My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 217


“Unfortunately, we can’t find a way to control that puppet.”

The Boss initially thought they would gain a lot of money by controlling the puppet. He was greedy. 

He shook his head. “Forget it. We’ve had enough. When we sell this batch of goods at Lindong black market, we will eat and drink to our heart’s desire.” 


“Thanks to Boss’s leadership, we can live a good life. How much money we’re going to make if we work for the shelter every day like those idiots?” They pondered. 

“But Boss, why don’t we go to Tree Shade and buy some supplies? Besides weapons, their array of goods is more complete than the one in Lindong.” 

“Tree Shade?” The Boss’s expression hardened. “Have you forgotten we’re wanted there? Even if the shelter didn’t know what we looked like, if we went there frequently, sooner or later, they would recognize us! Which one is more important? Our lives, or supplies? The goods in Lindong marketplace are not worse than Tree Shade!” 

“It’s just… I don’t expect the shelter would do these things over a few hunters. But it’s just a small shelter. It’s not a big problem.” 

That’s what he said, but he understood that even though the Tree Shade Shelter was just a small shelter, the power it possessed was far above their team.

Not to mention that they had a lot of powerful hunters.

In the middle of the conversation, a hunter who was in charge of observing the situation suddenly shouted. “Boss, we found an easy target!” 

The others’ expressions brightened. The boss’ gloomy expression also dissipated. “I thought we wouldn’t have any targets today. But it seems luck is on our side today.” 

They immediately got up and came to the edge of the rooftop, holding their binoculars to the distance.

Several streets away from them, a few hunters were vaguely seen in a formation, fighting against a demonic beast. 

The distance was quite far, and buildings between them blocked the view, so they couldn’t see them very clearly. However, this group was very patient and didn’t hurry to approach the hunters. They just observed quietly and waited for a chance. 

With the binoculars, they saw a hunter penetrate the fur of a demonic beast easily. The Boss’s eyes brightened. “That team had rune equipment!” 

They were cautious. But judging the target’s combat power by observing their combat skills against the demonic beasts. 

“Boss, we have 5-6 targets with a Double or Triple Awakening Strength. They’re not that strong. We can take them out.” A member observed and analyzed. 

The Boss nodded, “Sniper, get in your position. Prepare for long-range sniping. The others…” He looked around. Sweeping over the rooftop at the surrounding buildings and quickly planned a concealed route that would take them closer to their target. “…come with me.”

He said, tugging on his tight combat suit and picking up a rune combat knife, preparing to jump onto the rooftop of another building.

Just as he wanted to jump, his eyes widened. In the surrounding area, a dozen hunters dressed in black combat suits carrying guns with a cold expression.

Appeared on the surrounding rooftops at some point, forming a circle and surrounded them. 

“Who are they?!”

“Wait, that uniform… it’s the Tree Shade Patrol!” 

The patrols’ combat suits had stripes on their design, just like the Lindong Military’s uniform. 

They had been to the shelter. Of course, they recognized it. Cold sweats dripped on their forehead as they picked up their weapons.

The Boss swiftly skimmed over the area from the corner of his eyes and quickly made a judgment.

Obviously, the patrol didn’t just meet them by accident. Rather, they were already prepared. 

But how did they get discovered? 

In order to be safe, their activity range was at least 20 kilometers away from the shelter, and they frequently changed locations. Not to mention being ambushed by the patrols, they were lucky if they bump them in the wilderness. And the patrols won’t even recognize them. 

After all, apart from the fact that they were carrying a large number of rune equipment, they looked rather ordinary. 

The hunters thought of this and looked at each other in suspicion.

“There’s a traitor among us!”

“There’s definitely a traitor!”

“Brother Qi, half an hour ago, you left for 10 minutes. It’s you, isn’t it?!”

The hunter on his side shook his head. “No, no… it’s not me. Brother Chen also left not long ago, saying that he wanted to take a dump! But he came back after 10 minutes! How could taking a dump be that long? It must be him!” 

Before the fight even started, the group was already in chaos.

The Boss shouted. “Stop! The patrols are strong, but we’re not weak either. Hold on, or we won’t be escaping today! We will talk about it later!” 

He was clear. Whether there’s a traitor among them or not, they shouldn’t’ fight among themselves. Furthermore, the Boss felt something wasn’t right. 

He had a bad feeling about this. 

He was preparing to fight when the iron door that led to their rooftop suddenly blasted open. And a few people walked out. 

In front, handsome and shining… ahem, a young man walked. 

Followed with fragile-looking two girls with lilac hair. 

However, when he saw the man in his early thirties at the very back of the group, the boss’s eyes widened. 

‘Tree Shade’s coordinator, Chen Haiping!’

Even he had come here. So, the one walking at the front is…

The Boss, who had acted calmly, suddenly panicked. Cold sweat dripped from his head. 

The other hunters didn’t recognize Chen Haiping at first. They smiled maliciously at the two girls. 

“Boss, these girls must have a connection with the patrol. Holding them hostage will create an opportunity for us to escape!” 

In the middle of the conversation, one of the hunters rushed up, ignoring Tang Yu, whose aura wasn’t particularly strong—slashing him down with the sword at his neck. He was about to grab Star and hold her hostage. 



A tremendous force came from his hand, holding the sword. It trembled violently that he couldn’t resist it. 

The hunter took a step back in horror as he saw the legendary Demon Slayer Longsword shattered!

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