My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 20


Chapter 20 – Is this a shelter?

Up on the sky.

The sun hung high.

In a small village not far from the shelter, several teenagers gasped and panicked.

“Just now… It was too dangerous. When I smell a rotten demonic wolf, I thought I was going to die!” A young man with terrified expression said.

A young girl next to him was already paralyzed on the ground. “You had it better. I fell and the wolf almost had me.”

The girl had freckles across her face. She was of medium height and appearance. But as she gasped for air, her full bosom went up and down in a sensual way.

“Thanks to senior brother Xiaopeng, you really are a hunter.”

“Of course!” Lu Xiaopeng stroked his messy hair and put on a boxer posture. “I’m a natural hunter who awakens on my own effort, which is rarer and way more powerful than those hunters that were awakened by auxiliary devices! How could such a lowly beast match my power?”

“But senior Xiaopeng didn’t even fight the demonic wolf.” The freckled-face girl said weakly said.

Lu Xiaopeng smiling face suddenly sunk.

When he was first being awoken, he was still in full spirits. He fantasized about punching demonic wolf, kicking the demonic tiger, and stepping up to become a top hunter. But the reality gave him a blow down to earth.

When they encountered a demonic wolf on the road, he didn’t feel it was strong. Turned out he couldn’t beat it.

Lu Xiaopeng’s eyes could keep up with the demonic beast’s movement, but he couldn’t avoid its attack. Even with a hunter’s strong physique, he was still wounded. If that wasn’t the case, their group wouldn’t had to flee with such a shame.

Fortunately, after running for a while, the demonic wolf lost track of them and they didn’t encounter another demonic beast.

After a while, they began to observe their surroundings.

This was a village. It’s very quiet and no sign of demonic beast activity was shown on this neighborhood. Several people couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where should we go now?”

As soon as the words slipped out, the rest of them went silent. Some people sighed. “Yeah, we used to travel with the army. But after we got separated from them, we’re not just lost, we also lost our protection. If it weren’t for senior brother Xiaopeng being a hunter, we’re probably still stuck hiding on that room.”

They ran out of food and supplies. If they continued to hide, they would certainly starved to death. In the end, they decided to left and looked for a shelter. The only way to truly understand danger was after you walked out from comfort zone. Not to mention they didn’t know how to get to Lindong. It only took a few ten of kilometers to make them feeling desperate.

“Wait, look over there!”

Someone wearing glasses suddenly pointed to the distance. Several people followed the direction. It was an ordinary cottage. Which was no different from the surrounding cottages.

“It’s just a house…” Lu Xiaopeng’s gaze suddenly stopped. His eyes widened as he looked at the large ugly handwritings painted with a black paint on the cottage’s side wall.

“Tree Shade shelter, 3.5 kilometers northwest. A shelter filled with food and safe place. Welcoming all survivors.”

Tree Shade was the name of the original resort villa.

After the doomsday, most shelters used their original site names. For example, Lindong shelter was established on the site of Lindong County.

Tang Yu’s wasn’t a famous man. Naturally, he had adopted the shelter’s original name.

The name was not important. The important thing was whether it could attract survivors or not. Compared to shelters with bad names such as Hotpot City shelter, Third Subway Entrance shelter, Dafafa (supermarket) shelter, Tree Shade shelter was a pretty decent name.

Lu Xiaopeng read this words as several people exchanged glance with each other.

“Tree Shade shelter? Is this shelter nearby?”

“Why do they wrote a shelter message in a place like this? Why do I feel this is a hint of unreliability?”

“The word is hideous, but it might be true. Tree Shade shelter. Somehow it feels familiar. Right! There was a Tree Shade resort villa nearby. That must be the place!

After some consideration, several people decided to check this so called Tree Shade shelter.

Without food and weapon, they couldn’t go to Lindong shelter. This shelter was their only choice.

The shelter wasn’t far from the village, and they rarely encountered demonic beast along the way.

Lu Xiaopeng and his classmates had some experienced in avoiding demonic beast. They finally came to the villa resort’s entrance safe and sound.

There were also a few large handwritings painted with black paint, welcome to the Tree Shade shelter!


They looked at the resort villa. Half of the gate already collapsed and the surrounding walls had already trampled by some kind of beast. Its original appearance was barely recognizable.

“Is there really a shelter here?”

Lu Xiaopeng yelled with anger, he felt deceived.

“Look!” The classmate wearing glasses pointed out his finger. “There were barbed wire and destroyed guns. Maybe once there was a shelter here.”

Others also heard their classmate’s voice. Once. It meant that it was already destroyed. Combined with this tragic scene in front of them, at this moment everyone seemed to picture the view in front of them. The tragedy that struck the shelter when it was attacked by demonic beast.

“We shouldn’t go in.” The freckled-face girl was terrified. She was afraid there might be a terrifying demonic beast lurking inside.

In the end, Lu Xiaopeng decided, “Let’s go check this place. I don’t think there’s a powerful demonic beast here. Don’t you notice we rarely encountered demonic beast along the way?”

His classmates were just ordinary people. They weren’t brave. Every time they saw a demonic beast from the distance, they would be scared to death. They never took notice on how many demonic beasts they had encountered along the way.

But Lu Xiaopeng was different. He was a hunter. Even if in real life he was a hunter who couldn’t even defeated a demonic wolf, he naturally calmed down. Even though he actually never counted the demonic beast they had encountered along the way, he could detect the frequency of encountered a demonic beast was getting lower.

It was the same glasses boy who thought for a while and said, “I agree. We should go take a look. Even if the shelter was destroyed, we might found some food and supplies.”

They ended up walking into the resort.

The villa areas were only cleaned of the demonic beast. Most places still maintained their original appearance with collapsed villas, dried up blood, and some human limbs that had not yet been cleaned up.

Lu Xiaopeng and the rest of the group went pale, but fortunately, this wasn’t their first time witnessing such a tragic scene. They could take this.

Someone noticed something abnormal.

“Look! There are new tracks here. And there’s a fresh demonic beast carcass. Although some parts have been taken away, there are clearly some survivors here!”

“There’s a trace of someone cleaning up there. It looks like the shelter had somehow survived the crisis. But judging at this surrounding environment, this shelter obviously had lost a lot of man, and it’s no longer safe.”

They wanted to go to the shelter. At least they needed to find a safe place.

This shelter was almost destroyed. Even if some people survived, could it still be called a shelter? Obviously, there was a demonic beast wave attack here before. That means, if another wave struck in the future, they probably wouldn’t survive!

For a while, they had the same thoughts.

But they had arrived and there’s sign of survivors here. Whether they stayed or not, they decided to check it first.

The group walked deeper into the resort area. They could see more traces of human activity. Here, the surrounding area had been cleaned up from the demonic beast carcass and human remains.

But they still hadn’t encounter any survivor.

“Listen! There’s a voice!” Lu Xiaopeng whispered and pointed to a nearby corner.

Sure enough, strange sounds sometimes could be heard from the hidden corner.

Was it a survivor or a demonic beast?              

They cautiously stepped forward, and finally headed to the nearby corner and saw what it was.

There were two unknown ‘species’ warped in black iron skin. Its torso was round just like a ball. Their arms were larger than a full grown man’s arm. They looked powerful with an explosive power.

The iron-skinned creature was holding a long sword and waved it. A stone was evenly split in two and fell. But the iron-skinned creature didn’t stop, it continued to wield the long sword. Cutting the stones into small size.

The whole process was simple and neat!

The seemingly ordinary long sword was like a magic weapon. It chopped the stone as if it chopped a butter. Lu Xiaopeng could even clearly see the cut parts of the stone. It was smooth like a mirror!

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