My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 183


Number 1 stood in the lab, naked and expressionless as if it was a human statue.

It was a female hunter, her hair had been shaved, every inch of her skin was exposed to the air.

Her wheat-colored skin was streaked with countless thumb-thin purple stripes, writhing like reptiles, leaving no skin intact. It looked bizarre and inexplicable.

This was Number 1, his most successful experimental subject. Perfectly embedded with the demonic beast genes, he had implanted into the subject’s body.

Professor Zheng’s eyes were glowing, scrutinizing it, gazing at those weird purple streaks as if looking at the most wonderful thing in the world.

“Very good, very good, with this perfect experimental subject, I’ll soon be able to create more Beastly Warriors…”

Originally, without the experimental material provided by Lin Wei, it would take a lot of time for this plan of his to succeed.

He was lucky that the experimental subject and demonic beast genes perfectly matched. 

Under the round frame glasses that reflected the silver light, Professor Zheng gazed with both eyes, as if penetrating the subject’s skin, bones, internal organs, cells, genes…

His special ability to gaze to an extreme extent and even could see the changes in cellular genes was his special ability.

The success of Number 1’s experiment was small. Yet, Professor Zheng’s special ability could take this coincidence and turn it into a real possibility.


The computer next to the screen that had fallen into hibernation mode awakened, revealing a desktop with numerous folders in it.

“Oh? Has the field test on 2 and 3 been completed?”

Using the experience of Number 1, Professor Zheng quickly created Experiment Subject Number 2 and 3.

Although the genetic match rate was not as high as Number 1, the stability wasn’t perfect. However, as a weapon, he was satisfied enough with numbers 2 and 3’s strength.

He received the file from the testing department, a video recorded in the field. On the screen, a bald man was confronting a powerful alienated beast.

The alienated beast looked like it was mutated from a wild boar. Two stories tall, as if it was a small mound, with smoke spewing from its nostrils.

He was charging towards the bald man like a fast train. The man didn’t flinch or dodge, staring straight at the huge thing in front of him.

His mouth split open up to his earlobes, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth, his eyes were milky white, looking very frightening.

His shirt burst open violently. Several flesh-colored tentacles stretched out from his back, like swimming snakes, extremely fast, whooshing out dozens of meters in length.

Like steel needles and fiercely stabbed into the mutated boar.

The wild boar’s fur, which was as hard as an armored car, was like paper mache before these flesh-colored tentacles.

The tentacles pierced deeply into the body of the mutated wild boar. It howled miserably. 

Experiment Subject 2 didn’t move, but the tentacles seemed to be sucking on something. The fleshy tentacles were touching the boar’s fur constantly expanding and contracting.

In just a few seconds, the alienated boar’s body shrank, its blood had been emptied. The bald man’s long tongue licked his sharp teeth, revealing a satisfied after-dinner smile.

The screen turned. This time, it was Number Two two himself who was holding the camera. He advanced and narrated as he went along.

He even turned back and cracked his mouth at the camera from time to time.

Just like a tour guide describing the surrounding sights.

However, there wasn’t any pleasant scenery around Number 2. Instead, there were hideous-looking demonic beasts densely packed in the area.

Sometimes when the surrounding area was blocked by demonic beasts, Number 2 just calmly squeezing past the demonic beasts. It was just like a herd of demonic beasts, but No. 2 was in no man’s land.

Demonic Beasts were the most sensitive to human scent, and devouring humans was an instinct engraved in their genes.

Yet right now, Number 2 was walking through the group of Demonic Beasts, as if he was a Demonic Beast himself.

“Having a great strength and the demonic beast didn’t attack. This experiment is indeed a success! This is the New Human! The correct direction of research!

Those puny people who didn’t even dare to perform experiments with a human body… how could you possibly imagine the secrets that lurk among humanity?!”

“It’s a great honor for those experiment subjects for their contribution to this research!”

Professor Zheng laughed madly. In the end, he frowned again. Indeed, he had succeeded. But only two successful experiments weren’t enough. What he wanted was an army of them.

“I ran out of test subjects. The only ones left were the useless ordinary humans. But still, the most suitable ones are hunters…”

Before, it was Lin Wei who continuously sent the experiment subjects. But what can you expect from a dead man?

As the supreme person in charge of the lab, despite the large size of the place and a large number of personnel, almost all of them were researchers with little combat power.

The remaining few combat hunters were still the personnel Lin Wei had sent to protect him. He said that they were his guard, but in fact, they were also personnel who were monitoring him.

“Now that we have Numbers 1, 2, and 3, our combat power is more than enough…”

Professor Zheng opened the map on his computer. It was a detailed map of the Lincheng area. It wasn’t just numerous dangerous areas recorded on it, but the many shelters in this area were also marked in detail. His gaze fell on some of the small shelters in the surrounding area.

“Each of these shelters has at least hundreds of survivors, the efficiency of capturing the hunters is much faster than capturing people in the wild.”

“As for the danger…”

Professor Zheng knew that if something happened to a large number of small shelters, it would certainly attract Lindong’s attention, by then, trouble would arise. However… 

“What if we used the Beastly Warriors to cause a demonic wave and quietly plunder the survivors away?” 

This way, even if too many shelters fell and caused Lindong to be on alert, they would only find out that a demonic beast wave had caused the trouble.

Even if they took some extra measures, Professor Zheng would already have enough hunters in his hand. 

Steeply, his gaze fell on one of the small shelters with a red circle on it. 

Tree Shade…

Professor Zheng pondered. For a moment, he had the urge to cause a demonic wave to attack the shelter. 

“No, their strength is far too powerful even Lin Wei was defeated there. Even if they truly had some kind of secret power, now isn’t the right time to find it out.”

“My top priority should be looting enough experimental subjects to prepare the next stage of the Beasilization plan. Messing with the Tree Shade Shelter would only cause trouble, and they won’t be annihilated from just a simple Demonic Wave.”

Shaking his head, he just gazed at the dot representing the Tree Shade Shelter for a long time. 


Lindong Shelter.

After reaching a mutual agreement, the supply exchange began. The staffs were busy with an entourage. 

The Vice Leader from Hengcheng, as well as some of the expert hunters in convoy, visited Lindong’s barracks under the guidance from Lindong Military’s Second Battalion Commander. 

The barracks were located northwest of the shelter, covering quite a large area. They walked to the training area. There wasn’t much to see.

But for hunters, ordinary training equipment was junk. They should exercise with routine training.

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