My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 243


Wang Ran’s self-explosion was unexpected, but after all, they had pried out a lot of information from Wang Ran’s mouth, and they were full of fighting spirit.

On the same day, the Security Bureau sent most of its members who were not on duty to guard key areas.

They had learned that Wang Ran, a person with a magical ability, can not only trap the victim in it but also block the outside world’s probing.

Before the arrest, Wang Ran accidentally lifted up the veil, and Huang Yu, who was nearby, could sniff the scent.

Otherwise, they would probably have missed the opportunity to bump into Wang Ran.

But now, the members of the Security Bureau’s crowd had an understanding of Wang Ran’s tactics, and a few special abilities were transferred from other places to support them.

As they expected, they captured several hunters similar to Wang Ran, one after another.

These people were a little weaker than Wang Ran, but also generally above the Triple Awakening Stage or higher. But this time, they had prepared, so there were no casualties.

“We have arrested a total of 5 headless murder cases related to the hunter. They had been held separately for questioning. They have several abilities to control their guard. I believe we will be able to get the key information this time.”

Chief Jin rubbed his swollen head.

Since the last interrogation results were reported, the ones who were located at the highest level of Luoxia, the ones with the true control of the Louxia, paid more attention to the case.

A hidden figure in the shadow who could give power to others, no doubt this man was stronger than themselves. 

If they don’t work together, the case can’t be solved.

It was gravely serious.

Initially, it only impacted the shelter’s environmental security. But eventually, it disrupted the shelter order and rose to the level of dangerous shelter security. 

It was still the Security Bureau’s responsibility. But they had obtained cooperation from other departments, strictly ordering them to come up with a result within five days. 

Chief Jin even approached the newly established Ancestral Dragon Special Warfare Regiment. It transferred some ability users to assist the case. 

Hearing the case had made good progress, Chief Jin was spirited, “Now, our highest priority is solving this case. Tell me if you need anything. Make sure to uncover the person behind the curtain within three days.”

Opposite of him, Captain Lei nodded solemnly. “We will definitely capture the culprit within three days!”

Now, he’s the main person in charge of the case. 

Three days is too short. But with clues, they were confident enough to solve the case to maintain security.



When Captain Lei arrived, the others were discussing the case progress. With much higher confidence. 

“Has the interrogation started yet?” Captain Lei asked.

“It’s starting now.” Someone pointed to the surveillance screen, which showed another interrogation room, where a young man was firmly bound, resembling Wang Ran.

“There are two Ancestral Dragon experts watching next to the interrogation room. Both of them were of mental abilities. This one’s ability was mind control, and the other one could suppress the enemy from mind control.”

“Last time when Wang Ran blew himself up, we speculated the source was a hidden power within his body. We couldn’t figure out what it was, but with two Ancestral Dragon experts in mental ability, I believe there won’t be a similar problem this time.”

They stared closely at the screen.

Fists unknowingly clenched. The mouth said they were confident, but in reality, they had no confidence in their hearts.

The whole office was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

However, suddenly…


Just like the last time, the culprit exploded like a watermelon. 

The difference was this time; he didn’t show a malicious smile and quickly exploded.

As they had taken precautions, there were no casualties among the interrogators. However, their faces were grim. 

The two experts were supposed to suppress the culprit. 

Soon, they opened the door and walked in.

Inside, one of them shook his head, “The prisoner’s mental condition was very stable. Even at the last moment before the explosion occurred, I didn’t feel any special changes.”

Another person continued, “Likewise, there was no struggle phenomenon from the prisoner. Just at the last moment, the explosion occurs, I can feel a surge of power rushed out from his body. I wrapped in his body of thoughts, but there was no time to react. It just suddenly happened.”

“I think it’s either our method was not right, or our power… was not enough.”

The few remaining prisoners were treated as precious specimens and kept under close guard.

Soon the Ancestral Dragon Special Warfare Regiment transferred over several more hunters with similar abilities.

One day, two days…

Again and again, they tried. 

The people in the office became dispirited at the situation. But now, not only they were feeling down.

The people brought over from the Ancestral Dragon to help solve the case also looked like they’d doubted their lives.

They have tried everything they could try.

The interrogation result was no different from the ones they extracted from Wang Ran.

Every time they ask for key information, the prisoner being interrogated will explode without warning.

The rest of the means, including the use of mental perception class ability, scent ability, and all kinds of human means of investigation, still couldn’t help them find any clues about Mr. K.

Captain Lei’s eyes were red from lack of sleep. His clothing had lost its usual neatness. He was as sad as the Chief.

A Fifth Awakening hunter… couldn’t do anything!

Others were either standing, or sitting, or crackling the keyboards in front of their computers.

Everyone was the same, frowning and pondering possible ways to break the case.

At this point, an ordinary investigator raised his hand, “Maybe we can seek outside help.”

“Outside help? There is no outside help! The hunters in the entire shelter belong to the Ancestral Dragon. And now even the people of the Ancestral Dragon have no way to…”

Beyond the words, it is not that Captain Lei is not capable of doing his job, but the enemy is too bizarre. It was an enemy they had never encountered before.

“No.” The ordinary investigator who spoke saw the others gazing over, could not help but shrink his neck and swallowed before continuing, “The Ancestral Dragon’s strength is indeed the strongest, but… but now there are more and more known special abilities. And among the Ancestral Dragons, most of them belong to combat-type ability users.”

“I’m wondering if it’s possible to find some help from the outside people. The kind that could seek enemies. After all, now we are not lacking strength, but it’s no use if we can’t find the enemies.”

Captain Lei nodded thoughtfully, “You have a point. Do you have someone in mind?”

“I… we can ask the Extreme Martial Arts School for help. If I remember correctly, there’s someone with a divination ability hunter. Before, she was able to locate the ant queen in the anthill channel. Perhaps, she can find Mr. K’s location.”

For the first time, the other investigators’ eyes brightened. 

It was the position where their asses were sitting that limited their ability to think.

All along, they had been looking for help from stronger hunters. How could they compare them to the elite group of the Ancestral Dragon?

Anyway, there were also a few civilians who had entered the regiment after being selected carefully.

However, there was someone who disagreed. “By asking help from a civilian hunter, wouldn’t it make us seem… not officially competent enough?” 

Previously, they had asked for help from the insiders.

Even now, the shelter’s task force can’t solve the case, so they needed to seek help from private detectives. 

The people had such thoughts.

But Captain Lei coldly coughed. “Ahem… Is the safety of the shelter, or is it our pride that should be more important?”

“Using divination ability to find out Mr. K’s location seemed to be the best way for now. Of course, we will hire civilian hunters just to locate them. Once we found out the mastermind behind the scene, their base, etc., the arrest responsibility still lies in our hands, and the Ancestral Dragons.”

“At most, the help from Extreme Martial Arts School is considered as auxiliary cooperation. The main force in solving this case is still our Luoxia Official. So, would it still look like we’re not capable?”

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