My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 189


The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. There seemed to be a cold wind blowing past, and everyone else looked up in amazement.

The thick brown strong man seemed like a frustrated daughter-in-law, against the boss lady who held her head high, their expectations were turned upside down.

It’s because they weren’t strong enough.

The man had reached a certain level. At the previous moment, he sensed the deadly danger. He understood if the woman didn’t hold back, at least he would be fatally injured.

Even their Leader won’t be able to fight against the woman. He admits it from his heart. He couldn’t fight back anyway. The man felt that he didn’t have difficulties in making a choice.

Taking advantage of the situation, he tried to say. “I wonder if we could be introduced to the Shelter’s Leader?

We have brought a lot of goods from the Hengcheng Shelter this time. I believe there will be a lot of items that will be useful for your shelter.”

He looked at the boss lady with anticipation. With her strength, she should have a close relationship with the Shelter’s Leader.


Lorraine set the bottle down on the table next to her and nodded in satisfaction.

Sure enough, he was shocked by her fierce appearance. She slightly raised her eyebrows, “A lot of goods? How many?”

“There are five big trucks on it already on the way. If that’s still not enough, we still have more. Firearms, sharp weapons, some special materials including materials, plant seeds, and so on. You can say we have everything. Such a deal would greatly benefit your shelter.”

With her hand resting on her elbow, and the other on her chin, Lorraine fell into deep contemplation. She was only summoned today and had no deeper knowledge about the territory.

But she recalled Winnie mentioned something. But that didn’t really matter; what mattered was in front of such a big deal, all she had to do was find a random logistics officer.

She possessed the contact method, it was a gadget given to her by Winnie. She said it’s a newly developed device by the Equipment Department.

As long as they were within a certain range, the two sides could contact each other. But right now, only a handful of people were equipped with the device.

It wasn’t that difficult to get into it. However, she didn’t want to be caught up in this mess. After all, her job was bartending. “But well, the contract said I’m still a follower. There’s an obligation to do the Lord’s bidding and contribute the territory…

….Before, the Lord asked me to take up the position of sniper coach. I refused. But now as, a follower, if it’s a territory related matter and I ignored it, the result won’t be pretty. If he was angry, the Lord could have used the contract’s power to punish me…”

Shaking her head, Lorraine tried to shake off the not-so-pretty images in her mind. She was just feeling a little bit depressed.

Even if she had borrowed the money for her own merit, she would have to pay it back to the Lord.

Turning her head, she nodded, “In that case, I can contact the person in charge of that for you.”


The cold wind blew.

Mustache man and the others crouched not far from the bar in boredom. Their fingers are drawing circles in the dirt. They stole a glance at the Soulfire group nearby, their heart still disappointed.

“Things are happening too fast!”

The Soulfire made a request for a deal, and the three of them won’t just sit idly. After acknowledging their defeat, the Soulfire didn’t dare to use their power to oppress others.

In other words, both parties had the opportunity for a deal with the shelter.

The mustache man and the other two leaders nodded in unison.

“Fortunately, it’s a rather fair competition. So, we won’t lose against Soulfire.”

Even though most of the goods they brought from Hengcheng City were good, they were oppressed by those big guys at Lindong Market. But now, they had a chance.

It depended on whose goods were more favored by Tree Shade!

As time passed by, the crowd crouched outside the bar, looking around. Waiting for the person in charge appeared.

They were helpless. After the lady boss granted their request, she told them to wait outside the bar.

The commercial district had only recently started its construction, so the surrounding area was desolate and dark.

But the Night Bar nearby was brightly lit with music and noise coming from the inside. One side was lively, the other was lonely and isolated.

The mustache man and his companion felt abandoned. They didn’t know when the person in charge would arrive, but they didn’t have the guts to go inside and ask the boss lady again.

The mustache man thought he was really lucky he didn’t do anything stupid earlier. If he had gotten in a fight with the boss lady, he would probably become a permanent resident of the Tree Shade Shelter… in a graveyard, of course.

“I hear you have a big business deal to discuss?”


“It’s us!”

The people on both sides raced to answer. They were afraid if they’re slower, this opportunity would be taken away from them.

Only then, they saw the visitor clearly. It was a young woman wearing black-rimmed glasses, dressed in formal black silk, just like a pre-doomsday career woman. Yet, she was an ordinary person.

Both sides were disappointed. Not only they couldn’t get to meet the Leader of this shelter, but now they actually sent an ordinary person to deal with them?

Although they were disappointed, neither side showed it. If it was just a one on one business deal, they would have expressed their thoughts. But right now, they were competing!

The Tree Shade Shelter had an option to choose one of them.

At the slightly weaker party, the mustache man didn’t dare to make a scene. He could only speak the words they had carefully prepared before.

Coming back to his senses, he flipped open a small booklet that recorded their goods and handed it to the woman. “I’ll start by introducing some featured goods, such as this one.”

He pointed to the most obvious weapon on the first page, “This is the new type of rocket launcher developed by Hengcheng Military, paired with armor-piercing rockets, it could deal with huge, thick-furred demonic beasts in a single hit. Its devastating damage is huge enough to wound a Fourth Awakening demonic beast.”

“We also have this specially designed shield to block demonic beast attacks. We added special materials in it, so even Triple Awakening demonic beasts will have a hard time destroying the shield.”

“There’s also this… this… and this…”

The mustache man spoke slowly. He was satisfied to have a chance before Soulfire. It was horrible. But as long as their unique and rare goods could leave an impression on the Tree Shade Shelter’s Leader, perhaps they didn’t need to worry about Soulfire anymore.

The corners of his mouth smirked, waiting for the woman’s expression to change.

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