My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 235


“We can’t afford to be careless. Although humans are weak, their technology can hinder our goal…”

The hoarse voice echoed throughout the cold basement. 

The one who spoke was a man with a small build. He looked younger than the others around him.

But they seemed to treat him as a leader. He also wore the same expressionless face; his neck was twisted more than a hundred degrees. He was looking somewhere while he talked.

“This time, we have attracted the Luoxia human’s attention. Next time, don’t do it all at once in a small area. The sacrifices will be transported to the place that can be…”

Someone interrupted with a high voice, “Puny humans. So what if they found out? They’re weak. I can destroy them with my hands!”

“Stupid! Before the elders arrive, we shouldn’t do anything stupid. Although they’re weak, we can’t face an entire shelter alone. Don’t forget that our mission is to protect and activate the altar!”

“But if it continues this way, our working speed to collect human souls will be hindered….” The sharp voice gradually lowered, just a little.

“….That Evil Eye Clan was lucky. They had opened a Black Door some time ago and destroyed a shelter. I’m afraid they had already gained power. If we continue like this…”


There was a faint sound, and the basement door swung open.

An expressionless burly man walked in, bringing two sacks, and threw them beside the rune altar.

The short man walked towards the sack and gently stretched his fingers. Like a sharp blade, his fingers smoothly cut open the sack, revealing an unconscious young woman inside.

He choked the woman’s neck and lifted her midair.

The pale young woman quickly regained her senses from shock. She struggled to break free midair, kicking frantically. Her eyes were full of fear.


The young woman’s clothes turned into shreds, revealing her bruised pale skin. She struggled harder. But no matter what, she couldn’t break free.


There was another sound.

But this time, it was softer.

Blood streamed down the floor like a river as the young woman’s skin was shredded open. Staining the ground with a scarlet river.

A transparent light drifted from the corpse towards the rune array where the altar was located.

“Can you see? This carefully selected sacrifice is young and had a pure soul. The quality is superior. With this, we can fill the rune array in a few days. When the elders descend, and then with the help of the Black Door, we can easily do it.”

The young man’s dark blue flame eyes burned brighter.


Territory, High-tech rune equipment factory area.

After the three dozens of rune debugger’s training earlier, the factory had also recruited more than 300 workers. Most of the workers don’t know what kind of equipment they produce. Only those who had participated in the 3rd Test had some guesses. 

Every day, there were lots of freshly made rune equipment here, carried by the Logistics Department people and transported to the Tree Shade warehouse or Luoxia warehouse. 

Along with the rune debugger’s work proficiency increase, the basic rune equipment’s quality gradually approached the workshop’s system made equipment. The production also increased. 

At least, the workshop workers no longer had to work day and night to produce enough quota for the sales. 

After work, Pan Tu refused his colleagues’ invitation to have dinner together. He rode a second-hand bicycle he bought from the market and paddled along the road in the resort’s direction. 

He was far from the factory after riding halfway through the road and not close yet to the resort.

He tilted his head sideways. With the corner of his eyes, he carefully scanned the surroundings.

A few moments later, he moved his bicycle to follow a dirt road along the highway. After a while, he got off the bicycle and hid it amidst the tall grass.

He looked back, carefully scanning the surroundings again, and breathed a relieved sigh.

Then, he walked towards the thin forest.

“This should be it.”

Pantu murmured as he observed the surroundings and stopped under a huge tree. He took a few steps closer, squatted down, and saw the bottom part of the tree carved with an inconspicuous cross scratch. 

He felt relieved. 

The sun was slowly sinking in the west sky. There was no sound of insect or demonic beast roar in the forest.

Yet, as the sunlight fades, the forest seems like it’s ready to devour any living human alive. 

He shivered and kept looking around. “Why is he not here yet?”


A human figure jumped down from the tree.

Pan Tu was so frightened that he took several steps back. When he looked up, he breathed out a sigh of relief. “It’s you… you’ve finally come.”

“Where is the information?” The silhouette coldly spoke, glancing at him.

“In… in here.” Pan Tu took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and handed it out to the man. “This rune, it’s the Tree Shade’s secret.”

The figure looked at it for a few moments. “Where’s the rune? There’s not even a picture of it?”

“No, it’s… it’s not like I don’t want to give it. I really… I really can’t draw it.. Don’t know how… I copied it down on the paper, but it suddenly changed.” 

Pan Tu stammered, feeling pressed. But then he raised his tone. “I risk my life for them. Except for the part that I can’t give you a detailed picture of the rune. Other than that, I’ve given them all.” 

“Where’s my reward?”

The silhouette was a little impatient and threw out 2 spirit stones. 

“2? It’s too little!” Pan Tu protested. 

The silhouette gave him a cold look, “You can’t even give a picture of the rune. Keep complaining, and you won’t even get any spirit stones!”

Shocked by the man’s aura, Pan Tu was terrified and refrained from further complaints. 

After a while, the silhouette slowed down his tone and said, “However, the information you’ve provided is still valuable. If you can get me a rune picture, I will ask the Mayor for 20 spirit stones, or 200, it’s possible. You got it?”

Pan Tu’s throat squirmed. He couldn’t speak. He suddenly regretted it because he risked everything to get the information, but the agent only paid him such a small sum. 

Even if he managed to bring the complete rune pattern, he was worried that he wouldn’t be paid much with the man’s current performance.

Not to mention, it will be hard to get the complete rune pattern. It’s better to stay in the rune workshop where he can earn up to 15 spirit stones per month.

With this in mind, Pan Tu was planning to leave.

The silhouette also intended to return.

A voice suddenly came from behind the nearby bush.

“We’ve been waiting for you for a while now. Your work efficiency is too slow.”

The silhouette’s footsteps stopped. 

He thought by bringing back the information. The Mayor would appreciate his effort. His previous overjoyed expression disappears, replaced by cold sweats.

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