My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 18


Chapter 18 – Population Control

In the castle hall.

Tang Yu laid half way down on the soft sofa. His whole figure seemed to be absorbed in it.

“What a depraved way of life.”

After Tang Yu’s imminent spirit stone crisis was resolved, he relaxed a lot lately.

The method of looking for spirit stones from killing demonic beast was becoming more and more useless. It took time just to looking for it.

It’s becoming awkward.

While others desperately tried to stay away from demonic beast, Tang Yu was looking out for them instead.

Tang Yu finally understood why this place was deemed safe. The crack of the abyss was far away from here.

Except for the previous demonic wave, there weren’t a lot of demonic beast here.

His focus now shifted in collecting resource materials in the wild. Tang Yu no longer had expectations of encountering a demonic beast along the way.

In his mind, Roger sent him a message through the remote contact.

Chen Haiping was looking for him.

Suddenly, he remembered sending Chen Haiping to count the guns and ammo left by Han Jing’s team. As he just stumbled upon a treasure box, Tang Yu completely forgot about it.

“I see…” Tang Yu thought for a second, “Summon him to the castle.”


“I was summoned to villa No. 1?” Chen Haiping was a little surprised.

Villa No. 1 was a prohibited place. Only Mr. Tang and his team members were allowed to enter. He knew that he was indeed inferior to those masters, but he couldn’t help but envied them.

And now he’s worthy enough?

Back then in the previous shelter, he was always excluded because he was not one of Wang Tai’s subordinate. But now, in just a few days, Mr. Tang already trusted him.

Chen Haiping was touched.

At the same time, he was also curious about what’s inside of villa No. 1 as it was sealed as a prohibited area.

Following Roger behind, Chen Haiping walked past villa No. 3 and villa No. 2…

“The surrounding environment is basically the same. The only difference is it’s a bit cleaner than the…” Chen Haiping was thinking inside his mind while suddenly he stopped.

“Am I dreaming?”

Nearby, there was a castle in the place where villa No. 1 was originally placed.

This castle was of medium-size. It occupied a little more space than the original family villa, but all the villas here were of the similar architecture. But this one had changed into a castle. Chen Haiping thought his mind went crazy.

This castle wasn’t here before!

As he walked closer, he could see the castle more clearly. The castle’s silvery-white walls and dark blue spire roof seemed unreal, just like a castle out of a fairy tale.

Chen Haiping hesitated for a second. He finally stretched his hand to knock the exterior wall.

It was solid hard.

The gate of the castle was opened.

He followed Roger and walked in.

As soon as he stepped past the door, it felt like he had entered another world.

The outside world was in the hot summer, the summer breeze was so hot it would make people want to vent their desires to rampage on things.

All the dry summer heat dissipated and was quickly replaced by an extremely comfortable temperature. As if he was soaked in a fresh river, a cool breeze blowing on his cheeks.

Even the air was filled with a subtle fragrance that calms the heart and nerves.

Chen Haiping felt his nerves relaxed and all his tiredness had been lifted up.

Of course, he knew this was just an illusion, but the environment here was really comfortable.

“Is an air conditioner installed in here? But even the cooling effect from an air conditioner is nowhere this good.”

He secretly thought about it and immediately felt something on his feet.

A luxurious red carpet covered the whole floor, the wooden furniture exudes a faint sandalwood scent, and the wall lamp decorated the wall like a glimmering crystal.

Chen Haiping became suspicious on how he had lived his life.


“Mr. Tang, the total counts from the looted firearms and ammunition have been calculated. There are 23 pistols of all kinds, a variety of 15 automatic rifles, one portable rocket launcher, five rounds of remaining rockets, several grenades, and thousands of bullets.”

Chen Haiping smiled while thinking of these weapons, “With these many guns, it will be much easier to rebuild the shelter.”

“Precisely. And more than that, I found two light machine guns, some automatic rifles, etc. And also found something good.”

“Something good?” Chen Haiping showed a confused expression as he saw Tang Yu took out a long weapon under the table. “This… this is sniper rifle! An M99 semi-automatic sniper rifle! Where did you get this thing? This weapon could blast a demonic beast from some yards away!”

This kind of rifle could be very deadly. It’s able to fatally wound a demonic beast. If it’s used correctly, there might be some other function available from this weapon.

“Good.” Tang Yu nodded. “It’s yours now.”

“Mi-mine? But this is too precious.” Chen Haiping was shocked.

Nevertheless, Tang Yu pushed the sniper over to him.

“Your marksmanship is good. Only you can truly maximized its potential. If you don’t feel worthy, then consider it I only lend this to you. But it won’t bury the fact that only you can use it to kill demonic beast.”

This sniper rifle was wasted on Tang Yu’s hand since he could not use it. Roger and Elaine also wouldn’t need it.

This weapon was merely an ornament if they couldn’t utilize it.

Luckily, among them all, Chen Haiping was skilled in firearms. Tang Yu had seen Chen Haiping killed a demonic beast with a pistol.

“Yes.” Chen Haiping took a deep breath, “I won’t disappoint my leader, and I will make use of this weapon.”

He solemnly put away the sniper rifle and suddenly a thought flashed in his mind. “Leader, those people were sent by Lindong shelter. Now that they’ve come here, their boss won’t give up.”

He worriedly asked Tang Yu’s countermeasure.

“Countermeasure? Don’t worry too much. The big boss is not a military leader and he had no army. No matter how strong they were, as long as it’s not a modern army, it won’t possess much threat to us. They were defeated here. The Lindong boss must understand the situation clearly. It would take some time for them to get back here again. In short, don’t worry about it.”

Chen Haiping felt a little anxious, but when he looked at Tang Yu and Roger, none of them showed any worried expression. On the contrary, Roger looked murderous.

He originally wanted to persuade them from moving the shelter, but now he just went silent.

The big boss in Lindong had stronger army than theirs. However, leader Tang didn’t seem to be a reckless person.

From the very beginning, he felt the idea of establishing a shelter here was too bold. But step by step, he believed Tang Yu had a special ability.


Leader Tang still had a hidden card to deal with the Lindong boss?

Chen Haiping couldn’t figure what it was, but he believed him anyway.

He no longer had thought about leaving.

If he left, he didn’t have to worry about Lindong boss, but Chen Haiping didn’t want to continue living in such a world.

He had to do something.

He wanted to help leader Tang establishing a shelter, whether it’s for fame, profit, or simply for the belief in his heart, he wanted to try it.

Failure was not a terrible thing. Terrible thing was when human lost their knowledge, living like a zombie.

If Chen Haiping couldn’t persuade leader Tang to move the shelter, the best he could do was to help him establish it.

Training the survivor with marksmanship would certainly improve the defense power of the shelter.

The rest of it would be depending on leader Tang’s hidden card and to destiny.

“With due respect, Mr. Tang. We still have too few manpower, even these guns cannot be utilized fully.”

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