My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 244


The legendary owner of the Extreme Martial Arts School, who hadn’t appeared again except for the opening day, was standing in front of the largest shopping center in the shelter at this moment.

Sighing helplessly.

Holding his forehead, looking at Protoss sisters, Star and Moon beside him, as well as the Bamboo Rat Clan, Oguri, who was on the verge of drooling. 

God knows how he agreed to tag along while the two sisters mentioned shopping. 

Time is precious. Even if he didn’t cultivate, he could at least play games, read novels, or scroll through movies released before the doomsday. 

How can he waste his precious time for shopping?!

Not to mention with a child!

Tang Yu thought back.

Maybe, there’s a bright side to that.

The girl’s violet dresses swayed in the breeze. Both of them looked identical, just like a beautiful painting. Even the survivors who passed by turned around to luck.

Fortunately, there’s no pole or obstacle in this open place, minimizing the rate of accidents.

But Tang Yu will never admit that he was here at the request of the two sisters, as his judgment failed.

He agreed to tag along clearly because Mrs. Tang asked the girls with a look of a mother looking for a daughter-in-law.

Even if he refused, he simply can’t walk away freely.

That’s why he had agreed to tag along with the shopping request!

The shopping center is located in the central city’s commercial district, belonging to the original building before the doomsday.

After a few adjustments after the doomsday, it had the most complete range of goods in the entire shelter. Undoubtedly, it has the largest number of people in the shelter. 

The security wasn’t bad.

At a glance, they could see hunters wearing standard uniforms holding firearms patrolling back and forth. 

The survivors here dressed quite decently, unlike the relief district where sometimes people would fight over food or even human life. 

These decent survivors had no interest in conflict. If they violate the shelter’s laws, then they will lose more. 

Just like the survivors around them. Even if they stole glances from time to time to the Protoss sisters, none of them dared to make a move. 

Well, technically, Tang Yu felt it was because of the Fifth Awakening Aura the sisters exuded. 

Chestnut was even more excited than the twins. She had been jumping around the food stalls.

Not long after, she returned with hands full of snacks and milk tea. Her mouth was stuffed with a handful of food she has not yet swallowed.

If someone saw her, they must’ve thought she hadn’t had a proper meal for a while. 

In the supermarket, Tang Yu thought he would just buy some gifts for the others at home. 

Before they left home, Carmen Brothers asked for a crate of vodka. 

He hadn’t met the others before leaving or were far away in the Tree Shade Shelter. But it’s not necessary to contact them over small gifts. 

He knew something about his followers. For example, he would buy a few suits for Shay. Some beautiful dresses for Elaine.

With a population of over 2 million people, the shopping mall was outstanding. They had complete merchandise and first-class service. They can even find plus-size clothes for Winnie.

Another example, he bought a sturdy watch for Roger. Before, he had heard Roger had broken several watches, resulting in poor time control when ordering the patrol members. 

Tang Yu was silent when thinking about the patrol members. 

Because they had so many goods to buy, in addition to gifts, they also bought daily necessities. They all pushed a shopping cart. Upon seeing the goods they need, they put them into the carts.

As for the price, there was nothing to worry about. 

At this time, Oguri’s eyes lit up, and she pushed her cart to the other side. 

Tang Yu noticed and turned his head to look. 

The first thing he saw was a wide variety of snacks. The shopping cart drove past the shelves as Oguri used her spiritual power to move the snack on the shelves.

Boxes of cookies and packets of chips flew out from the shelves and landed on the shopping cart.

In a moment, the shopping cart was full of snacks, stacking even higher than the carrier. Oguri’s short frame pushed the cart from behind. Her body was covered by the snacks.

At a glance, it looked like there was a shopping cart with a lot of snacks that moved on its own, and even more bizarre was that where the shopping cart passed, some goods were sliding off the shelves on both sides.

This seems… to be the legendary ghost cart!

The ghost cart that likes snacks!

It seemed someone was frightened and was about to call the patrolling security.

Tang Yu slapped his forehead. He had no choice but to pick up Oguri behind the shopping cart.


Shopping center.

People were busy coming back and forth at the square. Some people wearing Security Bureau uniforms frequently gazed at the distant mall entrance, as if they were waiting for something.

“Brother Fei, why don’t we go inside the supermarket? Just check the surveillance camera. It’s easier to find the people from the Extreme Martial Arts School this way.”

Li Yunfei, the member of the investigation team who proposed to seek outside help, had now been promoted to the post of an ordinary captain.

He and a few colleagues were responsible for seeking and hiring the Extreme Martial Arts School hunters to help solve the case.

He shook his head, “They’re not a mercenary. They didn’t do business by being hired. This time, we took the initiative to come to them. Although we could give them sufficiently tempting hiring fees that they had no reason to refuse, but…”

“He’s the owner of the School. There were other people under him available for an errand. For what reason did he want to personally shop in the shopping center if it weren’t for relaxing? If we showed up and disturbed him, we will leave a bad impression. Even if they accepted, would their hiring fee rise?”

“So that’s how it is. Brother Fei, your analytical ability is truly amazing. No wonder you could make a critical suggestion when the senior captains were at a loss. But… I don’t know how long we will have to wait here…”

Li Yunfei’s gaze swept over the supermarket’s several entrances and exits. Before, he thought of something like, “With a hunter’s speed, it won’t take long for them to shop in the supermarket.” 


Half an hour later. 

Li Yunfei began to feel anxious, “Soon. They should come out soon. Tell the others to pay attention as well. Don’t miss them.”

Two hours later…

Li Yunfei scratched his hair, “Wait. We should wait more! We have been waiting for a long time. If we give up, our time will be wasted for nothing.”

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