My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 213


In the distance.

Some of the students ran out of the forest in a rush, with fearful expressions. 

The gunshots were still continuing, growing intense and louder. 

After the students, the guards who were dressed in matching uniforms also retreated. 

“Shoot. Steady! Hold on!” 

“There’s a quick demonic beast bursting in. Melee team, take it out!” 

It happened suddenly. The martial arts school had never expected to encounter a group of powerful demonic beasts in a low-risk danger-zone.

They had already planted explosives nearby beforehand to deal with an unexpected situation.

But these demonic beasts were stronger than they had expected. The explosive they planted before couldn’t kill or even injure the beasts. And the guards couldn’t withstand their attacks. 

“First Guard Groups, sent three teams to help. The last two teams maintain order. Don’t panic, it’s not a big problem! I want the masters to work together to finish off those demonic beasts!” The head of the Martial Arts School shouted loudly. 

Their group was the strongest core group present, with quite a few masters that had followed out for the outings.

When the other group encountered sudden danger, they retreated towards this group to seek help according to the premade emergency treatment plan. 

Many hideous-looking demonic beasts rushed out of the forest. They roared as they approached the students.

Fortunately, with the guards’ coordination, they were able to maintain order and slowly retreated from the forest. 

The other group of guards also hurriedly working. Machine guns roared, launching rockets with a flame trail and exploded with a blazing fire rage. 

The demonic beasts raging attacks were contained. 

However, a few stronger demonic beasts dashed through the rain of bullets, posing a huge threat to the guard group. 

At this time, the headmaster wearing animal skin clothing narrowed his eyes. His body flickered, suddenly appearing in front of the demonic beast that had broken through their defense line.

He wore special gloves on both hands, punching out the demonic beast—the punch striking through the air, sending ripples throughout the area. 


The head of the demonic beast was dented, and in the next moment, its body burst open, spilling a blood rain mixed with pieces of flesh all over the ground.

It’s just the beginning. The headmaster’s figure flickered again and appeared in front of a stronger demonic beast. He punched out the beast, killing it from a single punch.

Seeing this, the students were no longer panicked. They stopped fleeing and stared at the battle scene.

Some even commented on the situation.

“As expected from the headmaster. His strength is beyond explanations! Even those guards need to work together to contain a beast, but the headmaster killed a beast in one punch! He’s mighty!”

“Yeah.. when can I have at least one-half.. no, one-third of the master’s power? Hmmm, once I finish my education here, I’ll show my power to my brother and see if he still dare to call me trash! My power will shock everyone!”

The headmaster was relieved after seeing the herd being suppressed. 

No students died.

There’s no danger.

Even this unexpected incident could highlight their popularity even more. Proving they were capable of protecting their students during an outing to the wilderness. But… where did these demonic beasts come from?

Obviously, they had checked this area thoroughly before. There were not many demonic beasts or stronger demonic beasts in this area. Did the investigation team slack off their jobs?

The headmaster’s eyebrows furrowed again at the thought. Blowing off another demonic beast’ head to pieces again as the students cheered.

The chubby girl patted her huge chest. “Fortunately, we were placed below the headmaster’s group. If we were in that group just now, I would be scared to death-“

She didn’t finish her sentence, staring at something, her eyes widened.

A gray shadow flashed in the distance.

The headmaster, who just punched a demonic beast to death, was blasted. His body flew backward and crashed into a nearby mound. The mound cracked and sunk, gravel falling down.

The people who saw the scene all cried out in alarm.

Chen Xiaojia looked at the headmaster whose body was half-buried in the rubble. And I was shocked. “What just… happened?”


The headmaster blasted through the rubble. She was looking disheveled, with blood on his mouth.

His calm temperament disappeared as he charged towards the gray shadow.

After tearing two guards apart, the gray shadow saw the headmaster stood up again and approached him, step by step.

The beast’s body was similar to a tiger, with an extra pair of wings on its back. Its red eyes were intently staring at the headmaster, like a hunter locking his prey.

“It’s… a Winged Demonic Tiger!” The chubby girl screamed in terror. Her voice trembled with terror.

“Tiger…what now?” Chen Xiaojia had never heard of it.

The chubby girl explained, “The Winged Demonic Tiger is a very high ranked demonic beast.

The first recorded strength of this beast is at the Fifth Awakening Stage. But the one in front of us is clearly stronger. And the strongest one ever recorded was… at the Tenth Stage!”

She looked at the grey figure in the distance with a terrified expression. “The Winged Demonic Tiger is strong, fast, and could fly. There will be nowhere to escape once you’re targeted by this beast, unless… you can kill it.” 

The headmaster was very strong. He attacked again.

Most of the students, and the guards, couldn’t see the movement of the headmaster and the Winged Tiger.

But the headmaster was blown away from time to time. One could clearly see that he was on the losing end. They had no idea how long he could resist.

Several other powerful demonic beasts were helping the Tiger. Their strength was far below the Tiger, but they still could crush the guards. 

One of the guards was holding a combat knife. Nervously watching as the brown figure rapidly moved nearby.

His eyes stared intently to keep up with the enemy’s movement, but in the next moment, he covered his throat and fell to his knees, gurgling out blood.

The headmaster himself was suppressed. He couldn’t protect them. The other masters, who were stronger but were far beneath the headmaster’s power, could barely resist the demonic beast attacks.

The guards fell dead one by one.

They were not weak. Most of them were at the Double or Triple Awakening Stage.

They were considered ordinary at most mercenary regiments. But they didn’t join the high paying regiments. Instead, they chose safer options to be guards.

They thought guarding was a safe job.

No one expected such a situation would happen.

It’s possible to fight against a weak demonic beast, but against a beast this strong?? The headmaster can go to hell!

Most of the guards instantly fled, leaving only a small number of guards belonging to the core groups struggling to survive. 

More demonic beasts had already broken through the guards’ defense and pounced on the students who were in a daze.

The headmaster was pale. “It’s over. It’s all over…”


Chen Xiaojia and the chubby girl ran as fast as they could. They gasped for breath. When they glanced back, they could see their fellow students being torn apart by the demonic beasts, screaming. 

Some of the students could only watch as they were being eaten alive by the demonic beasts bit by bit from their legs.

The scene terrified most students.

Their legs trembled, losing their ability to escape.

Despite being in a slightly better state, the two girls were also terrified of death and run away frantically.

“Shit! It’s a dead-end!”

They ran into a dead-end valley, with steep cliff walls stopping them. In a normal situation, they could just climb the wall with their hunter’s physical strength. But now, there were too many demonic beasts chasing after them.

Some of the other students who ran into the valley turned pale as he fled to the other routes.

At this time, a gray figure emerged from the air.

A tiger with white wings.

“It’s the Winged Demonic Tiger!”

They were not sure if it’s the same one that their headmaster was facing, but one thing for certain, its aura was too powerful that it made them breathless.

Chen Xiaojia’s brain went blank. She instinctively used her vein ability to restrict the beast but was easily broken by the beast’s sharp claws.

The chubby girl held Xiaojia’s hands and stepped back, step by step, until she reached the edge of the cliff wall. She suddenly thought of something and spoke with chattering teeth. “Xi… Xiaojia… didn’t you say… does your cousin give you something?”

The Winged Tiger landed on its four limbs and approached slowly, step by step. 

Some of the students screamed in fear, some collapsed to the ground and peed themselves. Some closed their eyes as they surrendered to their fate.

Chen Xiaojia snapped back to her senses and rummaged through her bag. Scrolls, glass beads, water bottles…

The Winged Tiger roared and pounced. The roar was like an ear-deafening thunder.

Chen Xiaojia couldn’t care less and grabbed a scroll with ‘Fireball’ written on it and tore it apart.

A crimson light erupted from the center of the scroll. The crimson fireball, larger than a human, struck the Winged Demonic Tiger.

Flames erupted, engulfing half of the valley with a crimson hue. The scorching fire spread a heatwave that slapped across their faces with a hot wave.

Shocked, the chubby girl’s mouth was wide opened. “Xiaojia…. Your cousin… what exactly does he do?”

Chen Xiaojia was equally shocked. It took a while before she could speak. “I’m…not sure. But he said that… he was going to open a Martial Arts School.”   

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