My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 246


Before, Captain Lei and the others understood that Protoss Star and Moon’s divination had a few restrictions.

Not only does it require closely linked material, but it also depends on the strength of the two sides in contrast. 

Mr. K’s strength belonged to the shelter’s top tier power. And he also had a special treasure, which had the ability to bestow power to others. 

Locating the man’s exact location is extremely difficult for the sisters, who were ‘just’ a Fifth Stage Awakening hunter.

The divination results were undoubted because they were able to locate the ant queen before.  

Roughly, the range was set in the Red Light District, at most slightly narrowed down again. 

Although Captain Lei was a little disappointed, it was expected of them.

But what the hell… 500 meters was considered quite a large range? 

Captain Lei held the words on the back of his throat when seeing Star’s innocent face. He swallowed back hard. They need them to find the location. He can’t afford to offend them.

The first thing they did was get a detailed map of the shelter and returned here.

The map was scratched and crumpled everywhere and was spread out on the table.  

Captain Lei asked with an eager tone, “Around which location on the map?”

Star stared at the map and fell into contemplation.

She had been wondering for five minutes. 

The officers were getting restless. They stared at her with dead eyes, unable to contain their nervousness.

Finally, Star looked up, “What is the scale of the map…”

She pointed to the interrogation room door a couple of meters to her right. She asked, “And which direction corresponds to the side of the map?”

Tang Yu slapped his forehead; his guess was indeed correct. The whole time Star spent her time contemplating was really just trying to figure out the map scale.

As a result, it was obvious that she couldn’t distinguish between north, south, west, and east. 

The officers looked even grimmer. 

In the end, it took another 5 minutes to explain a detailed explanation of the map’s direction and scale to the girl.

After a while, Star frowned and pondered for a while before finally reaching out and pointed to a certain location on the map. “Probably it’s around here.”

Tang Yu glanced at it. He wasn’t familiar with the shelter’s layout. But seeing the location she pointed, it was a small area.

But that small area was only two streets away from the plot of land he bought. 

However, the officers had a different reaction. They were extremely familiar with the shelter’s environment.

And they had already studied the map several over and over again to find out the mastermind’s location.

Seeing the pointed location, Captain Lei blurted out. “It’s the Lanxing neighborhood, of course…”

The first case of the strange death of the unarmed corpses had occurred in the Lanxing upscale neighborhood. They had sent Ancestral Dragon teams to search the area, to no avail.

However, the area was too large. Even if they used a hunter’s special ability, it would take time and could only cover a very small area. 

Before, they had spread out to search the area and couldn’t find any clues. 

At one point, Captain Lei wondered if his own judgment was wrong because the Ancestral Dragon couldn’t find a clue in the Lanxing neighborhood. 

Now, the girl’s divination confirmed his guess and even gave decisive clues. 

Even if they had all sorts of people with various abilities, he sighed at the fact that such talented hunters belonged to the Extreme Martial Arts School. 

‘If only the people of the Extreme Martial School could join the Ancestral Dragon.’

Captain Lei sighed slightly in his heart.

‘No wonder the Chief had instructed us to keep an eye out for the Extreme Martial Arts. In addition to keeping an eye on them, it’s even more important to make good allies with them. With their ability, if we encounter such a situation again, we may need to rely on their divination ability again.’

The place that Star had pointed out was located in the northern part of the Lanxing neighborhood. That area was where the single-family villas were located.

As the most advanced type of shelter rental housing, each villa comes with a small garden and is kept at a certain distance from each other.

This means that within the range, there weren’t many occupants.

So it’s much easier to investigate.

Finally, the officials smiled. 


In order to catch the person behind the curtain as soon as possible, the officials spared no time. They began to operate, and a message was sent. 

The Security Bureau sends out the vast majority of its personnel. Not for dealing with Mr. K, but to search and locate him as soon as possible and cordon off the dangerous area as quickly as possible to prevent any survivors from entering.

In order to protect the news from leaking out, most of the personnel weren’t aware of the true purpose of this operation.

But they were told it was an important mission that even the Security Bureau head was personally mobilized. 

The Ancestral Dragon also sent their two top squad members for support, including several other strongmen. These people were the main force against the mastermind. 

“3 Seventh Awakening Stage hunters, and two more suppressing part of their aura.”

Most of the top squad members weren’t any weaker, but there were some Fifth Awakening Stage hunters. 

They stood together like a blazing fire. Tang Yu didn’t need to perceive. The strong aura already leaked into his mind. 

The weaker Security Bureau personnel couldn’t even perceive the real aura; they could only feel the majestic pressure. Like the raging ocean waves, constantly crashing the shore. 

‘The Luoxia Shelter really takes this case seriously. Even they mobilized the strongest one in the Ancestral Dragons. Even among the Ancestral Dragons, I think Seventh Awakening Stage hunters or above is rare.’

Could it be because the mastermind was too strong, or the treasure he held was too precious?

Tang Yu knew there were strange treasures in this world. Materials or equipment that were powerful and beyond human understanding can be classified as treasures.

For example, the Giant Tree growing on the spirit stone mine that constantly attracts demonic beasts. Perhaps, this strange giant tree was the treasure for the demonic beasts.

Or maybe some of them came from an ancient era, just like Zhor. 

Upon that thought, Tang Yu frowned. 

The Public Security Bureau people didn’t know Star’s real strength. But he knew her strength well. With her strength and proficiency in divination, she was surprisingly unable to locate the target.

Could it be that the treasure interferes with her divination?

Or, is the strength of the person behind the curtain was beyond imagination? 

Whichever it was, Tang Yu always felt that things were not that simple.

“Hopefully, I’m just overthinking.”

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