My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 160


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 160, There are Some Crooked Nuts Here.

Tang Yu didn’t waste any time. His gaze quickly landed on that entrance hovering over the grey mist on the cave. 

After pondering for a while, he took out a small ball from his pocket, which quickly unfolded into a round basic puppet. Under his control, it walked into the empty cave. 

After a while, Tang Yu nodded, “Prepare to enter.” 

His gaze swept over the patrols members and the dozens of men under Gray Blade. “It could be dangerous inside. The more numbers we had inside, the better. Those under the Triple Awakening stage stay here, the rest, follow me.” 

Among the few patrol members he brought over, the Hammer Brothers and Peng Bo met the requirement. While among the big men, only Yan Dazhuang had reached the Triple Awakening Stage. 

The people left behind were disappointed, but they didn’t dare to object—especially the dozen men, who were still shocked by how ‘powerful’ the boss was. 

“You guys stay outside and guard the helicopter.” Tang Yu thought. “Your power alone might now be sufficient enough. So how about this….” 

Tang Yu spread a handful of small balls. With mechanical noises, round puppets unfurled and landed on the ground. Each spreading out and guarding the helicopter. 

That didn’t end there. 

He took out more small round balls and handed them over to the patrol members in charge of guarding the helicopter. “It contains basic combat puppets. In danger, throw them open, and they will respond to your voice commands.” 

Saying that Tang Yu led the rest of the people towards the cave. Their number was little, but no one dared to stop them. 

Silver Wolf and Warhammer, who originally wanted to be the first to enter, could only watch Tang Yu’s team walk by, their figures disappearing into the cave. They didn’t just sit idly, quickly following close behind the previous group and entered the cave. 

The rest of the mercenaries at the back hesitated, but finally followed in. Only a few people remained in the forest. They were hesitant due to various concerns.


It was as if walking through a chaotic, interlaced space. There was grayness behind. Only the bright light in front was guiding the people forward. 

Holding two swords, Sky walked at the front with a solemn expression. 

Tang Yu walked slowly in the middle of the group, guarded by Elaine on his side. The other followers also raised their vigilance.   



As if they just leaped out of the water, their body felt lighter. Looking again, they were already out of the spatial passage, standing in a wide square. 

The ceiling wasn’t the Sky, but a rock-like dome. The surrounding area was enclosed, but miraculously, it wasn’t dark. The surrounding rock walls and the dome were emitting a faint fluorescence. A hunter’s eyesight could clearly see the surrounding with this amount of light. 

At this time, the mercenaries at the back, including the two major Mercenary Regiments, kept their distance. Half alert, half curious to observe the surroundings. 

“There’s another cave in here. Sure enough, this isn’t an ordinary cave.”

“That’s right, maybe it’s a legendary cave? I don’t know, anything’s possible.” 

The plaza was huge. The crowd came in from one of the corners. Someone knocked on the rock wall and found it was really hard. Even when Tang Yu slashed it with a basic longsword, he could only create some sparks. 

Obviously, it’s an enclosed environment. Even the entrance which they just came in was invisible. Tang Yu guessed these entrances were one-way. And in the secret realm, there might be a fixed exit, or perhaps it was necessary to possess a particular essential item or a special method to open the way back.

However, he wasn’t worried. 

He threw a basic puppet inside as an experiment. Before throwing it in, he stuffed a Town Portal Scroll in the puppet’s hand and ordered it. Although he lost contact with the puppet as soon as it entered the cave, the puppet still faithfully carried out its duty and crushed the Scroll to return to the territory. Tang Yu could remotely control the territory, he naturally felt the puppet’s arrival. 

As long as he could use the Town Portal Scroll, there’s nothing to fear. 

On this trip to enter the secret realm, Tang Yu was worried if the others wouldn’t recognize the shape of the Rift Crystals, or if it would take some measures to collect it. Whichever reason, he had to gather it himself. 

The square was large, the crowd slowly moved forward. A passageway was vaguely seen under the rock wall in front of the square. It might be the only direction to move forward. 

Suddenly, there was a noise coming from the front. 

Tang Yu was stunned. The mercenaries had just dispersed, but it seemed… 

He walked towards the noise direction and saw it came from the opposite side of the mercenaries’ location. 

There were some mercenary squads here who entered together with him. But there were hundreds of people coming from the other side, all of whom were awakened. 

Tang Yu frowned. Could it be a grudgeful mercenary squad entered here to seek revenge? No, it didn’t seem like that was the case. In such an unfamiliar environment, there shouldn’t be someone that reckless.

At that moment, the group across the square spoke, “Chiliquala Asada Sado…”

Tang Yu, “……”

What kind of bird language is that?! 

He frowned. The light in this area was dim. And he hadn’t noticed the appearance of the hunters on the opposite side. Although they had the same beige skin color, they looked somewhat different from Chinese people from their distinctive appearance. 

They’re actually people from another country!

Someone on the opposite side noticed their language barrier and stepped forward, “Hua, Guo, Ren?” 

They were surprised, but that’s all they could speak in Chinese.

Tang Yu asked the system in his mind several times but didn’t get a response. Disappointed, Tang Yu had already expected this. This system won’t be reliable until a critical moment. 

The noise attracted more hunters. They were all surprised to see there were other people in this square. 

There were two regions from China here, as for the other countries… because of the language barrier, Tang Yu had no idea how many countries were here. Obviously, there were other passages into this secret realm! 

The group of hunters from different countries distanced themselves and moved forward, trying to avoid conflict. They continued walking towards the exit. 

Finally, Tang Yu saw the scene at the end of the square. 

There were many animal statues here, like a forest made of statues. After the statues, there were 4 entrances on the rock wall at the end of the plaza. 

The entrances were carved into terrifying fierce animal heads grinning with mouths opened wide. They were all connected to the spacious paths at the back. 

Tang Yu looked from left to right. 

There were Bear, Tiger, Lion, and Snake entrances. 

There were actually four different paths carved with various beast heads! 

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