My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 166


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My doomsday Territory Chapter 166, Transcendence.

“How long has this been going on?”

“It’s been about two minutes. Why do I feel something’s not right?”

“You’re right. Those heavily armored puppets weren’t that slow. They chased after us like crazy dogs.” 

Gradually. Five minutes have passed. And then 10 minutes… 

The hunters guarding the exits were nervous, afraid they won’t survive the battle. However, this time they were shocked to discover that the puppets chasing after them were gone! It just felt unreal… 

Some people suddenly felt relieved and dropped to their knees. These people weren’t in the same condition as Tang Yu’s team. They were chased by the puppets, and constantly being attacked by traps along the way, they barely survived. Some of them were heavily wounded, almost to the point of dying. 

“It feels so good to be alive.” 

The scene was quite touching. However, a person suddenly snapped them back into reality, “It’s too soon to celebrate your life. At least not until we can get out of here. Besides, if we continue staying here, even if we didn’t encounter any danger, we’ll still starve to death.” As soon he said that the hunters realized they lacked food supply. At best, it’s only good for emergencies. Their food could only last for a day or two. But no one actually knew how long they could get out from here.

Before coming in, they thought the entrance wasn’t a one-way path. Notably, a few well-informed hunters were secretly annoyed. They knew such a separate space was called a secret realm. But the problem is, isn’t there always an in and out access from the secret realm? Why is this one different? 

The crowd’s attention gradually shifted to the edge of the cliff. 

Obviously, the way to continue was to leap to the platform on the cliff’s other side. They could faintly see the opposite platform with a dark hole attached behind it through the dim light. 

But reaching the opposite platform was another problem that needed to be solved. 

Tang Yu was considering whether he should plan A, B, or CDEFGHIJ.

At that moment, a young man stepped out from the crowd. 

‘It’s Chen Feng.’ Tang Yu thought. 

He was still concerned about some of the famous hunters in Lindong and had ordered Gray Blade to gather some information. He knew what Chen Feng was planning to do. Chen Feng stood at the cliff’s edge, holding a rope in his hand, while the other end of the rope was being held by another team member. 

“When I fly over to the platform, tie the rope so you can climb over through it.” He said.

Using his wind control ability, the air currents surrounded him, slowly lifting him up. The wind fluttered his clothes and hair. Chen Feng accelerated with a woosh, his body flew straight from the cliff. 


“Crap! It’s a fog!” 

Chen Feng shouted and tried to control the blowing wind. However, it was in vain. His usual flying methods seemed useless at this moment. His body fell from the air faster and faster. The spectating hunters were stunned. They had never expected such a plot twist. 

The members of the Kamikaze Squad quickly held down the rope. Feeling the rope in their hands were dragging them down. Even the hunters who helped him hold the force couldn’t resist the enormous inexplicable force.

The rope snapped. 

There was a faint sound of heavy objects falling into the water. The members of the Kamikaze Squad looked down at the edge of the cliff, but all they could see was bottomless pitch darkness. 


The area around Yuncheng.

The large shelter that initially held people’s hopes was now in ruins.

The red fog was floating in the sky. From the ruined building, the howls of demonic beasts were rising and falling.

At this moment, in a mountain forest 20 to 30 kilometers away from the Yuncheng Shelter.

The Great Evil Eye was suspended mid-air, looking at the tree in front of it. A giant tree with white transparent, crystal-like leaves. Countless blood vessels waved behind the eyeball. “I’ve never thought that I would be so lucky to find an Ancient Spirit Tree. This is a great opportunity for our Evil Eye clan!”

The eyeball spun, the Great Evil Eye’s gaze swept under the giant tree where many demonic beasts were gathered. “Do scums like you all worthy enough to enjoy the benefits from the Ancient Spirit Tree?” 

It emitted a mighty oppressing momentum, like a violent wind swept across the field. Making the sand and stones fly, wreaking havoc to the nearby trees. Only the Ancient Spirit Tree growing over the Spirit Stone Mine was unscathed.

Unlike the usual berserk demonic beasts, these ones were languid and were resting below the tree. They had a rare panic look on their faces as the pressure swept over them. Numerous demonic beasts scattered to flee. 

A three-story-tall crimson demonic beast like a western dragon was shrieking with reluctance—a blazing red flame coming out of its mouth. 

The Great Evil Eye glanced towards the crimson dragon.


The high-level demonic beast, which clearly wasn’t weak, burst open like a balloon. Not even a single bone remained. The other demonic beast ran even faster. 

The group of Evil Eyes arrived at the bottom of the Ancient Spirit Tree. Squinting its eyes and felt power pervaded from around the ancient tree, slowly purifying its spirit, it felt warm. 

“Come here.” A clan member with dark red roots-like legs excitedly walked forward. Power bulged around the Great Evil Eye. Suddenly, the bright crystalline leaves of the Ancient Spirit Tree dimmed one by one. The spirit-purifying power was drawn by the Great Evil Eye and slowly injected into the crimson-legged clan member beside him. 

As if water was flowing into its body, the momentum of the elder clan member suddenly rose. Suddenly, the eyeball floated up. The root-like legs fell off from its bottom, turned into ashes, and dissipated into the wind. 

The clan member levitated and came to the Great Evil Eye’s side and spoke with simple words. “Elder… old…”

“It worked! Good! Good!!” The Great Evil Eye was delighted. He turned his eyes at the Ancient Spirit Tree. A small portion of the crystal leaves was dimmed, “Unfortunately, this tree is too young. So there’s not much power from it. But it’s enough.” 

Some of the clan members were still guarding the area around the Crack of the Abyss. 

The Great Evil Eye estimated the number of clansmen, withdrew some of the power from the Soul Ancient Tree, and injected it into the other clansmen.

Suddenly, the clan members’ aura of these grew stronger. They had become more agile. 

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