My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 259


Liu Shan stood in front of the martial arts school’s main door with his hands on his head, no longer speaking, just sweeping his arrogant gaze across the whole room.

These words were not addressed to the weak hunters present.

He was waiting for the master to show up, or even better, the owner. 

During this time, their business was affected by the previous incident. And with the Extreme’s rapid rise, their customers had diverted. 

Even the top schools were challenged.

A lot of thoughts flashed in Lui Shan’s mind. According to rumor, the Extreme’s masters were not weak.

The young owner of the school can carve words in space and be shocking to many well-known experts.

It would be irrational for another school to make trouble and destroy the school venue in this situation. However, what they wanted to do was student exchange, not between masters. 

The people from their school had already conducted a detailed investigation. And stated the Extreme school’s equipment was beneficial in improving strength. Even he was enthusiastic about it. 

But how long has the Extreme Martial Arts School been in existence? How long have their students trained? How much improvement can there be?

On the contrary, these core apprentices that they have carefully trained were the signature of their school.

After the master’s teaching, they have learned the breathing and exhalation method.

Some even have learned the real cultivation method, and each of them has mastered one or two martial art skills.

Compared to these hunters who only know brute force, Liu Shan was confident.

Very steady, he didn’t panic even a bit!

Even if the situation turns out to be worse than expected and rises to a battle between masters, it won’t affect much if he loses the battle. 

Liu Shan’s strength was lower than the masters at the One Punch Martial arts school. Even if he loses, it doesn’t mean their school was inferior to the Extreme School.

That was the sole reason he was chosen to do this mission.

On the other hand, the relationship between the martial arts school master and the martial arts school is equal.

Even the owner of the martial arts school was not qualified to force the martial arts school master to do something they do not want to do.

The masters from their schools were cultivation maniacs. They weren’t willing to be bothered by these kinds of things, except for teaching the students according to the rules.

“But… hehe…” 

Liu Shan snorted, “Each one of them thinks they are noble and love to brush their feathers. But they had no idea what it would affect me if I did a great job this time.” 

He knew that these masters were unwilling to participate in this intrigue. On the other hand, they were worried about their reputation if they lost. 

But Liu Shan doesn’t care!

Fame is nothing! What he wanted were tangible benefits!

The owner of the One Punch promised that as long as he performed well and could gain their customers back, he will be rewarded. His salary will be close to the masters of the One Punch school.

Even more, if he could find a way to get access to the training facilities manufacturing process, the owner promised he would be given a 10% share of the profit.

Liu Shan’s eyes were red with greed.

The strongest will compete. This opportunity was given to him; there’s no reason not to fight for it!

As long as he can have enough resources, he will have the opportunity to pass those masters and become the senior master of the school!


The first-floor lobby of the martial arts school was silent.

The students were intimidated by Liu Shan’s aura. The martial arts school guards in the lobby also couldn’t decide.

They can only keep an eye on the One Punch Martial Arts School people while quickly sending people to notify the martial arts school, masters.

…which is unnecessary.

Liu Shan’s words made a big scene. It will affect their profit to attract more customers.

It didn’t take long for Shay, who was responsible for keeping the school today, for walking down without a doubt. 

The hunters training on the second floor of the martial arts school, and even the hunters waiting in line on the third and fourth floor in the advanced area had descended. 

As those hunters who were staying in the Gravity Chamber, Spiritual Chamber, and other advanced training facilities only snickered.

The One Punch school’s provocation? Better do some training for their cultivation!

There were a lot of people coming downstairs to watch the hilarious scene, so why not take advantage of the training facilities?


In the doomsday, some people measure strength and weakness purely by body sizes.

Liu Shan looked at Shay’s tenacious body and frowned, but still took a few steps forward.

Slightly angled his head, showing a proud look, “Which master of the Extreme Martial Arts School are you?”

“Me?” Shay laughed a few times, “You don’t even know me, and you come to the door to destroy the school?”

Liu Shan frowned even deeper.

This big man in the suit in front of him… Is he the celebrity of the Extreme Martial School or something?

He had already seen the pictures of several masters of the Extreme Martial Arts School beforehand, including the owner. But he wasn’t familiar with his face. 

Is it because of the change of clothes and hairstyle?

Shay laughed. “I’m not the master of this school.”

Around, some hunters didn’t hold back, snorting out a laugh, and rushed to cover their mouths tightly. Liu Shan coldly snorted, blue veins protruding on his forehead.

Shay looked bored, slowed down, and said. “Forget it. You said you want to have an exchange, a common process, right? Well, come here, you and I can have a few warming rounds.”

“No need.” Liu Shan waved his hand, “Our martial arts school is an institution that teaches students and makes them stronger. How we can teach them well and make them stronger is the key to a martial arts school. Aside from us fighting, don’t you think the competition between students can show the level of the school in teaching?”

He looked around.

At this moment, there were not only students of the Extreme Martial School in the lobby, but also many survivors in the surrounding streets heard Liu Shan’s words, heard the commotion over here, and walked into the martial school.

The Extreme martial arts school doesn’t restrict anyone from accessing their school.

But the survivors who don’t have a membership card and want to use the equipment here need to go to the front desk first to apply for a temporary card. 

Of course, those who walked in were not there to train but to have a good time.

For many people, such things as destroying the school still exist only in film and television.

But this time, it actually happened between the leading school in the industry, One Punch school, and the new large martial arts school, Extreme school.

Even the store owner across the street selling fruits hurriedly found a cart and pushed his goods to the martial arts school, starting to sell the fruits.

Liu Shan didn’t wait for the other party’s answer. After sweeping his gaze, his gaze landed on Shay.

“This time, we, the One Punch Martial Arts School, had come in the friendly spirit of common exchange. Surely the Extreme Martial Arts School won’t refuse, right?” 

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