My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 250


The hunter that almost went crazy was knocked unconscious and fell down.

Shay pointed to the ruins of the villa, where the black smoke was gradually dispersing.


Although the first and second floors of the villa were blown to dust, the first layer was intact. There was a black layer of gauze. The ground, including the basement, was still intact.

“I told you it’s not that simple. Even if we can break that veil, the enemy has not yet seen it. In a cursed environment, we have to be distracted and resist. If we fight the enemy again in this environment, we will be in a difficult situation.”

Shay shot a few more shells with a burst of smoke and dust. However, the veil remained the same. 

The corner of the hunters’ mouths that had exploded their source power and were barely able to maintain a safe condition heard Shay’s words. 

Shay could fire a cannonball containing the source force with ease, but they didn’t see that point and needed to be distracted to resist.

The other people from the Extreme Martial Arts School all seemed relaxed!


It didn’t take long for them to withdraw from the curse range. 

Including Tang Yu’s 6 team members, there were a total of 12 people who managed to escape.

The other red-eyed hunters who were struck by the curse no longer went crazy and attacked, but they didn’t go out of the curse range either. Just wandering aimlessly within the range. 

A few minutes later, the entire northern Lanxing neighborhood was already surrounded by the Ancestral Dragon hunters and the City Defense Army. 

The hunters were worried about the curse range spreading wider, so they wore protective gas masks. Although there were people that already knew this was just a formality, so their men feel safe.

A large number of residents were evacuated, including a lot of angered naked women and men wrapped in sheets. But the Luoxia hunters’ stoic face made them withdraw anyway. 

And this type of people was not uncommon. 

Shay glanced at it and said with a great experience. “The hunters who stayed inside the house were either trying to get laid or are getting laid.”

Tang Yu was tempted to reply that they could also read novels or play games, or sleep. Maybe also watching some movies. But ah, in this hot weather, who would want to get sweaty from an ‘exercise’?

But he didn’t say anything. After all, he’s a pure virgin.


Tang Yu’s six-member sightseeing group was not dispersed and was now honored as a six-member advisory group.

It was Chief Jin who raised the price and purposely let them stay.

At this moment, Chief Jin and the City Defense Army, and the Ancestral Dragon Commander walked over.

In front of the Extreme Martial Arts School, who had surprised Chief Jin over and over again made him speak a bit more respectfully, “Headmaster Tang, in other words, that area now is shrouded in a curse. Even if a user ability hunter attacks it, it will have minimal impact on that cursed area unless it has the special ability to ‘purify’ and ‘remove’ the curse?”

“Purifying the curse is the most direct and effective solution.” Tang Yu smiled and spoke. “In fact, you have an option, Chief Jin. For example, you can spend money to hire us. How can you solve the problem without spending money? Of course, our martial arts school is a small business, and if we want to solve this curse area, it would consume our source power and the cost is not low, the hiring rate is…”

Ahem…” Chief Jin waved his hand repeatedly.

In order to find a solution this time, he was prepared for hemorrhage. However, under the Protoss’s bargaining method, it still hurts their financial condition.

Hearing Tang Yu’s proposal and Protoss’s nearby, cold sweat appeared on his forehead, “We have our own solution for this cursed area so we don’t need to trouble Headmaster Tang.”

Tang Yu looked at Chief Jin’s rather confident look and was confused, “So they had a hunter who had the ability to purify the curse? Even so, it would be very difficult to purify such a large area… well, forget it. If they can solve this on their own, it’s great.” 

The price the official paid them was huge. When converted into normal currency, even a large mercenary regiment would need to finish 3 or 5 large missions to cover it. 

There were some materials he couldn’t find in Lindong for the blueprint he had. Or maybe it’s available but scarce. In this transaction, he had gained a lot. Well, at least for a while, he won’t be running out of materials. 

Most importantly, it’s unlikely that the officials would offer a higher price. Some of the information and items that are truly confidential in the shelter are basically impossible to open to him.

Tang Yu pondered, getting even more afraid of the mastermind of that group that was responsible for these crimes.

He thought at some point that the Luoxia officials didn’t know much about source power and runes. While on the contrary, the mastermind knows more. So he was worried that they were even more powerful.

“Could it be they also had a system? A killing system or something? It feels unreliable because of the territory’s secret nature. Or maybe they had some kind of legacy…”

Tang Yu’s eyes looked aside. Chief Jin and the other experts looked at a heavy-looking palm-sized wooden box with a solemn expression and a vague look of expectation. 

They weren’t far, Tang Yu took a few steps closer and listened sideways.

“This is Item 003? It was obtained from that secret realm.”

“I’ve never seen an item numbered in the top three…”

“I heard this item had no offensive power. But as long as we’re close, we can feel calm and negative states will be dispelled. So solving the curse won’t be a problem.”

Tang Yu was able to hear every word clearly.

He became even more curious about Item 003. 

Soon, Chief Jin and the others walked to the edge of the cursed area, and the capable person holding the wooden box turned the switch and lifted up the lid with the others watching closely.

The wooden box was made of a special material that had the effect of enclosing energy. Once the lid was opened, a hazy golden light came through.

A drop of golden color, as if a drop of water, hung in the middle of the wooden box.

“Here we go.” The hunter holding the wooden box in his hand glanced at the several senior people around him and said in a deep voice.

He injected the source power of his matching trait through the box into the golden water drop.

In an instant, the golden light flourished.

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