My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 236



Three shadows came out of the bush. The last person was blocked from view by the other 2 in the front. 

The last ray of the red sunset flickered through the treetops, illuminating the man’s panicked faces. 

Huang Yuli was wearing a military green t-shirt and pants, wrapped in a layer of basic beast skin.

A blood-stained combat knife hung from his waist. His beast skin clothing was also stained with dried blood. He looked like a hunter with considerable combat experience. 

However, he looked at the three people in front of him wearing uniform combat suits.

The first one is a beautiful girl in her early twenties, wearing her hair in a simple ponytail.

In normal times, if he met such a beautiful girl in the shelter, he would do anything to get her.

However, right now, he stood still. He didn’t dare to say anything. 

He sensed her strength. Her strength is around the Fourth Awakening Stage, while the other two are Triple Awakening. 

He’s only at the Triple Awakening Stage!

The situation was bad. 

A young man standing on the left side glanced at Pan Tu, who was already stunned. He said, “Pan Tu, you’re suspected… no, you have betrayed the shelter by spreading important information regarding the shelter. So, please come with us. Before you, we’ve also captured two other people, so I think you’re gonna say the same thing.”

As soon as he heard this, Pan Tu was stunned. His feet went limp as he sat on the ground. His face turned pale. 

At this time, Huang Yuli’s eyes narrowed.

In a heartbeat, two grenades flew out and exploded.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, his right foot stamped on the ground. His whole body flew to the side. He scampered into the grass, toes tapping the ground, rushing out swiftly like a cat. 

He took advantage of the environment to escape the strong enemy. 

With the explosion’s help, Huang Yuli saw the two members of the Tree Shade patrol took a few steps back to avoid the explosion. 

The distance was created, the jungle environment was complex, and the view was blocked by the smoke. 

He had a chance to escape. Besides, he still had the information with him. Huang Yuli simply admired his quick wit. Or so he thought. 

Suddenly, a warning emerged in his mind.

‘Wait, that was two people, where’s the third one?’

Just when he thought about it, there was intense pain in his abdomen. His body arched, and blood spilled out from his mouth.

He stiffly lowered his head and saw a delicate pale arm clenched the fist and smashed it on his body.

Looking at Huang Yuli, who was already disabled, Lan Qingya withdrew her fist.

One punch, KO.

This wasn’t even her full force punch. 

The boss asked to capture them alive, so she was worried if she couldn’t control her power and would accidentally kill the man. 

Even if in terms of live level, she was one level above the man. But Lan Qingnya understood that there were 5 or 6 level gaps between them in terms of power.

“Captain Roger’s method really does effectively tap the body’s potential. And the Body Hardening Elixir is even more amazing. Just by soaking in it for half an hour, our body muscles were strengthened. And our physical strength also increased greatly. Due to the fast improvement, I’ve been having trouble controlling my strength lately.” 

“The most surprising effect is after using the Elixir, there’s no side effect. And it won’t produce excessive muscle… even…” Lan Qingya looked at her arms. 

Due to the intensive training under the sun, her skin was a bit tanned. After soaking in the Elixir, however, her skin returned to its former paleness.

Although she didn’t care much about her appearance, she was delighted to see this kind of change. Maybe after this, she should pay more attention to her appearance. 

After a while, Pan Tu, who was being escorted by the other two patrols, arrived. 

Seeing Huang Yuli, who held his stomach and growling on the ground, both of them sighed with relief.

“As expected of the captain. If it was us, we wouldn’t get him…”


Huang Yuli, who seemed like he had lost his fighting ability, suddenly turned over and jumped from the ground.

When he moved, his body changed slightly; faint visible bulging veins were seen on his forehead.

At this time, Huang Yuli stood firmly. He drew a pistol from his body, aiming it at Lan Qingya, “DIE!!!”

He wore a fierce expression as he was about to pull the trigger.


Sparks fly from the muzzle. 

Lan Qingya dogged. The bullet grazed her ponytail that remained unmoved due to inertia, and flew past her. 

The next moment, she appeared on Huang Yuli’s side. 

She raised her foot and kicked her legs with full force.


There was a faint sound of something breaking. 

The pistol fell to the ground. 

Huang Yuli covered his ‘part’ and rolled on the ground. His scream of agony was chilling. The other two young patrol members glanced at each other and felt a cold wind blowing. 

Both looked at Lan Qingnya, who acted as if nothing happened. They couldn’t help but took back a few steps. 



Tang Yu stretched his body and walked out of the room.

Now, going back and forth between the territory and Luoxia is his daily routine.

Ever since he got the system, everything he did was either for self-preservation or to be able to rush from Lindong to the distant Luoxia. Now that his parents are safe and sound, his burden seemed to be lifted from his back.

“Finally, we can have a few days of leisure!” Tang Yu exclaimed. 

However, if someone else heard this, they would surely become puzzled. 


He had no hunter’s aura on him. Right now, he seems like an ordinary person.

Tang Yu wandered on the street, walking casually.

From time to time, he bought a few small snacks from the street stall and ate them while walking, feeling the shelter’s modern atmosphere.

In a more professional term, it’s called enjoying life and also seeking breakthrough opportunities.

Currently, Tang Yu’s short-term goal is to break through the Sixth Awakening Stage and begin to shape his body. 

The long-term goal is, without a doubt, to expand the territory and raise the system level.

Now that he had free time, sometimes he pondered where the system had come from and why it chose him.

For now, he had no answer to these questions. 

“But I can’t rely too much on the system. The only thing that I can rely on is my own knowledge and power.”

He wasn’t worried if the system had conspired something. He’s not a conspiracy theorist. To make it simple, if he hadn’t got the system, he would’ve been killed in the middle of a demonic beast wave. 

There’s no reason to abandon such a golden opportunity just because he wasn’t sure where it came from.

After all, he had gotten some reliable power. 

However, the system has some limitations, indeed, like the workshop, which had a limit in producing large amounts of equipment.

Even though now Tang Yu had recruited workers and trained rune masters to meet the required production of low-level equipment, what he wanted to do more is to break through the workshop’s system limit. 

Or even to transform the system’s ability into his own. 

“It’s still far ahead. For now, let’s level up the system first. If the territory fit can be raised to 100%, maybe I’ll learn some of the system’s secrets.” Tang Yu glanced at the territory fit percentage on the system panel.

After these days of effort, it’s been raised by 12%. But for Great Lord Tang, this process is too slow.

In the middle of his thought, a 10-year old child came to him, holding a bunch of newspapers. “How about a newspaper, Sir? Freshly printed Luoxia Daily Times.”

Tang Yu was stunned.

Since there was no more wireless networking, cell phones were now unusable, and newspapers had re-emerged. Except for a few wealthy citizens like him who could afford wired internet, the other survivors relied on newspapers for information. 

The Luoxia Daily Times.

Tang Yu had heard of this. And it’s surprisingly popular although it’s not official, and said to have good sales. 

“Give me one, no, a few more copies.”

Without looking at the value, Tang Yu casually handed over a food stamp, indicating that he didn’t need a change. 

He picked up the newspaper, glancing at the big words on the headline. 


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