t know how he did it, but beyond his expectation, his enemy’s strength towered over his own power!

He was terrified.

The task entrusted to him was certainly important. But it would be pointless if no one survived. The task of investigating the spirit stone mine had nothing to do with these people.

For the first time in his life, he regretted his action.

He dropped a smoked bomb, using his remaining team as a bait and quickly ran away.

His actions resulted in his remaining team members to be ashamed.

Their captain had escaped! Why should they continued fighting?

Particularly, some people saw the vice-captain with triple awakening strength was pierced into a skewer by the enemy’s lance. They were shocked and scared, they lost the will to fight.

“The devil-“

Some people ran away like they were chased by a ghost.

A team member carried a bazooka and shouted, “Die!”

The rocket left the bazooka, leaving fire trails and hurled frontwards.

The escaping Han Jing’s face showed excitement. Maybe they could dodge bullets, but try to block the rocket!

He wanted to cheer at his team members, but he didn’t stop.

The rocket was a surprise attack and No. 2 was too late to avoid it.

At the next moment, No. 2 stood firmly on the ground.


Smoke filled the surrounding air.

As it gradually dissipated, a figure appeared from the smoke, still standing. Only the tip of the spear was left with some black marks.

Han Jing had lost his hope.

There’s no way they were wild hunters!

Wild hunters didn’t have this kind of strength, nor could they possess such equipment!

He instantly speculated that those people were probably a team sent out by other big shelter, and their sole purpose was the spirit stone mine!

They were wrong!

Fortunately, he was hit by a rocket thus it bought some time to escape while the other armored devil was chasing down his other team members. With this chance, Han Jing could escape.

As long as he could reach where their vehicles were parked and hopped on, those two demons wouldn’t be able to catch his trail.

Even if the mission failed, his boss needed to know this current situation.

Han Jing looked around, there was another clever team member and Wang Tai who managed to escape.

From a team of twenty people, only three managed to escape alive. How unfortunate.

At this time, he also hated Wang Tai. If he had finished serving his purpose, he would’ve killed him.

He could see the three vehicles parked near the entrance of the resort.

Han Jing was relieved.

The other member who was closely behind him and Wang Tai sprinted even faster as they saw a new hope.

“Just like the lord said, they’d flee here.”

Behind the vehicle, two person walked out.

One person dressed in ordinary survivor clothes, and the other person was donned in black heavy armor.

The person exuded a powerful and oppressive momentum.

Wang Tai recognized one of them as a former hunter from his shelter, but the other one shocked him.

Not only of his armor, but his bloodthirst baleful Qi and the oppressive aura. Wang Tai felt like being dragged in waves, his face was pale.

Roger had released his fifth awakening aura.

The baleful Qi combined together with powerful fifth awakening aura. It seemed like the air went still.

Han Jing’s face was also pale.

Such a power, only could be matched with a few top ranked hunters even in Lindong.

Which gangster sent these people?

Han Jing didn’t know the answer to it, but he wasn’t willing to just sit down and waiting for his death. He held the dagger in both of his hand and was ready for a battle to the death.

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