My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 174


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The garden square in front of the Lord’s Castle.

Suddenly a few silhouettes appeared after a flash of light. Tang Yu, Elaine, and the other followers had already experienced the Town Portal Scroll many times, so they weren’t surprised. But for the patrol members, it was their first time.

Peng Bo’s mouth was wide open. Before, he wondered why Vice-Captain Sky had given them this scroll and instructed them to tear it up when needed. The scroll looked exquisite, so why would he tear it up?

But he had never expected…

“Are we back at the shelter?”

They haven’t been in the Lord’s Castle yet. But looking at the surroundings, they recognized.

The Hammer Brothers were dumbfounded and nodded. “Yeah, I guess…”

As for Yan Dazhuang… well, he’s still petrified.


After the team recovered from their shock, Tang Yu dismissed them. Yan Dazhuang was led back to the patrol’s quarters by Peng Bo and the others. And the other followers took their leave and went to rest separately. They weren’t injured, but they looked exhausted. Zhor and the two super puppets were stronger than them. If they didn’t work together, they wouldn’t be able to resist for such a long time.


Recalling the two puppets, Tang Yu smiled and ran to the Castle’s storage room with a small step.

“Now then, it’s time to count the harvest.”

He took out his space backpack, shaking the backpack, and two lumps of metal materials were taken out, banging down on the room floor.

After the collapse of the secret realm, Zhor’s strength declined sharply. Even became weaker when he first appeared, as if originally he was drawing life energy from the rune formation. After the collapse of the rune formation, the gate collapsed, and the life energy flowed backward. Zhor was suddenly transformed into a weak chicken.

“Well, well. This ring wasn’t damaged a bit after such a spell bombardment.”

Obviously, the technology of this ring was very surprising. And Tang Yu somewhat understood Zhor’s surprise after realizing he couldn’t control the puppets. But right now, this ring was his. That was a fact. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t use it.

Tang Yu kicked the two metal lumps around him. The two super puppets’ power went out after Zhor’s death. He and his followers had somehow made some ‘modification’ so that the two puppets would fit in the space backpack. By ‘modification,’ he meant bending its arms and legs so the two puppets wouldn’t exceed more than one slot on the space backpack.

He pointed the ring a couple of times at one knight puppet, but nothing happened. Really, he should study how to use the right.

“Maybe I should give this ring to Kevin so he could study it. Although he wasn’t a puppet master, he should have some deeper understanding of it. So there should be no problem.”

“And for the two puppets…” Tang Yu pondered. He didn’t want to manipulate the puppet with the ring.

First, it’s risky. He had met Zhor. He might have encountered him again in the future. In case the battle was critical, and the puppet defected, then the outcome of this battle would be dangerous.

“If I sent them for some repair and modification in the workshop, can I brand it with the territory? Can I order it directly without the ring?” Tang Yu wasn’t sure. His eyes fell on another object in his palm. It was the last piece of loot he gained from Zhor.

A simple ring.

Compared to the ring that controlled the puppet, he would have missed this one if he hadn’t searched Zhor’s corpse back and forth.

“This should be the legendary Space Ring.”

It’s something he didn’t even have, even if he had several space backpacks, something was different from the ring.

Using a ring was a standard for the main character, that’s right!

But the problem was, how to use this ring?

With the previous puppet ring, it glowed faintly when he injected it with source power. Even if he used it recklessly, but that’s all that happened.

This time, Tang Yu invoked some source power in his body. After some time, he could finally transfer it to the pristine ring through his palm.

For a moment, the ring seemed to buzz and trembled a bit. Tang Yu finally activated the ring and saw what’s inside. It was indeed a space ring, about ten cubic meters of space.

Although it wasn’t as good as the space backpack, the space backpack’s general compartment was a fixed one cubic square meter.

This is a bit awkward. The space backpack couldn’t hold anything too large, even if it had fifty or a hundred cubic meters. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to bend the two puppets just to fit them inside.

There wasn’t much to see in the ring when Tang Yu swept a glance at it. He was disappointed.

“That Zhor guy looked wealthy, but it turns out he was just a poor puppet master! So disappointing!”

1 out of 5 stars! Definitely a bad review!

The items in the ring were all materials. He wasn’t illiterate now, so he could identify some of it, or at least he could identify the quality of those materials. But then again, they were all of the ordinary quality!

The value is quite good, but it’s too shabby compared with the self-proclaimed title ‘Zhor the King of Thieves’. There wasn’t even a single spirit stone inside the ring. Aside from Zhor’s research on the arts of puppets, the rest were basically junks.

Tang Yu couldn’t help but wonder why he called himself ‘King of Thieves’ if he had no stolen treasures? It doesn’t have to be mountains of stolen goods. There was not even a single stash of it.

What Tang Yu didn’t know was that Zhor was rich, filthy rich, once. He had given everything he had to build the secret realm, only to fail.

Tang Yu shook his head, stored the space ring in the storage room, and returned to the square garden with a gloomy mood. “Now, it’s time for a territorial upgrade.”

He opened the system panel and read the upgrade requirements. The system had taken the Rift Crystal, so he had no chance to take out the coffin and look at it one more time.


There were over a million units of spirit stones in the territory’s main warehouse. Right now, a portion of spirit stones disappeared as specks of light, and the energy was absorbed by the system until it reached the requirement.

[Ding! The Lord’s Castle is upgraded to Level 4.] [Lordship upgraded to Level 4.]

Nearby, another building suddenly emerged within the castle complex. They were expanding it wider. The original 5 stories’ main castle building was upgraded into 8 or 9 stories.

With this height, everyone could see the magnificent castle building from the resort villa entrance.

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