My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 241


Wang Ran did not impulse and remained on guard. He hid behind a machine and sharpened his senses.

“A Triple Awakening, a First Awakening.” Wang Ran observed through the gap of the machine.

It seemed the Wood Ability girl had the Triple Awakening Stage strength. He licked his lips excitedly.

It was a pleasant surprise. 

“If I draw her life force, I should be able to fully recover. That’s great.” 

He covered his arm; heavy trauma made his strength drop significantly. Casting the ‘Life Extraction’ move requires restricting the target’s movement. 

“I should use a ‘Confinement Spell’ to control the girl and start casting the ‘Life Extraction.’ There’s not much power I have in my body, but at least it’s enough to cast these two spells.”

“Damn it. I just ran away too fast; I don’t even take the bag with me. If I can’t bring back the souls, they won’t help me recover. I can only rely on myself now. Slowly replenish it.”

He thought of the accidents that could occur.

After recovering from his injuries, he planned to keep a low profile for a while, improve his strength, and then seek revenge from the Security Bureau. 

Wang Ran rushed out from behind the machine. His lips parted, spitting out the word. “Confinement.”

Along with his words, a mysterious power seeped towards the two girls nearby.


Chen Xiaojia was showing off her newly opened ability to her best friend.

After absorbing the power stored in several spirit power containers, her life level has leaped greatly from the First to the Third Awakening Stage. 

Her increased in strength made her more comfortable with the use of her abilities. Under her cousin’s guidance, Chen Xiaojia exercised her abilities. 

In the palm of her hand, the tender green seedlings keep changing shape and intertwining, turning into a green paper crane. 


Her BFF, Xiong Qianqian, looked away, her little face puffed out like a bun. She was angry because her friend had promised to introduce her to her cousin. 

Even though she had enrolled in the Extreme Martial Arts School and met a lot of experts, she only met the cousin once, at the opening ceremony. 

The two girls conversed, not noticing the approaching danger. 

Suddenly, a purple-black pillar of light surrounded them from the above. The two were close together; both were surrounded by the pillar of imprisoning light. 

For a while, it seemed as if time was frozen.

Xiong Qianqian’s face revealed a panicked expression. 

Xiaojia was stronger, she struggled, but she can’t even move a finger. 

She noticed there was a strange man with disheveled clothes nearby, rushing out towards them. Obviously, they were his target. 



Wang Ran’s gaze swept over the young girls, and he licked his lips, delighted. He rushed closer, ready to cast the ‘Life Extraction.’ 

When suddenly.


The sound of glass shattered. 

In front of her, the necklace won by the wood ability girl glowed with a dazzling golden light. 

The power stored inside burst open. 

The purple-black pillar of light instantly dissipated into thin air.

Wang Ran was stunned.

His heart filled with disbelief.

This… is impossible! 

Even a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter couldn’t break through the confinement. How did a young girl manage to break free? 

And what was the golden light that flashed earlier?

Chen Xiaojia was also surprised.

She couldn’t move, couldn’t even take out the scrolls. For a time, she thought she was going to die.

But then she suddenly remembered that she wore some equipment on her body… was it the self-activation type? 

At this moment, he saw the strange man nearby had a drastic expression change. He paused slightly before rushing over. His face became more hideous, like a fierce beast that chose people to eat!

Behind him, a black thread, cold and terrifying, whoosh towards them. 

It moved very quickly!

She could only barely see them. Her lack of combat experience and instinct made her panic.



The black threads were blocked by a white transparent light shield that emerged from her bracelet. She patted her chest and sighed in relief. 

In the opposite direction.

Wang Ran’s face was pale with disbelief. “An illusion. It must be an illusion.”

His Qi and power rushed from inside his body.

Countless swear words were spat out from his mouth. 


After Wang Ran fled, the Security Bureau members, including Captain Lei, rushed to chase him.

“The blood disappears up to here.”

Wang Ran was severely injured, but in addition to the time when he was just wounded, a lot of blood loss, they chased all the way, seeing less and less blood dripping down.

When they arrived here, it disappeared. 

“How about it, can you smell it?” Captain Lei asked. 

Huang Yu squatted down on his side. Dabbing a few drops of blood with a white handkerchief. 

“His blood is very strange. It’s not as strong as a normal person’s blood scent.” 

“But…” He smiled, “Even if he’s injured and we can’t find him, we might eventually find him dying from losing a lot of blood.”


“Here, around here.” Huang Yu said, “He should have stopped here.” 

Captain Lei turned his head to look around, “Form a team of three and spread out to search. Find the target and signal, don’t engage in combat. We must capture him as soon as possible. He’s a bigger threat. If we recklessly lose sight of him again, there will be a lot of survivor casualties.” 

The other Captain, Captain An, nodded with a deep feeling. “Who would have thought a Fourth Awakening hunter could escape our encirclement. Even old Xu is…”

“Captain Xu has been sent to the hospital. I don’t know if he could make it.”

“He certainly would.” Captain An’s lips hardened. “I’m confused. Does that person belong to a multi-ability person? Shapeshifting, confinement, and a black fog that could block vision and perception…”

Captain Lei jumped on the roof of an engineering vehicle. Looking around, as he listened to Captain An’s words. He raised his head and looked at the sky. 

Clouds rolled in and out, unpredictable. 

“Perhaps, that is not the ability?”



A member of the investigation team was far from the target, murmured to the intercom.

Captain Lei and other people rushed to the scene. 

From a distance, he saw that the target, who had lost his arm, had countless threads flying out from his back. Aiming at two panicked and helpless young girls. 


He shouted, his body rushed quickly.

His face was anxious; even Captain Xu was strangled by the black thread, suffering fatal injuries. What chance do these two girls have? 

However, this thought collapsed in mere seconds. 

A transparent barrier emerged in front of the two girls. Blocking off the black threads. 

“It should be some kind of artifact or a special ability. But it won’t last long. But this time, it’s enough for us to subdue the target.”


Behind the transparent barrier. 

Chen Xiaojia constantly admonished herself, ‘Do not panic, the problem is not that big, it’s just a small scene.’

Her fluttering heart finally slowly calmed down. 

‘But we can’t just continue to be passive and stand defensive. Yeah! I’m going to fight back!’

She took out a long thick scroll from the back she was carrying and was about to open it but suddenly stopped.

‘Cousin said aside from training, the actual battle was also very important. I now had the strength of a Triple Awakening Stage. My wood ability was enhanced after wearing this ring. I might stand a chance against this strange man…’

She held the scroll in her left hand, just in case something bad happened. Then, she stretched out her right hand, aiming at Wang Ran with open palms beyond the barrier.

On her index finger, a ring engraved with emerald green stone gradually shone.

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